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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

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Free play mode

For free play mode, press Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, then Down at the copyright, purple skull, high score, or demo battle screens. Shao Kahn will say "Excellent" or "Superb" if the code has worked.

Keep wins with free play

To keep wins with free play, complete the game and select the Battle with Ermac option. Finish the fight with a mercy, then beat him again. The "Choose your destiny" screen will appear without using any credits and your record from the previous game will be retained.

65 535 kredits

For 65 535 kredits, start a one-player game and allow the CPU to defeat you on all five kredits. Push Start on controller 2 immediately after losing the second round of the fifth match. The play mode screen will appear. After Shao Kahn laughs three times, you will automatically enter the Mortal Kombat option. If you die during any subsequent match, the continue screen display 65 535 kredits remaining.

Cheat menu

For a cheat menu, press C, R, A, Z, Y, C, Y, R, A, then X at the copyright, purple skull, high score, or demo battle screens. Shao Kahn will laugh if the code has worked. Press Up at the Kombat Cube to display a blue "?", which contains the cheat menu with the following options: Free Credit, Mileena, Ermac, Classic Sub Zero, Fatality time, One round matches.

Fight as Human Smoke

To fight as Human Smoke, select Cyber Smoke at the character selection screen and hold Left, Run, BLK, HP and HK togeter at the start of the round. For player 2, substitute the code with Right, Run, BLK, HP and HK together.

Random character selection

For a random character selection, press Up and Start at the character selection screen.

Scorpion's Lair "Crispy" fatality:

Hold both Run buttons after performing the stage fatality on Scorpion's Lair to hear Shao Kahn say "Crispy". Hold both HP buttons to see Dan Forden appear and say "Crispy". Hold both Run buttons and both HP buttons to hear Shao Kahn and Dan Forden both say "Crispy".

New opening quote

For a new opening quote, press Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, then Down while Shao Khan is laughing on the opening purple skull screen. The opening will change from "There is no knowledge that is not power" to "Imagination is more important than knowledge".

Shao Khan's treasures

Shao Khan's treasures are listed below. The first ten treasures are available at various difficulty levels. The last two treasures are available after winning an eight person tournament or defeating Shao Khan on the 4th Tower (path select).

  1. (Dragon): Outcome
  2. (MK): Play Galaga
  3. (Yin Yang): Fight Ermac
  4. (3): Fight Noob Saibot
  5. (?): Random
  6. (Lightning Bolt): Fatality demo 1
  7. (Goro): Fatality demo 2
  8. (Raiden): Fatality demo 3
  9. (Shao Kahn): Fight Noob Saibot and Ermac
  10. (Skull): Classic Match
  11. (?): Mega-endurance Match
  12. (?): Supreme Demo

Kombat Kodes

Enter one of the following Kombat Kodes to unlock the corresponding effect:

EffectKombat Kode
Mileena700 723
Classic Sub Zero760 520
Ermac964 240
Streets stage079-035
Bridge stage077-022
Shao Khan's Cave004-700
Ermac's Portal933-933
Noob Saibot's Dorfen050-050
Subway stage880-088
Scorpion's Lair (Hell)666-444
Pit 3 stage820-028
Roof Top stage343-343
Soul Chamber stage123-901
Temple stage600-040
The Waterfront stage002-003
The Grave Yard stage666-333
Jade's Desert stage330-033
Bell Tower stage091-190
Shao Khan's Tower stage880-220
Player 1 half energy033-000
Player 2 half energy000-033
Player 1 quarter energy707-000
Player 1 quarter energy000-707
Super endurance mode024-689
Player 1 does half damage390-000
Player 2 does half damage000-390
No special moves555-556
Combos disabled722-722
Unikkorn Referi-Sans Power044-440
Throwing disabled100-100
Blocking disabled020-020
Real Kombat040-404
Psycho Kombat985-125
Randper Kombat444-444 or 460-460
Dark Kombat688-422
Silent Kombat300-300
Fight Classic Smoke205-205
Fight Noob Saibot769-342
Fight Motaro969-141
Fight Shao Khan033-564
"Go See The Mk Live Tour"550-550
"Rain Can Be Found In The Grave Yard"717-313
"There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power!"123-926
"Pub! D.K.P."300-003
"It Should Work!?"200-002
"It's Your Sprite Routine! M.A.H."100-001
"Hold Flippers During Casino Run"987-666
"No Fear, Max Countdown, E B Button,Skydive"282-282
"Whacha Gun Do? E.B."004-400
"Don't Jump At Me"448-844
Invisible energy bars987-123
Display revision #999-999
Unlimited run466-466
Super endurance024-689
Hyper run jumps321-789
Play Galaga642-468
Uppercut recovery788-322

Hidden game name

The "Space Invaders" type hidden game takes place in a realm called "Rellim Ohcanep" which is a backwards spelling of "Penacho Miller", two members of the development team.

Noob Saibot's name

This hidden character's name is a backwards spelling of "Tobias Boon", which is derived from the co-creators of the "Mortal Kombat" series; John Tobias and Ed Boon. Ed Boon also provides the voice for Scorpion.

Hint: Easier moves

To perform a finishing move that contains an "Up" command, it may be easier to hold Block for performing the movement commands to stop you from jumping. Release Block for any attack commands.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6017718 C305 + B6002800 0000
Unlimited Time160DB57A 0009 + 160FF978 0009
Unlimited Energy for Player 1160D19FC 00A6
50% Energy for Player 1160D19FC 0053 + D60D19FC 00A6
75% Energy for Player 1160D19FC 007C + D60D19FC 00A6
25% Energy for Player 1160D19FC 0029 + D60D19FC 00A6
Unlimited Energy for Player 2160D20D8 00A6
50% Energy for Player 2160D20D8 0053 + D60D20D8 00A6
75% Energy for Player 2160D20D8 007C + D60D20D8 00A6
25% Energy for Player 2160D20D8 0029 + D60D20D8 00A6
Unlimited Run for Player 1160FE3B8 0030
Player 1 Can't Run160FE3B8 0000
Unlimited Run for Player 2160D1A58 0030
Player 2 Can't Run160D1A58 0000
Classic Sub-Zero Kombat Kode Enabled160FE398 0001
Ermac Kombat Kode Enabled160D3364 0001
Mileena Kombat Kode Enabled160D3304 0001
Player 1 plays as Kano160DA8F8 0000
Player 1 plays as Sonya160DA8F8 0001
Player 1 plays as Jax160DA8F8 0002
Player 1 plays as Nightwolf160DA8F8 0003
Player 1 plays as Sub-Zero160DA8F8 0004
Player 1 plays as Stryker160DA8F8 0005
Player 1 plays as Sindel160DA8F8 0006
Player 1 plays as Sektor160DA8F8 0007
Player 1 plays as Cyrax160DA8F8 0008
Player 1 plays as Kung Lao160DA8F8 0009
Player 1 plays as Kabal160DA8F8 000A
Player 1 plays as Sheeva160DA8F8 000B
Player 1 plays as Shang Tsung160DA8F8 000C
Player 1 plays as Liu Kang160DA8F8 000D
Player 1 plays as Smoke160DA8F8 000E
Player 1 plays as Kitana160DA8F8 000F
Player 1 plays as Jade160DA8F8 0010
Player 1 plays as Mileena160DA8F8 0011
Player 1 plays as Scorpion160DA8F8 0012
Player 1 plays as Reptile160DA8F8 0013
Player 1 plays as Ermac160DA8F8 0014
Player 1 plays as Classic Sub-Zero160DA8F8 0015
Player 2 plays as Kano160DAF1C 0000
Player 2 plays as Sonya160DAF1C 0001
Player 2 plays as Jax160DAF1C 0002
Player 2 plays as Nightwolf160DAF1C 0003
Player 2 plays as Sub-Zero160DAF1C 0004
Player 2 plays as Stryker160DAF1C 0005
Player 2 plays as Sindel160DAF1C 0006
Player 2 plays as Sektor160DAF1C 0007
Player 2 plays as Cyrax160DAF1C 0008
Player 2 plays as Kung Lao160DAF1C 0009
Player 2 plays as Kabal160DAF1C 000A
Player 2 plays as Sheeva160DAF1C 000B
Player 2 plays as Shang Tsung160DAF1C 000C
Player 2 plays as Liu Kang160DAF1C 000D
Player 2 plays as Smoke160DAF1C 000E
Player 2 plays as Kitana160DAF1C 000F
Player 2 plays as Jade160DAF1C 0010
Player 2 plays as Mileena160DAF1C 0011
Player 2 plays as Scorpion160DAF1C 0012
Player 2 plays as Reptile160DAF1C 0013
Player 2 plays as Ermac160DAF1C 0014
Player 2 plays as Classic Sub-Zero160DAF1C 0015
'?' is Activated (Press 'Up' at Kombat)160D35EC 0002
Free Play is ON160FE38C 0001
Fatality Time is OFF160D33AC 0001
1 Round Match is ON160D0FC8 0001
1-Hit Death for Player 1160D19FC 0001 + D60D19FC 00A6
1-Hit Death for Player 2160D20D8 0001 + D60D20D8 00A6
No Energy for Player 2160D20D8 0000
No Energy for Player 1160D19FC 0000
No Throwing Kombat Kode Enabled160D32A8 0001
No Throwing Kombat Kode Disabled160D32A4 0000
Unlimited Run Kombat Kode Enabled160D330C 0001
Unlimited Run Kombat Kode Disabled160D330C 0000
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