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Secret artwork

Set the system's internal date to January 1, February 14, March 3, May 5, or December 25, then load the game. Artwork specific for those dates will appear in the options screen. Once viewed, they may be selected again on any date.

Play as Carbunkle

To play as Carbunkle, highlight Arle (the main girl character) and hold Start until the Carbunkle appears.

Play against Carbunkle

To play against Carbunkle, successfully complete Schezo's story mode without using any continues.

Play as Satan

To play as Satan, highlight Shin (the character to right of Arle) and hold Start until the Satan appears.

All characters are elephants

To make all characters elephants, highlight the elephant and hold Start.

Reversed character select

For a reversed character select, highlight Draco (the training character) and hold Start. Player one will be able to choose player two's character and vice versa.

Random character select

For a random character to be selected, highlight Lulu (the last character on the lower right) and hold Start.

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