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This title is also known as:

Lost Vegas track

For the Lost Vegas track, select tournament mode and enter TSYBNS as your password. Lost Vegas will appear in the track selection menu. The Warrior car will also be available as choice of vehicle.

Desert Springs track

For the Desert Springs track, select tournament mode and enter TSYBNS as your password. Then, hold L and R when selecting the Rusty Springs track.

Rally mode

For rally mode, select tournament mode and enter TSYBNS as a password. Hold L and R when selecting any track except Rusty Springs. A layer of dirt will appear on the track that normally appears.

Warrior car

For the warrior car, select tournament mode and enter TSYBNS as a password. Exit tournament mode and hold L and R when making a choice at the car selection menu. The Warrior PTO E/2 car is now an option. This car is not available in competition mode.

No mercy mode

For no mercy mode, select a two-player game and press L and R on the menu with the "Head To Head" selection. There is no oncoming traffic in this mode.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000
Player 1's car is Toyota's Supra Turbo360999A5 0000
Player 1's car is Acura NSX360999A5 0001
Player 1's car is Mazda RX-1360999A5 0002
Player 1's car is Porsche 911 Carrera360999A5 0003
Player 1's car is Dodge Viper RT/10360999A5 0004
Player 1's car is Corvette ZR-1360999A5 0005
Player 1's car is Lamborghini Diable V360999A5 0006
Player 1's car is Ferrari 512TR360999A5 0007
Player 1's car is Warrior360999A5 0008
Player 2's car is Toyota's Supra Turbo36099AA9 0000
Player 2's car is Acura NSX36099AA9 0001
Player 2's car is Mazda RX-136099AA9 0002
Player 2's car is Porsche 911 Carrera36099AA9 0003
Player 2's car is Dodge Viper RT/1036099AA9 0004
Player 2's car is Corvette ZR-136099AA9 0005
Player 2's car is Lamborghini Diable V36099AA9 0006
Player 2's car is Ferrari 512TR36099AA9 0007
Player 2's car is Warrior36099AA9 0008
Play City track3609920D 0000 - City
Play Coastal track3609920D 0001 - Coastal
Play Alpine track3609920D 0002 - Alpine
Play Rusty Springs track3609920D 0003 - Rusty Springs
Play Autumn Valley track3609920D 0004 - Autumn Valley
Play Vertigo Ridge track3609920D 0005 - Vertigo Ridge
Play Lost Vegas track3609920D 0006 - Lost Vegas
Timer Counts Fast1607B48A 0300 + 1607B48E 0301
Timer Never Passes 0001.0
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