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Omake pictures

To view eleven Omake pictures from the game, insert the game disc in a computer's CD-ROM drive.

Level select

This game saves your progress as you play, hence when you start a new game, there is no choice but to play level 1. However, if you were to complete levels 1 to 3 but die on level 4, the game will save until level 4. The next time you select "Arcade Mission", you will be presented with a screen with a mini-map of where the game's levels occur up to and including the last level played. The only way to gain access to all six levels of the game when you start "Arcade Mission" is to have completed the game beforehand under any difficulty setting.

Survival mode

Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting, then select "Combat School". Go to the "Attack" option after enlisting in the army, and the survival mode option will be unlocked just beneath pin point mode. To access survival mode, highlight that option and press A. In survival mode, you only have one life and the game measures (in metres and kilometres) how far you get before you are killed by enemy gunfire. You will also have unlimited ammunition, but there is no point scoring system.

Exiting a Metal Slug tank

To exit a Metal Slug tank at any time on any level, press Down and B together.

Hint: Level 6: Hidden Metal Slug tank

While all other levels have the Metal Slug tank in plan view, level 6's tank is hidden. Play through level 6 until you arrive at the place where Morden blows up the bridge from his helicopter. Then, drop down to the boat with the machine-gun turret. Allow the boat to proceed to the first pillar with the barrel marked "DANGER". Don't shoot the barrel. The tank is hidden in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It is hidden from view by the railings of the highway and does not have the "IN" pointer on top of it. To get to the tank, throw a grenade at the pillar to clear the enemy soldiers. As soon as they die, jump from the boat and onto the pillar. Once on the pillar, jump twice to reach the top of the barrel. Jump once more to get onto the highway itself. Then, just jump into the tank and drive backwards to fall back down onto the boat. You can then blast through the first pillar to proceed.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000924 FFFF
Unlimited Lives for Player 116022C28 0003
Unlimited Bombs for Player 11601C5A0 0A00
Unlimited Ammo for Player 1160234A2 00C8
Unlimited Lives for Player 2160232F8 0003
Unlimited Bombs for Player 2160234A0 0A00
Unlimited Ammo for Player 21601C5A2 00C8
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