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Shining The Holy Ark

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Hint: Finding Azalea

Azalea can be found in a bush in the Far East village.

Hint: Finding Lacy

Lacy can be found on the ground in one of the secret walls that you move.

Hint: Pixie at the far east shrine

There is a Pixie named Plum in the Far East shrine. She can be found in the puddle in front of the stairs in the far right room as you enter the shrine.

Hint: Finding the Light Of Hope

To find the Light Of Hope, look in the castle dungeon in the wall of the cell to the left as you enter coming from the castle "upstairs".

Hint: Finding the Turbo Boots

The Turbo Boots can be found in a bush in the Far East Village, not Azalea (who can be found in the tree next to the church at the same village).

Hint: Quick experience

To gain some quick experience points, find the Hattari monster in the East Shrine. It often runs away, but if you can kill it before this happens, it is worth 3,333 points. It has about a thousand HP. You have to hit him with attacks and hope to get power attacks on him along with Forte's attack up magic.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000924 FFFF
Unlimited Money16021882 FFFF
Unlimited Magic for Arthur160207B2 03E7
Unlimited Energy for Arthur160207B0 03E7
Maximum ATT for Arthur160207B4 03E7
Maximum DEF for Arthur160207B6 03E7
Maximum AGI for Arthur160207B8 03E7
Maximum CRT for Arthur160207BA 03E7
Maximum TEQ for Arthur160207BC 03E7
Maximum LCK for Arthur160207BE 03E7
Maximum MD for Arthur160207C0 03E7
Maximum BD for Arthur160207C2 03E7
Quick Level Gain for Arthur160207D0 FFFF
Unlimited Magic for Melody1602087E 03E7
Unlimited Energy for Melody1602087C 03E7
Maximum ATT for Melody16020880 03E7
Maximum DEF for Melody16020882 03E7
Maximum AGI for Melody16020884 03E7
Maximum CRT for Melody16020886 03E7
Maximum TEQ for Melody16020888 03E7
Maximum LCK for Melody1602088A 03E7
Maximum MD for Melody1602088C 03E7
Maximum BD for Melody1602088E 03E7
Quick Level Gain for Melody1602089C FFFF
Unlimited Magic for Jodie1602094A 03E7
Unlimited Energy for Jodie16020948 03E7
Maximum ATT for Jodie1602094C 03E7
Maximum DEF for Jodie1602094E 03E7
Maximum AGI for Jodie16020950 03E7
Maximum CRT for Jodie16020952 03E7
Maximum TEQ for Jodie16020954 03E7
Maximum LCK for Jodie16020956 03E7
Maximum MD for Jodie16020958 03E7
Maximum BD for Jodie1602095A 03E7
Quick Level Gain for Jodie16020968 FFFF
Unlimited Magic for Basso16020A1A 03E7
Unlimited Energy for Basso16020A18 03E7
Maximum ATT for Basso16020A1C 03E7
Maximum DEF for Basso16020A1E 03E7
Maximum AGI for Basso16020A20 03E7
Maximum CRT for Basso16020A22 03E7
Maximum TEQ for Basso16020A24 03E7
Maximum LCK for Basso16020A26 03E7
Maximum MD for Basso16020A28 03E7
Maximum BD for Basso16020A2A 03E7
Quick Level Gain for Basso16020A38 FFFF
Unlimited Magic for Akane16020AE2 03E7
Unlimited Energy for Akane16020AE0 03E7
Maximum ATT for Akane16020AE4 03E7
Maximum DEF for Akane16020AE6 03E7
Maximum AGI for Akane16020AE8 03E7
Maximum CRT for Akane16020AEA 03E7
Maximum TEQ for Akane16020AEC 03E7
Maximum LCK for Akane16020AEE 03E7
Maximum MD for Akane16020AF0 03E7
Maximum BD for Akane16020AF2 03E7
Quick Level Gain for Akane16020B00 FFFF
Unlimited Magic for Forte16020BAE 03E7
Unlimited Energy for Forte16020BAC 03E7
Maximum ATT for Forte16020BB0 03E7
Maximum DEF for Forte16020BB2 03E7
Maximum AGI for Forte16020BB4 03E7
Maximum CRT for Forte16020BB6 03E7
Maximum TEQ for Forte16020BB8 03E7
Maximum LCK for Forte16020BBA 03E7
Maximum MD for Forte16020BBC 03E7
Maximum BD for Forte16020BBE 03E7
Quick Level Gain for Forte16020BCC FFFF
Unlimited Magic for Doyle16020B7E 03E7
Unlimited Energy for Doyle16020B7C 03E7
Maximum ATT for Doyle16020B80 03E7
Maximum DEF for Doyle16020B82 03E7
Maximum AGI for Doyle16020B84 03E7
Maximum CRT for Doyle16020B86 03E7
Maximum TEQ for Doyle16020B88 03E7
Maximum LCK for Doyle16020B8A 03E7
Maximum MD for Doyle16020B8C 03E7
Maximum BD for Doyle16020B8E 03E7
Quick Level Gain for Doyle16020B9C FFFF
Unlimited Magic for Lisa16020BC6 03E7
Unlimited Energy for Lisa16020BC4 03E7
Maximum ATT for Lisa16020BC8 03E7
Maximum DEF for Lisa16020BCA 03E7
Maximum AG for LisaI16020BCC 03E7
Maximum CRT for Lisa16020BCE 03E7
Maximum TEQ for Lisa16020BD0 03E7
Maximum LCK for Lisa16020BD2 03E7
Maximum MD for Lisa16020BD4 03E7
Maximum BD for Lisa16020BD6 03E7
Quick Level Gain for Lisa16020BE4 FFFF

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000924 FFFF
Unlimited Health for Main Hero160206E0 03EF
High Stat for Main Hero160206F0 03EF
Unlimited Health for Melody (Yellow And Green Healer)160207AC 03E7
High Stat for Melody160207BC 03E7
Unlimited Health for Rodie (Long Haired Fighter)16020878 03E7
Unlimited Money160217B0 000F + 160217B2 423F
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