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Win with a smaller fish

Normally you would have to catch a fish larger tham 155 cm in order to win; however, with this trick, you can win with a smaller fish. Firstly, start fishing immediately as the competition begins and make sure that you catch a fish that is at least 145 cm before the clock reaches 07:00. Ensure no-one else has caught a fish bigger than this when you get the first report from the other boats at 06:00. Catching a 155 cm fish. If you fail to catch a fish of this size, or if anyone else has caught a larger fish, then quit the competition and start again. If you succeed, press the reset button. The game will be saved at the moment when your last fish was caught. Keep playing on this saved game without getting any fish and wait until 07:00. Keep check on the radio to see if if anyone else has caught a bigger fish than you. If someone has done so, press reset, and try again. If nobody has beaten you, then go out and get another fish. It doesn't matter if it is Sea Bass or any other fish. The game will then be saved automatically again. Wait until the clock reaches 08:00 to get the next report from the other boats. Take a nap in the boat to make the time pass faster. If nobody has beaten you at 08:00, catch a new fish to save the game again. If someone beat you, press reset, and try again. Repeat these steps during all three days as the competition is running. Be careful when returning to the harbour after 17:00 to ensure no-one beats you during the last hour. When the results are being shown in the evening after the first and second day of the competition, and your fish is in first place, proceed to the next day. Catch a fish to save the game and continue. If your fish not is in first place in the evening of those days, press reset as soon as the results appear and try again. Repeat these steps over the remaining days to win with a smaller fish.

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