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Super team

For a super team, hold A, Y and C when the screen fades just before the quick start screen or main team selection screen appears. The logo of the Rad Army Team (Radical Entertainment Team) will appear to the left of the Mighty Ducks logo. This team has a rating of 99.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000924 FFFF
Set 1 Home Team Score Modifier (adjust ?? to suit)102A9946 00??
Set 1 Away Team Score Modifier (adjust ?? to suit)102A994A 00??
Set 1 Unlimited Time102A9810 012C
Set 2 Home Team Score Modifier (adjust ?? to suit)102A9966 00??
Set 2 Away Team Score Modifier (adjust ?? to suit)102A996A 00??
Set 2 Unlimited Time102A9830 012C
Set 3 Home Team Score Modifier (adjust ?? to suit)102A9986 00??
Set 3 Away Team Score Modifier (adjust ?? to suit)102A998A 00??
Set 3 Unlimited Time102A9850 012C
Set 4 Home Team Score Modifier (adjust ?? to suit)102A99A6 00??
Set 4 Away Team Score Modifier (adjust ?? to suit)102A99AA 00??
Set 4 Unlimited Time102A9870 012C
Set 5 Home Team Score Modifier (adjust ?? to suit)102A99C6 00??
Set 5 Away Team Score Modifier (adjust ?? to suit)102A99CA 00??
Set 5 Unlimited Time102A9890 012C
Home team is Anaheim1026DB76 0000
Home team is Boston1026DB76 0001
Home team is Buffalo1026DB76 0002
Home team is Calgary1026DB76 0003
Home team is Chicago1026DB76 0004
Home team is Colorado1026DB76 0005
Home team is Dallas1026DB76 0006
Home team is Detroit1026DB76 0007
Home team is Edmonton1026DB76 0008
Home team is Florida1026DB76 0009
Home team is Hartford1026DB76 000A
Home team is Los Angeles1026DB76 000B
Home team is Montreal1026DB76 000C
Home team is New Jersey1026DB76 000D
Home team is New York Islanders1026DB76 000E
Home team is New York Rangers1026DB76 000F
Home team is Ottawa1026DB76 0010
Home team is Philadelphia1026DB76 0011
Home team is Pittsburgh1026DB76 0012
Home team is San Jose1026DB76 0013
Home team is St. Louis1026DB76 0014
Home team is Tampa Bay1026DB76 0015
Home team is Toronto1026DB76 0016
Home team is Vancouver1026DB76 0017
Home team is Washington1026DB76 0018
Home team is Winnipeg1026DB76 0019
Home team is All Stars East1026DB76 001A
Home team is All Stars West1026DB76 001B
Home team is Australia1026DB76 001C
Home team is Austria1026DB76 001D
Home team is Canada1026DB76 001E
Home team is Czech Republic1026DB76 001F
Home team is England1026DB76 0020
Home team is Finland1026DB76 0021
Home team is France1026DB76 0022
Home team is Germany1026DB76 0023
Home team is Italy1026DB76 0024
Home team is Japan1026DB76 0025
Home team is Norway1026DB76 0026
Home team is Russia1026DB76 0027
Home team is Spain1026DB76 0028
Home team is Sweden1026DB76 0029
Home team is Switzerland1026DB76 002A
Home team is USA1026DB76 002B
Home team is Radical1026DB76 002C
Away team is Anaheim1026DB72 0000
Away team is Boston1026DB72 0001
Away team is Buffalo1026DB72 0002
Away team is Calgary1026DB72 0003
Away team is Chicago1026DB72 0004
Away team is Colorado1026DB72 0005
Away team is Dallas1026DB72 0006
Away team is Detroit1026DB72 0007
Away team is Edmonton1026DB72 0008
Away team is Florida1026DB72 0009
Away team is Hartford1026DB72 000A
Away team is Los Angeles1026DB72 000B
Away team is Montreal1026DB72 000C
Away team is New Jersey1026DB72 000D
Away team is New York Islanders1026DB72 000E
Away team is New York Rangers1026DB72 000F
Away team is Ottawa1026DB72 0010
Away team is Philadelphia1026DB72 0011
Away team is Pittsburgh1026DB72 0012
Away team is San Jose1026DB72 0013
Away team is St. Louis1026DB72 0014
Away team is Tampa Bay1026DB72 0015
Away team is Toronto1026DB72 0016
Away team is Vancouver1026DB72 0017
Away team is Washington1026DB72 0018
Away team is Winnipeg1026DB72 0019
Away team is All Stars East1026DB72 001A
Away team is All Stars West1026DB72 001B
Away team is Australia1026DB72 001C
Away team is Austria1026DB72 001D
Away team is Canada1026DB72 001E
Away team is Czech Republic1026DB72 001F
Away team is England1026DB72 0020
Away team is Finland1026DB72 0021
Away team is France1026DB72 0022
Away team is Germany1026DB72 0023
Away team is Italy1026DB72 0024
Away team is Japan1026DB72 0025
Away team is Norway1026DB72 0026
Away team is Russia1026DB72 0027
Away team is Spain1026DB72 0028
Away team is Sweden1026DB72 0029
Away team is Switzerland1026DB72 002A
Away team is USA1026DB72 002B
Away team is Radical1026DB72 002C
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