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Super Robot Wars F

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Birthday party

Set the system's internal clock to the main character's birthday and the EVA characters will throw a birthday celebration when game play begins.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000924 C305
Open All Secret CG Movie (Only Super Robot Wars F)360C540B 00FF + 160C540C FFFF + 160C540E FFFF
Unlimited Money1020000A 6300
Unlimited Mind1020150A 00FF
Unlimited Power10201508 FFFF
Maximum Exp - 1st Appear Robot102014A4 FFFF
Maximum Exp - 2nd Appear Robot102014B0 FFFF
Maximum Exp - 3rd Appear Robot102014BC FFFF
Maximum Exp - 4th Appear Robot102014C8 FFFF
Maximum Exp - 5th Appear Robot102014D4 FFFF
Maximum Exp - 6th Appear Robot102014E0 FFFF
Maximum Exp - 7th Appear Robot102014EC FFFF
Unlimited STR - 1st Appear Robot102014A8 FFFF
Unlimited STR - 2nd Appear Robot102014B4 FFFF
Unlimited STR - 3rd Appear Robot102014C0 FFFF
Unlimited STR - 4th Appear Robot102014CC FFFF
Unlimited STR - 5th Appear Robot102014D8 FFFF
Unlimited STR - 6th Appear Robot102014E4 FFFF
Unlimited STR - 7th Appear Robot102014F0 FFFF
Level 99 - 1st Appear Robot102014A2 6310
Level 99 - 2nd Appear Robot102014AE 6310
Maximum STL - 1st Appear Robot302014A9 FFFF
Maximum STL - 2nd Appear Robot302014B5 FFFF
Unlimited Magic Points - 1st Appear Robot302014AB FFFF
Unlimited Magic Points - 2nd Appear Robot302014B7 FFFF
Modify Robot - 1st Appear Robot (adjust ???? to suit)102005A0 ????
Modify Robot - 2nd Appear Robot (adjust ???? to suit)102005BE ????
Modify Robot - 3rd Appear Robot (adjust ???? to suit)102005DC ????
Modify Robot - 4th Appear Robot (adjust ???? to suit)102005FA ????
Modify Robot - 5th Appear Robot (adjust ???? to suit)10200618 ????
Modify Robot - 6th Appear Robot (adjust ???? to suit)10200636 ????
Modify Robot - 7th Appear Robot (adjust ???? to suit)10200654 ????
Modify Robot - 8th Appeat Robot (adjust ???? to suit)10200672 ????
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