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Mortal Kombat Trilogy

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Stage select

For a stage select, highlight Sonya Blade, then hold Up, and press Start. The sound of an explosion will confirm the code has worked.

Random character select

For a random character to be selected, highlight Noob Saibot, then hold Up, and press Start. For player 2, highlight Rain, then hold Up, and press Start.

Endurance mode

For endurance mode, highlight Kano and press Down and Start simultaneously at the character selection screen. Shao Kahn will taunt you to confirm the code has worked. Select a Kombat option and choose the hardest path.

Unlimited continues

For unlimited continues, press Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Left, Right, Right at the story screen.

Classic characters

For classic characters, highlight Kung Lao, Jax, Kano, or Rayden at the character selection screen and press Start.

Fight as Chameleon

To fight as Chameleon, if fighting as player 1, choose any male ninja (Reptile, Classic Sub-Zero, Rain, Human Smoke, Ermac, Noob Saibot, or Scorpion) and hold Left, Run, Block, HP and HK together until the fight starts. If fighting as player 2, choose any male ninja and hold Right, Run, Block, HP and HK together until the fight starts. Chameleon is a semi-clear ninja that morphs into all the other ninjas in the game. When the fight begins, your ninja will explode and change into Chameleon.

Cheat menu

To access the cheat menu, press C, Right, A, Z, Y, C, Y, Right, A, then X at the opening screen with the skeletons. A sound will confirm the code has worked.

Green "?" box

For the green "?" box menu, hold Up and press L and R at the options screen. The sound of an explosion will confirm the code has worked. One button fatalities, normal boss attacks, and other options may be selected at this menu.

Red and blue "?" boxes (Japanese version)

For the red and blue "?" box menus, press HK, LK, Run, LP, HP, HP, HP, LP, then LP at the story screen. The phrase "Oh-Maw" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Free play, fatality times, and other options may be selected through these menus.

Kombat Kodes

At the Vs. screen, each player's LP, BL, and LK buttons will set the six boxes at the bottom of the screen. The following numbers represent the symbols that will appear in the boxes. The player on the left controls the first three boxes. The player on the right controls the last three boxes. Tap a button to advance one symbol or hold a button to display the previous symbol.

EffectKombat Kode
Fast uppercut recovery :[Rayden][Shao Kahn][Shao Kahn]-[3][Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang][Rayden][Shao Kahn][Shao Kahn]-[3][Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang]
No power[Dragon][?][?]-[?][?][Dragon]
Silent Kombat[3][Dragon][Dragon]-[3][Dragon][Dragon]
Throwing Disabled[MK][Dragon][Dragon]-[MK][Dragon][Dragon]
Throwing Encouraged[Dragon][MK][Dragon]-[Dragon][MK][Dragon]
Blocking Disabled[Dragon][Yin-Yang][Dragon]-[Dragon][Yin-Yang][Dragon]
Winner fights Smoke[Yin-Yang][Dragon][Lighning]-[Yin-Yang][Dragon][Lighning]
Winner fights Noob[Rayden][Goro][Skull]-[3][?][Yin-Yang]
Winner fights Shao Kahn[Skull][Goro][Skull]-[MK][?][MK]
Winner fights Motaro[Dragon][3][3]-[Lighning][Goro][?]
Randper Kombat[?][?][?]-[?][?][?]
No Fear[Yin-Yang][Shao Kahn][Yin-Yang]-[Yin-Yang][Shao Kahn][Yin-Yang]
Flipper message[Skull][Shao Kahn][Rayden]-[Goro][Goro][Goro]
Wavenet UMK[3] message[Lighning][Lighning][Dragon]-[Lighning][Lighning][Dragon]
Version Number message[Skull][Skull][Skull]-[Skull][Skull][Skull]
"Don't jump at me.."[?][?][Shao Kahn]-[Shao Kahn][?][?]
Rain is in the Graveyard[Rayden][MK][Rayden]-[3][MK][3]
Ed Boon message[Dragon][Dragon][?]-[?][Dragon][Dragon]
No Powerbars[Skull][Shao Kahn][Rayden]-[MK][Yin-Yang][3]
Dark fighting[Goro][Shao Kahn][Shao Kahn]-[?][Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang]
Psycho kombat[Skull][Shao Kahn][Lighning]-[MK][Yin-Yang][Lighning]
Play hidden game[Goro][?][Yin-Yang]-[?][Goro][Shao Kahn]
Uppercut Recovery[Rayden][Shao Kahn][Shao Kahn]-[3][Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang]
Unlimited running[?][Goro][Goro]-[?][Goro][Goro]
Super Run Jumps[3][Yin-Yang][MK]-[Rayden][Shao Kahn][Skull]
Health Recovery[Skull][Rayden][Lighning]-[3][MK][Dragon]
Combos Disabled[Rayden][Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang]-[Rayden][Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang]
Special Moves Disabled[Lighning][Lighning][Lighning]-[Lighning][Lighning][Goro]
Super Endurance Kombat[Dragon][Yin-Yang][?]-[Goro][Shao Kahn][Skull]
Automatic Kombos (new for MKT)[?][Shao Kahn][?]-[?][Shao Kahn][?]
Bloody Kombat (new for MKT)[MK][Dragon][Skull]-[Skull][Dragon][MK]
"Babalities Are Reversible" (new for MKT)[Yin-Yang][Dragon][Yin-Yang]-[Shao Kahn][Dragon][Shao Kahn]
Winner Fights Khameleon (new for MKT)[MK][Yin-Yang][3]-[3][Yin-Yang][MK]
Play Pong (new for MKT)[Yin-Yang][?][Goro]-[Yin-Yang][?][Goro]
Explosive Kombat / Throwing Disable (For 2-on-2 and [3]-on-[3])[Dragon][Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang]-[Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang][Dragon]
Explosive Kombat (For 2-on-2 and [3]-on-[3])[Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang][Rayden]-[Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang][Rayden]
Jade's Desert Kombat Zone[3][3][Dragon]-[Dragon][3][3]
Scorpion's Lair Kombat Zone[Goro][Goro][Goro]-[?][?][?]
Bell Tower Kombat Zone[Dragon][Skull][MK]-[MK][Skull][Dragon]
Graveyard Kombat Zone[Goro][Goro][Goro]-[3][3][3]
Scislac Busorez Kombat Zone[Skull][3][3]-[Skull][3][3]
Subway Kombat Zone[Shao Kahn][Shao Kahn][Dragon]-[Dragon][Shao Kahn][Shao Kahn]
Noob's Dorfen Kombat Zone[Dragon][Lighning][Dragon]-[Dragon][Lighning][Dragon]
The Roof Kombat Zone[3][?][3]-[3][?][3]
Pit III Kombat Zone[Shao Kahn][Yin-Yang][Dragon]-[Dragon][Yin-Yang][Shao Kahn]
Kahn's Kave Kombat Zone[Dragon][Dragon][?]-[Rayden][Dragon][Dragon]
River Kombat Kombat Zone[Dragon][Dragon][Yin-Yang]-[Dragon][Dragon][3]
Kombat Temple Kombat Zone[Goro][Dragon][Dragon]-[Dragon][?][Dragon]
The Street Kombat Zone[Dragon][Rayden][Skull]-[Dragon][3][Lighning]
The Soul Chamber Kombat Zone[MK][Yin-Yang][3]-[Skull][Dragon][MK]
The Bridge Kombat Zone[Dragon][Rayden][Rayden]-[Dragon][Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang]
Kahn's Tower Kombat Zone[Shao Kahn][Shao Kahn][Dragon]-[Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang][Dragon]
Dead Pool Kombat Zone (new for MKT)[Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang]-[Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang][Yin-Yang]
The Armory Kombat Zone (new for MKT)[MK][Skull][MK]-[MK][Skull][MK]
The Pit Kombat Zone (new for MKT)[Skull][MK][Skull]-[Skull][MK][Skull]
Star Bridge Kombat Zone (new for MKT)[Goro][Dragon][Goro]-[Goro][Dragon][Goro]
The Tower Kombat Zone (new for MKT)[MK][Dragon][MK]-[Dragon][MK][Dragon]
The Portal Kombat Zone (new for MKT)[Dragon][Dragon][Rayden]-[Dragon][Dragon][Rayden]
The Pit II Kombat Zone (new for MKT)[MK][Goro][Goro]-[Goro][Goro][MK]
The Courtyard Kombat Zone (new for MKT)[MK][Yin-Yang][MK]-[MK][Yin-Yang][MK]
The Wasteland Kombat Zone (new for MKT)[Yin-Yang][MK][Yin-Yang]-[Yin-Yang][MK][Yin-Yang]
The Lair Kombat Zone (new for MKT)[Dragon][Dragon][Dragon]-[Goro][Goro][Goro]

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000
Unlimited Energy for Player 116083ED4 00A6
No Energy for Player 21608404C 0000
Unlimited Energy for Player 21608404C 00A6
No Energy for Player 116083ED4 0000
25% Energy for Player 1D6083ED4 00A6 + 16083ED4 0029
50% Energy for Player 1D6083ED4 00A6 + 16083ED4 0053
75% Energy for Player 1D6083ED4 00A6 + 16083ED4 007C
1-Hit Death for Player 1D6083ED4 00A6 + 16083ED4 0001
25% Energy for Player 2D608404C 00A6 + 1608404C 0029
50% Energy for Player 2D608404C 00A6 + 1608404C 0053
75% Energy for Player 2D608404C 00A6 + 1608404C 007C
1-Hit Death Energy for Player 2D608404C 00A6 + 1608404C 0001
Open '?' in Options1608430A 0001
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