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Alternative ending

Normally, the game will end with the final boss escaping after his defeat in the seventh zone of Act 3. If you acquire all seven Chaos Emeralds you will be teleported to the final boss fight area.

Hint: Easy Lives in Green Grove and Rusty

To collect some easy live, collect all of the rings in Green Grove Zone Act 1, then when you move onto Act 2, collect 200 Rings and go through the hidden passageway before the third part of the stage. Collect the extra life, and complete part three. Then, when you go to Rusty Ruins, go through the little hole. Spindash, and get an extra life. You should have your maximum of 10 lives.

Hint: Tails and Knuckles in Rusty Ruins

When you reach the third part of Rusty Ruins, immediate before the X Mark, go off the nearby cliff. Continue down where the Bumblebee Badnik is located and destroy the little object with the grass under it. You can then get to Tails. On the first part, go to where the Blue Shield is located, next to the first exit. Collect 50 Power Rings, then Spindash into that wall that looks pushed back slightly. If you won all the Special Stages so far, with six Emeralds you will get the Last Chaos Emerald.

Hint: Staying safe on spikes

To stay safe on the spikes (such as the Spring Stadium), keep jumping. Every time you jump the spikes will retract, leaving safe ground to land then. As soon as you do, jump again and repeat the process.

Cheat mode

To activate cheat mode, hold C and press Start at the title screen. The phrase "Press Start" will stop blinking to confirm the cheat has worked. Pause game play and press one of the following buttons to enable the corresponding cheat. Note: The medal cheat may only be used nine consecutive times. The tenth medal must be earned in normal game play. After this is accomplished, nine more medals may be acquired through the cheat.

ASkip to the next Act
BSkip to the next Stage
CSkip to the final Boss
XOne additional life
YGain one medal (one continue is earned for every ten medals)
ZGain one Chaos Emerald (seven are needed for the best ending)

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000
Time Always 0:001609800E 0000
Gives Sonic 999 Rings16098008 0999 + 1609800C 03E7
Gives Sonic 9 Medals16097C5E 0009
Debug Mode On1608A626 0001
Gives Sonic 999 Rings (Bonus Levels)160FFC94 03E7
Invincibility (Sonic Flashes)160A44AC 0060
Unlimited Lives16097C2E 0009
Start at Green Grove Act 2D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0002
Start at Green Grove Act 3D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0003
Start at Gene Gadget Act 1D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0004
Start at Gene Gadget Act 2D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0005
Start at Gene Gadget Act 3D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0006
Start at Rusty Ruin Act 1D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0007
Start at Rusty Ruin Act 2D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0008
Start at Rusty Ruin Act 3D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0009
Start at Diamond Dust Act 1D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 000A
Start at Diamond Dust Act 2D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 000B
Start at Diamond Dust Act 3D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 000C
Start at Volcano Valley Act 1D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 000D
Start at Volcano Valley Act 2D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 000E
Start at Volcano Valley Act 3D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 000F
Start at Spring Stadium Act 1D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0010
Start at Spring Stadium Act 2D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0011
Start at Spring Stadium Act 3D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0012
Start at Panic Puppy Act 1D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0013
Start at Panic Puppy Act 2D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0014
Start at Panic Puppy Act 3D6097C24 0001 + 16097C24 0015
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