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Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

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Music mode

to enable music mode, which allows background music in all stages to be played, enter MUSIC ON as your name.

Art gallery (Japanese version)

To view an art gallery, start a new game, then enter de ne bu ♥ re po - to in Hiragana. Select one of your saved game files to view the "Deneb Report" of full body artwork for the game's characters. Note: The game must be completed in one of the three saved game files allowed in order for all character art to be viewed.

Hint: Gaining levels faster

Place the character with the highest level on one team and place the character that you want to level up on another team. Make sure the character you want to level up has a bow. When in training mode, have the character with the high level turn their back to the person with the low level. Then order the character with the bow to attack. When you reach the same level as your opponent, end training. You can add as many characters as desired, but the number of characters to level up must be equal to the number of characters that are of a higher level.

You can also gain levels faster using the Witch with Stun spell. Place the high level character where he can easily be hit. Do not let the low level character attack until the Witch stuns the high level character. Repeat this until you have reached the desired level.

Go to practice and place all of your units on one team. If you do not have enough, take one out and put them on the other team. First, have everyone on the blue team attack each other to reach one hit kills. Do the same with the red team. Then, have your main man kill until he levels up higher then the rest. Have everyone throw stones at him (not bows, as they would kill him too quickly) until they level up. Repeat this process as needed.

Place two characters on one team, one of them with an extremely high defense and level, and the other equipped with Stone. On the other team, put low level or new level 1 characters - no more than three of them. Set both teams for 1P. The low level characters should not have any equipment yet. When the training starts, the only thing you should do is to Stone both characters on the team with the high level characters. Unlike a real battle, a training battle will continue even if the other team cannot fight back. Once you successfully put both characters in Stone, go to your options screen and set the teams under CPU control. Your Stoned characters are now easy punching bags for level ups. Note: Doing this with Soldiers or Amazons is not recommended if they are to receive a class change that can be obtained by level 5.

Hint: Taking advantage of Luck cards

To use luck cards to your advantage, save the game immediately before picking up a card. If the card decreases your luck, load the saved game and pick up another card. Continue doing this until you get a "luck up" card. Luck cards will not only increase or decrease your character's luck, but also determine the chances of a critical hit.

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