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3DO/Matsushita M2

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This system is also known as:

Panasonic M2 FZ-21S1 console

Announced May 2nd 1995, the M2 was originally intended to be a 64-bit add-on system for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer but then became a separate system. Developed by the same team (Opera) that created the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, the system was initially called the "3DO II" and "Bulldog".

The 3DO company later sold the technology to Matsushita for US$100 000 000 and left the hardware market to focus only on software. Matsushita further developed the technology and called it M2.

A few prototypes of M2 video game consoles exist, made by Panasonic (Matsushita Group) and Goldstar (LG Electronics Group). In 1997, Matsushita decided not to go ahead with a video game console as they didn't think the market was ready for another system as the three giants (Nintendo, Sony and Sega) already had a strong dominance of the market.

The M2 technology was instead used in Matsushita's DVD multimedia systems (announced 16th 1998), however it is unknown as to whether DVD players incorporating this technology were released. It is also believed that the technology may have been used in smart appliances.

Several games had been developed for the system including d's Diner 2. Had the system been released (and at a reasonable price) it probably would have outdone the PlayStation with its far better graphics and other features.

3DO/Matsushita M2 Technical Specifications

Platform: 3DO/Matsushita M2.

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