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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen

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Sajumu Island bonus level

For the Sajumu Island bonus level, enter Sa-Je-Mu as your name.

Dragon's Haven level

For the Dragon's Haven level, enter Faiakuresuto as your name.

Music test

For a music test, enter MUSIC/ON as your name.

Hint: Green Dragons

Neutral level one Green Dragons can be found in the Sharam border. Send a Mountain unit or a High Flying unit to find them. These dragons can be used early in the game as cheap and powerful units with great potential because they start at level one. Alternatively, you can return later in the game to slaughter them to lower ALI if you have a unit with an ALI too high to permit graduation to a darker upgrade.

Hint: Finding Chaos Gates

To find the four Chaos Gates, go to the place in one of the towns where someone will say "I saw a Flying unit go....". Go in the direction they indicate. You will unlock four hidden areas (the three Sky Islands) to recruit the three High Knights, but you will need the sword Brunhild.

Hint: Level 8 Neutral characters at the

It is possible to get neutral Dragons in the Sharom Border; however, if you return to the Ocean part of Warren's Castle with plenty of "Summoning Chimes" and a high enough ALI, you can pick up Level 8 Green Dragons, Cockatrice, and Griffins. Use Summoning Chimes in the water areas of different stages to get a variety of Level 8 Neutrals.

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