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Magical Drop 3

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Play as Father Strength

To play as Father Strength, highlight Strength at the character selection screen, then hold C and press A or B. Two different costumes are available, depending on which button was pressed.

Alternative colours

To view alternative colours, highlight a character, then press B at the selection screen.

Hidden characters

To unlock the six hidden characters, Moon, Hanged Man, Hermit, Temperance, Tower, and Fortune, and gain Father Strength in Challenge Mode, perform this procedure. You must highlight a certain character and quickly tap C three times. You can choose which second in the countdown to press C three times. The character unlocked depends on which second is displayed on the timer. After completing this procedure, you will also gain ten seconds to the countdown timer, which can increase to a maximum of twenty seconds.

Character to highlightSeconds on timer
Judgement20 seconds on timer.
Sun19 seconds on timer.
Star17 seconds on timer.
Devil15 seconds on timer.
Death13 seconds on timer.
Justice11 seconds on timer.
Strength8 seconds on timer.
Chariot7 seconds on timer.
Lovers6 seconds on timer.
Hierophant5 seconds on timer.
Emperor4 seconds on timer.
Empress3 seconds on timer.
High Priestess2 seconds on timer.
Magician1 seconds on timer.
Fool0 seconds on timer.
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