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Fight as Super Akuma/Gouki

To fight as Super Akuma/Gouki, hold R while choosing Akuma/Gouki at the character selection screen.

Fight against Super Akuma/Gouki

To fight against Super Akuma/Gouki, hold L and R while choosing your fighter at the character selection screen in final battle mode.

Fight as Arcade M.Bison/Balrog

To fight as the Arcade version of M.Bison/Balrog, hold R while choosing that fighter at the character selection screen in any game mode.

Fight as Final Vega/M.Bison

To fight as Final Vega/M.Bison, complete world tour mode on the final level (32), and save the game. Hold R while choosing Vega/M.Bison at the character selection screen in training, Vs., or arcade mode. You won't need to choose an ISM as your character is in Shadaloo-ISM from the start. His ending and special moves are the same, but can use his super strong hard punches and the Mega Psycho Crusher (which takes 70% away in one hit).

View Ryu's ending sequence

To view Ryu's ending sequence, go into Final Battle, select Vega/M.Bison, and intentionally lose.

View Vega/M.Bison's ending sequence

To view Vega/M.Bison's ending sequence, go into Final Battle, select Ryu, and intentionally lose. If another character was selected and the match is lost, they will be captured by Vega and put into the tank.

Alternative introduction sequences

To view alternative introduction sequences, don't press any buttons while the introduction sequences are playing. The alternative introduction sequences with the secret characters will be displayed after the normal introductions cycle twice.

Teams for Dramatic Battle (1P and Com vs. Com)

If you choose a character, the CPU will select your partner unless a second player joins in. That partner selected by the CPU will always be the same depending on which character you chose, as indicated below:

Two on one battle

For a two on one battle, select "Dramatic Battle" and choose either "1P and Com Vs. Com" or "Original Dramatic Battle" and select the normal course. Player 2 can join in fight together against the CPU opponent.

X-ISM features

Select Chun-Li with X-ISM, to get her original outfit and her Spinning Bird Kick. Select Sagat with X-ISM to have his Tiger Uppercut instead of the Tiger Blow. Select Sodom with X-ISM for his original weapon, a deadly katana blade. With X-ISM, your character cannot Air Block and can only perform one super combo (marked red in the manual). You will play as in "Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo" and your character will also be more powerful and cannot Zero Counter.

Shadowlaw ISM features

The features of Shadowlaw ISM are: your character is much stronger, zero Counters only take one level but super moves take 3, and your character can charge quicker.

Z-ISM features

The Z-ISM features are like in "Street Fighter Alpha 2": Three levels; can perform Zero Counters and Air Blocking. Note: Press Light Attack for level 1 supers, Medium Attack for level 2, and Hard Attack for level 3.

V-ISM features

The features of V-ISM are: your character can only perform original combos (custom combos in "Street Fighter Alpha 2"), can Air Block and Zero Counter . Press Back and Attack together to do your short range attack. Dhalsim can perform this in V-ISM and Z-ISM.

Arcade mode bosses

In arcade mode, your opponents will always be different, except for the boss and mid-boss. Unlike "Street Fighter Alpha 2", you must always fight your mid-boss. A special pre-fight or post-fight sequence may appear. An ending sequence will appear after the final boss. Note: The special versions of characters (Final Vega ,Extra M.Bison and Shin Gouki) have the same story line as their originals. The final boss is always Final Vega. Some characters have Juli/Juni or M.Bison as a boss, but they will have an extra stage against Final Vega.

CharacterFirst Mid-BossSecond Mid-BossExtra stageFinal Boss
Dee JayAdonSagat(none)Vega
Fei LongM.BisonBalrog(none)Vega
Evil RyuSagatVegaShin GoukiVega

Character name translations

JapanRest of the world
Shin GoukiSuper Akuma

Hint: Building world tour levels

The game will often award two levels instead of one whenever a perfect victory is achieved in world tour mode. Another way to gain two levels is to get super combo or original combo finishes. This will affect your Z, V, or X-ISM levels. You will have to get a master ranking on each ISM to get to level 32. The master ranking is level 6. You can try to finish with a good time (or with a perfect, super, or original combo finish).

Hint: Using the mode select option

The options screen contains a "Mode Select" option. Press L at the selection screen to choose a mode. This includes Normal (standard, select ISM, etc.), Saikyou (low guard meter, no change for the rest), Mazi (opponent does more damage, you do less; you must win two rounds, opponent only one in a two round match).

Hint: Vega/Balrog accessories

When fighting as Vega/Balrog, he can lose his claw if he blocks too often This makes his attacks weaker and shortens his reach. He can also lose his mask after his claw is gone. If this happens, his defence will be weaker and he can get dizzy easier.

Hint: V-ISM short range attack

Press Back with any button to use a short range attack. When fighting as Dhalsim, this can be done in any ISM except for X-ISM.

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