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Sonic the Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure

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Faster Sonic Speed Dash

For a faster Sonic Speed Dash, hold Analog Stick Down and repeatedly press A 5 to 7 times, then release the Analog Stick.

Level Select

To display a selection of unlocked levels, press Option when the Sega logo appears.

Play as Tails

To play as Tails, press Option when the Sega logo appears, then start the game on a level of your choice. Press B during game play to turn Sonic into Tails and vice versa. Note that Tails cannot fly in Sonic Pocket Adventure like he can in the other Sonic games.


For invincibility, press Option when the Sega logo appears, then choose the "Debug" option. Highlight "Muteki" and switch it to "Yes". During game play, you will be protected against enemies, spikes and bosses, however, can still be smashed.

All Chaos Emeralds

To easily gain all Chaos Emeralds, press Option when the Sega logo appears on the screen, then choose the "Debug" option. Highlight "All Clear" and switch it to "Yes". During game play you will have all of the Chaos Emeralds, except for the seventh Emerald located at Last Utopia zone.

Sound Test

To unlock the Sound Test, complete the game after collecting all chaos emeralds. The Sound Test will be unlocked on the Options screen. Alternatively, complete 3 character puzzles to unlock the Sound Test.

Bonus Levels

To play in bonus levels, complete Act 1 of each level with 50 or more rings.

Special Stage

To unlock the "Special Stage" option at the Option Screen, collect all of the puzzle pieces and compete all 6 pictures in the Puzzle Room.

Alternate ending sequence

To view the alternate ending sequence, defeat Dr. Robotnik in the "Chaotic Space" level. A little movie clip ending will be unlocked and Sonic will jump out of his plane differently after the credits.

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