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Bandai Wonder Swan FAQ

                    The Bandai Wonder Swan
 			Frequently Asked Questions			 
		    Version WS.01 - September 1999	 

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             Welcome to the Bandai Wonder Swan F.A.Q. 

                      TABLE OF CONTENTS

              1.0) Just these few words...
              2.0) The Bandai Wonder Swan
              3.0) Wonder Swan specs
              4.0) Cartridge List
              5.0) Accessories
              6.0) More Inputs
              7.0) Credits


1.0) Just these few words...

Hi there Readers, thanks for reading the Wonder Swan FAQ. By writing
this FAQ, i am hoping that Bandai (and Mattel) will see that North 
Americans and Europeans want to get the Wonder Swan (and all the 
games & accessories) at their local video game store.

With the rumors that "MAYBE" Mattel will sell the Wonder Swan here 
in North America, this is a good step to finally see the Wonder Swan 
available elsewhere than in Japan.

There is a Petition list for getting the Wonder Swan available in 
the U.S.A. at this web adress:

And if there are a kind soul that wants to make a Petition list in 
Europe, please me know and i'll include the link in this FAQ.

So if anyone wants to see the Wonder Swan, i invite you to please go 
sign the Petition list, if not for you then do it for the other video 
gamers like me. Thanks in advanced !


2.0) The Bandai Wonder Swan

Released the forth of March 1999, the Wonder Swan is the latest 
Hand-Held Game System released by Bandai. This newcommer is a 16-bit 
system that displays in Black and White comes in different colors. 
Choices range from : 

 * Pearl White         * Skeleton Green 
 * Silver Metallic     * Skeleton Red
 * Blue Metallic       * Soda Blue
 * Skeleton Black      * Sherbet Melon
 * Skeleton Blue       * Frozen Mint

The most unique feature about Wonder Swan is that it can be played 
both horizontally and vertically depends on the game you are playing.
It has a built-in speaker, sound button, start button, A & B button,
contrast-volume button and two directions pads buttons. As now the 
Wonder Swan is the smallest handheld game system and takes only one 
AAA battery to make it work for about 30 to 40 hours.

The rectangular screen is relatively large, being almost as wide as 
Game Boy's, but not as tall. The monochrome screen has 8 shades and 
provides decent graphic quality even for fine text. The absence of 
backlighting, however, means that the unit is suitable for use only 
in well lit places. 

The unit can be used horizontally or vertically depending on the game. 
Laid horizontal, the left thumb controls the direction pad while the 
right thumb is used for manipulating two pushbuttons, much like Game 
Boy, Game Gear and Neo Geo Pocket. Held vertically, the player controls 
two direction pads in a style similar to PlayStation's analog controller 
pads. Wonder Swan also features a port for accepting a link cable and a 
slot for connecting yet-unannounced peripheral devices. In addition to 
a standard AA battery, WS can also be operated on a dedicated, slim, 
long life rechargeable battery.


3.0) Wonder Swan Specs

* CPU : 16-bit 3.072 MHz processor 
* Screen (dot matrix section): FSTN reflective LCD, 224 x 144 pixels 
* Display performance : Max. 512 characters, max. 128 sprites (32 on 
                        one horizontal line), two screens (overlay 
                        possible), screen windows and sprite windows.
* Graphics : 8-shade monochrome in the dot matrix section and six icons 
             at the static section.
* Audio: 4-channel digital stereo sound. Built-in speaker or optional 
         headphones with stereo adapter.
* Battery Time : 40 hours on alkaline battery 
* Dimension : 121mm (L) x 74.3mm (W) x 24.3 (H) 
* Power : (x1) AAA, or rechargeable battery 
* Weight : 93g (without battery) 110g (with battery)
* Connecting Ports : Link Port, Stereo Jack & cartridge port
* Cartridge Capacity: ROM and/or RAM up to 128Meg (like Beat Mania)
* Features: Can be played holding the unit vertically or horizontally.
            Built-in EEPROM and 1Kbit RAM for backing up game data.
            Several levels of energy-saving control.


4.0) Cartridge List

Name                              Company        Type    Year  Plyr
Archer Field Z                    Sammy          Misc     99   1-2   
Beat Mania                        Konami         Sim      99   1-2   
Bistro Recipe                     Red            RPG      99    1    
Chaos Gear                        Bandai         Sim      99   1-2   
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeons     Squaresoft     RPG      99    1    
Crazy Climber                     Nihon Bussan   Arcade   99    1    
Densha de GO!                     Taito          Sim      99    1    
Densha de GO! 2                   Taito          Sim      99    1    
Detective Conan Majyutyushi       Bandai         Adv      99    1    
Digimon (Digital Monsters)        Bandai         Sim      99   1-2   
Engacho!                          Nihon Applic.  Misc     99   1-2   
Gun Pey                           Bandai         Puzzle   99   1-2   
Handy Sonar                       Bandai         Misc     99    1    
Harobots                          ???            RPG      99   1-2   
Jyajyamura                        Jaleco         Action   99    1    
Kaze Klonoa: Moonlight Museum     Namco          Puzzle   99    1    
Keiba Yosoushinkaron              Media Entert.  Misc     99    1    
Kiwame: Professional Mahjong Sim. Athena         Sim      99   1-2   
Last Stand                        Bandai         RPG/Sim  99    1    
Magical Drop                      Data East      Puzzle   99   1-2   
Maikamura[Ghosts & Goblins]for WS Capcom         Action   99    1   
Medarot Kabuto                    Natsume        RPG      99   1-2  
Medarot Kuwagata                  Natsume        RPG      99   1-2  
Mobile Suit Gundam MSVS           Bandai         Sim      99   1-2  
My Angel                          Namco          Puzzle   99   1-2  
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shito    Gainex         Sim      99   1-2  
Nice On                           Sammy          Sports   99   1-2  
Nobunaga's Ambition               Koei           Sim      99   1-2   
Puyo Puyo 2                       Sega           Puzzle   99   1-2   
Puzzle Bobble                     Taito          Puzzle   99   1-2   
Rockman & Forte                   Capcom         Action   99   1-2   
Sangokushi                        Koei           Sim      99   1-2  
SD Gundam Emotional Jam           Bandai         Sim      99   1-2       
Shanghai Pocket                   Activision     Puzzle   99   1-2  
Shogi Toryumon                    Sammy          Misc     99   1-2   
Soccer Yaro: Challenge the World  Coconuts       Sports   99    1    
Space Invaders                    Taito          Arcade   99   1-2   
Super Robot Wars Compact          Banpresto      Sim      99   1-2  
Tango                             Mebius         Puzzle   99   1-2  
Tekken Card                       Namco          Misc     99   1-2  
Terrors                           Bandai         Adv      99    1   
Tetsuman                          Chatnoir       Misc     99   1-2  
Toryumon                          Sammy          Misc     99   1-2  
Toukon Retsuden                   Tomy           Sports   99    1   
Trump Collection                  Bottom Up      Misc     99    1   
Turn Tablist                      Bandai         Sim      99    1   
Umitsuri                          Coconuts       Fishing  99    1   
Vaitz Blade                       Bandai         RPG      99    1   
Wonder Stadium                    Capcom         Sports   99   1-2  
Wonder Stadium 99                 Capcom         Sports   99   1-2  

Will be Released Soon:              Reales Date:
Keiba Yosoushinkaron                  16 Sept.           
Rockman & Forte                       22 Sept.
Bistro Recipe                         30 Sept.
Wonder Stadium 99                     30 Sept.
Magical Drop                          07 Oct.
Kiwame: Professional Mahjong Sim.     07 Oct.
Densha de GO! 2                       07 Oct.
Harobots                              07 Oct.
Shogi Toryumon                        28 Oct.
Turntablist                           28 Oct.
Engacho!                              28 Oct.

Never be Released ?
Pocket Fighter                    Capcom         Fighting 


5.0) Accessories

Battery Recharger (by Sammy):
This accessory is not essensiel but if you want to cut down the cost
of batteries, then you'll need it (with a Rechargeable Battery).

Rechargeable Battery (by Sammy):
This is a must for all traveling people. Replaces the battery.
And don't forget to buy the Battery Recharger.

Link Cable (by Sammy):
This item is for use if you want to play with another player for
all 2 player games.

Headphones (by Sammy):
In stereo. Very useful if you don't want to bother anyone on a bus, 
in a car, at home or anywhere in a matter of fact !!

Pouch Holder (by Sammy):
Thi is a simple Travel Pouch Holder with a transparent side.

The Wonder Gate:
Bandai announced On June 23, a communication adapter and cartridge 
for the Wonder Swan. This peripheral is inserted into the cartridge 
port for connecting to a cellular telephone. This item will transform 
the Wonder Swan into a network terminal. This acessory should be 
available by the end of this year. With Nintendo choosing to announce 
a similar network connectable setup, it appears the two major handheld 
systems are going to slug it out over the network.

Beside Wonder Gate, Bandai announced it will undertake the development 
of original network contents including games that will work with the
communication adapter. The market waits with baited breath to see how 
Bandai's announcement will affect Nintendo's plans with the communicable 
Game Boy. 

Specs of the Wonder Gate: (could change without notice)

Power: One AAA battery
Communication protocols: PDC digital cell phone communication protocol
                         PPP and TCP/IP Internet connection protocol.
Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 23 mm (HWD; provisional; the width would be 30mm
            when connected to WonderSwan)

Communication Cartridge:
1) Browser (HTML 3.2)
2) Mailer (Memory stores up to 50 mail addresses and 100 messages of up 
   to 300 ascii text code. Also supports HTML mail, attached image files, 
3) Downloading of (32kb) minigames (designed for automatic line shutoff 
   to allow play)


6.0) More Inputs

Did you know that Densha de Go from Taito sold 200,000 sold in 1 
week? This maked one of the best sellers games in Japan.

The following software companies have announced games for the Wonder 
Swan: Banpresto, Koei, Namco, Square, Taito, Tomy, Koto, Athena and 
many more... 

For more info: 

The Official Wonder Swan Web Site (all in japanese):

Koto Laboratories Wonder Swan Page:

We Love Wonder Swan:

Swan Song - Wonder Swan Only American Web Site:


Some few Retail Stores where you can buy Wonder Swan stuff:

* Micro World America: ""
* The Rage: ""
* Multimedia 1.0: "" 


Here's a big news for all Wonder Swan Fans, this is posted on the
site of Bandai of Japan (


On July 21, 1999, Bandai Co., Ltd. ("Bandai") executed a Letter of 
Intent with Mattel, Inc. ("Mattel") regarding global business 
alliance and an investment alliance.

The purpose of this alliance is for Bandai and Mattel to fully utilize 
the products, marketing and other business resources of the two 
companies in order to increase the businesses and revenues of both 
companies in the global market. The two companies will be forming a 
business alliance in order to obtain a synergy effect through effective 
use of the companies' respective strengths. The alliance will include:

Cooperation in the form of joint product development, joint marketing 
and joint sales; and Exploration of new business opportunities such as 
a global network business.

The first step towards the alliance will be discussion of the businesses 
set forth below, execution of the formal agreement at the end of August, 
1999 and commencement of the business alliance from October 1999:

1. Alliance in Japan (from October 1999): 
   Marketing and sales of Mattel products by 
   Bandai: Barbie doll, Hot Wheels 
   (miniature cars) and Fisher-Price

2. Alliance in Latin America (from October 
   1999): Marketing and sales of Bandai 
   products by Mattel: "Power Rangers" and 
   other Character toys for boys, etc. 

Since this is the first year of this alliance, its influence to this 
fiscal year will be very little. We are envisaging to achieve 10 
billion-yen mark in Japan and 5 billion-yen mark in Latin America at 
the next three years.

In order to strengthen the alliance between the two companies, and in 
order to provide sufficient business funds, Mattel will acquire up to 
a 5% interest in Bandai through the purchase of newly issued shares.  
Bandai has right to acquire up to a 5% interest in Mattel.

Mattel is the world's largest toy manufacturing, with sales of US$ 
4.782 billion (approximately 600 billion yen) in the year ended 
December 1998.  The Mattel group owns such long-selling products 
loved by people around the world as Barbie, of which over 1 billion 
were sold since first launched in 1959; Hot Wheels, with annual sales 
of over 150 million cars; toys for toddlers by Fisher-Price; American 
Girl by the Pleasant Company; and radio controlled cars by Tyco.  
Mattel is also actively developing new areas of businesses such as 
high tech toys for toddlers and the Internet business.

Bandai is active not only in Japan but around the world in merchan-
dising television and comic characters into toys, apparel, models, 
daily goods, and foods according to the markets' needs and tastes.  
In addition to original Bandai characters such original Digital 
Monsters toys, WONDER SWAN, a hand-held game launched this year, is 
showing very good sales.

Bandai Co., Ltd.
President:Takeo Takasu, President & COO
Head Office:2-5-4, Komagata, Taito-ku, 
Capital:21, 796 million yen
Sales:unconsolidated@118, 959 million yen 
(year ended March 1999)
consolidated@232,290 million yen 
(year ended March 1999)
Mattel, Inc
President:Ned Mansour, President & COO
Head Office:333, Continental, Boulevard, El 
Segundo, California, USA
Capital:US$ 300 million
Sales:US$ 4,782 million (year ended 
December 1998)
Please direct all inquiries as follows:
Bandai Co., Ltd.
Takeshi Kuroshima or Akiko Tagami, 
President Office
tel: 03-3847-5005  fax: 03-3847-5067
Mattel Japan, Ltd.  President Office
tel: 03-5563-2443  fax: 03-5563-2404


7.0) Credits:

* The Swan Song Web Site
* Bandai of Japan
* The Official Wonder Swan Web Site

Thanks and see you in the next version !!!
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