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Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle

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Fight as Jyazu and Shin Shishioh

To fight as Jyazu and Shin Shishio, highlight Mezu at the team selection screen, then highlight the following characters in order: Mezu, Kim, Rosa then Gozu. From Gozu, circle the character selection screen once by highlighting the following characters in order: Rosa, Kim, Mezu, Gordon, Joker, Eagle, Hayate, Chung, Kage Shishioh then Gozu. Now, press D and you will hear Jyazu laugh if the code has worked. Jyazu will be selectable above Gozu. Shin Shishioh will be selectable above Kage Shishioh. Note: Activating this code will disable memory card saves, high score names, story mode ending and tag partners.

Bonus matches

You may reach bonus matches after defeating Jyazu if the following pairs of characters are used: Hayate and Eagle, Kage Shishioh and Gozu, Gordon and Rosa or Kage Shishioh and Mezu.

Shirtless Rosa

For a shirtless Rosa, wait until there are 10 seconds or less remaining in the match and Rosa and her partner are very low on life. Defeat Rosa and you will see her bra.

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