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X-Men Vs. Street Fighter

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Full combo gauge

For a full combo gauge, complete the first five team matches in arcade mode with a hyper combo finish, then defeat Gouki. A selection for a full combo gauge will then appear on the options screen.

Continue fighting after win

Press Start immediately after winning the match to continue hitting the defeated character.

Alternative costume colours

For alternative costume colours, complete the game one time, then press C or Z at the character selection screen.

Speed select

For a speed select, complete the game one time. Ten different turbo settings will then be selectable (from minus two stars to eight stars).

Random character select

For a random character selection, highlight Magneto and hold Left on the character selection screen.

Same character on team

To have two of the same character on the one team, highlight Wolverine and hold Left at the character selection screen. The pointer will randomly jump between characters. Stop the pointer when it lands on Wolverine again. Any character may now be chosen more than once for the same team. Alternatively, the same character can be selected in arcade mode after the game is completed one time under the 2+ difficulty setting.

Immediate rematch

The losing player can immediately replay the match by pressing L and R together before the winning quotation appears. The word "Fight" will be spoken to confirm this has worked.

Fight as Street Fighter Alpha 2 Chun-Li

To fight as the "Street Fighter Alpha 2" version of Chun-Li, highlight Chun Li on the character selection screen, then hold Start for at least five seconds and press any button.

Fight as Gouki

To fight as Gouki, highlight Magneto, Juggernaut, Dhalsim, or Vega and press Up at the character selection screen.

Enhanced audio

For enhanced audio, highlight the "Audio" selection on the options menu and press L or R. Select the new "Sharpen SE" option to enhance the sound effects in the game.

Alternative background music

For alternative background music, change the "Music" selection on the options menu from "Stereo" to "Mono".

Quick credits

To increase the speed of the credits, hold Start while the credits are rolling.

Hint: Secret characters' partners

The secret characters always have the same partners, as follows.

Hint: Apocalypse's moves:

Note: Apocalypse can only be used in versus mode through a Game Shark code. His moves are below:

MoveButton Command
ProjectilesDown, Diagonal Down/Forward , then Forward and Kick together.
PunchAny Punch.
Drill attackDown, Diagonal Down/Forward, then Forward and Punch together.
Fist BlastForward, Diagonal Down/Forward, then Forward and Punch together.
Remote LaserFired automatically when an enemy approaches too closely.

Hint: Level 3 supers

SuperButton Command
Gouki (Raging Demon)LP, LP, Forward, LK, then HP.
Rogue (After kissing Gouki)LP, LP, Forward, LK, then HP

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes (Action Replay Plus only)

Note: You can only use Apocalypse in "Vs. Mode". The game will eventually crash if you use him in Arcade mode. Unless you play Apocalypse on his own stage, he won't have a body. If playing Apocalypse Vs. Apocalypse, the second player won't have a body, and won't be controllable. Apocalypse has no normal moves; all of his moves are done with fireball or hurricane kick motions. He is invincible; his life meter goes down, but he cannot die.

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C321 + B6000B00 0000
Unlimited Energy Player 1060F4210 0090
Unlimited Energy Player 2060F4610 0090
Unlimited Power Bar Player 1060F4212 0090
Unlimited Power Bar Player 2060F4212 0090
Stage Is Apocalypse Now!360F5113 0000
Player 1 is WolverineD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0000
Player 1 is CyclopsD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0002
Player 1 is StormD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0004
Player 1 is RougeD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0006
Player 1 is GambitD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0008
Player 1 is SabretoothD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 000A
Player 1 is Juggernaut (Sometimes Crashes)D600710E 8000 + 360F4053 000C
Player 1 is MagnetoD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 000E
Player 1 is Apocalypse (Versus mode only)D600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0010
Player 1 is RyuD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0012
Player 1 is KenD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0014
Player 1 is Chun-LiD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0016
Player 1 is DhalsimD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0018
Player 1 is ZangiefD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 001A
Player 1 is VegaD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 001C
Player 1 is GoukiD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 001E
Player 1 is NashD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0020
Player 1 is CammyD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0022
Player 1 is Street Fighter Zero version of Chun LiD600710E 8000 + 360F4053 0024
Player 2 is WolverineD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0000
Player 2 is CyclopsD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0002
Player 2 is StormD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0004
Player 2 is RougeD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0006
Player 2 is GambitD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0008
Player 2 is SabretoothD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 000A
Player 2 is Juggernaut (Sometimes Crashes)D600711A 8000 + 360F4453 000C
Player 2 is MagnetoD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 000E
Player 2 is Apocalypse (Versus mode only)D600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0010
Player 2 is RyuD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0012
Player 2 is KenD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0014
Player 2 is Chun-LiD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0016
Player 2 is DhalsimD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0018
Player 2 is ZangiefD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 001A
Player 2 is VegaD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 001C
Player 2 is GoukiD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 001E
Player 2 is NashD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0020
Player 2 is CammyD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0022
Player 2 is Street Fighter Zero version of Chun LiD600711A 8000 + 360F4453 0024
Player 1 Energy Can Fill Up Entirely After Switching Ffighters160F421A 0090
Player 2 Energy Can Fill Up Entirely After Switching Ffighters160F461A 0090
Player 1 Does Minimum Damage160F4240 0000
Player 2 Does Minimum Damage160F4640 0000
Player 1 is Invisible160F4044 0000
Player 1 Extended Link Combos360F4064 0000
Player 2 Extended Link Combos360F4464 0000
Player 1 Has Turbo Buttons160F40C0 0000
Player 2 Has Turbo Buttons160F44C0 0000
Player 1 Has Unlimited Winning Poses160F4106 0000
Player 2 Has Unlimited Winning Poses160F4506 0000
Multi FireBalls for Player 1160F4340 0000
Multi FireBalls for Player 1160F4340 0000
Player 1 Cant Be Launched160F40E0 0000
Player 2 Cant Be Launched160F44E0 0000
Player 1 Extra Hit Spinkicks160F403C 0000
Player 2 Extra Hit Spinkicks160F443C 0000
Player 1 Falls Into Combo160F40E8 FFFF
Player 2 Falls Into Combo160F44E8 FFFF
Player 1 Stays Down Longer160F40E6 FFFF
Player 2 Stays Down Longer160F44E6 FFFF
Player 1 Auto 2 in 1 Combo160F40CE FFFF
Player 2 Auto 2 in 1 Combo160F44CE FFFF
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