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Mega Man 8: Anniversary Collector's Edition

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View FMV sequences/bosses in voice test

To view all FMV sequences and bosses (including Cutman and Woodman) in the voice test menu, highlight the "Bonus Mode" selection on the start screen, then hold L and R and press Start.

Hint: Extra life

For an extra lift, shoot a mega-ball into Clown Man's mouth at the beginning of its level.

Hint: Extra health

In the first stage (after the underwater passageway), keep going to the left until you find a large health sphere. Go to it to regain most of your health.

Hint: Defeating Dr. Wily

When you fight Dr. Wily for the first time, equip yourself with the Arrow Shot equipped (an item that can be created from bolts) and have Astro Crush as your Mega Power. As you begin your battle, notice the thing that spins around, shoots about five multiple shots at you, rolls at you and returns, bounces up and down, shoots a big projectile in the air and then drops down to make two smaller ones. Sometimes the mouth on the ship will open to fire a big laser. When this occurs, fire a charged shot at the mouth. The only time that you should use the Astro Crush is when that circular thing fires the multiples shots at you. These shots are difficult to avoid but you will not get hurt by them if you use the power. When it rolls at you, jump early. When it bounces, wait for it to bounce twice then slide under it. When it fires the big shot into the air, slide to a different location as the shot will go where you were standing, then jump when the two smaller shots go across the floor. If you follow these steps and exercise caution, you can defeat Dr. Wily the first time without taking any damage. For the second battle, save the Rush Health option. All of Wily's attacks are very difficult to avoid.

Hint: Defeating the Giant Clam

If you return to the intro stage and fight the Giant Clam again (this will not work on the first encounter), the fastest and easiest way is to use the Astro Crush one time. All of its health will go away.

Defeating bosses

The most effective attacks for defeating bosses are shown below:

Grenade ManThunder Claw
Frost ManFlash Bomb
Tengu ManIce Wave
Clown ManTornado Hold
Aqua ManAstro Crush
Sword ManWater Balloon
Search ManFlame Sword
Astro ManHoming Sniper

Defeating castle bosses

After defeating the first eight bosses, the most effective attacks for defeating castle bosses are shown below:

Castle Boss 1MegaBall
Castle Boss 2Astro Crush
Castle Boss 3Thunder Claw
Dr. Wily stage 1Flaming Sword
Dr. Wily stage 2Charge Dart (Get from Roll)

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000
Always have Mega Ball160361E4 0100
Unlimited Mega Balls160361E6 2800
Always have Flash Bomb160361E8 0100
Unlimited Flash Bombs160361EA 2800
Always have Thunder Claw160361EC 0100
Unlimited Thunder Claws160361EE 2800
Always have Ice Wave160361F0 0100
Unlimited Ice Waves160361F2 2800
Always have Tornado Hold160361F4 0100
Unlimited Tornado Holds160361F6 2800
Always have Water Balloon160361F8 0100
Unlimited Water Balloons160361FA 2800
Always have Flame Sword160361FC 0100
Unlimited Flame Swords160361FE 2800
Always have Homing Sniper16036200 0100
Unlimited Homing Snipers16036202 2800
Always have Astro Crush16036204 0100
Unlimited Astro Crushes16036206 2800
Invincibility16030006 0053
Unlimited Bolts1602DADC 0063
Unlimited Rush Power1602DAAC 2800

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000924 C305 + B6002800 0000
Unlimited Energy1602FFA6 0028
Unlimited Lives1602DA50 0200
Invincible1602FFCE 0048
Unlimited Bolts1602DAA4 0063
Unlimited Rock Ball160361AE 2800
Unlimited Flash Bombs160361B2 2800
Unlimited Thunder Claw160361B6 2800
Unlimited Ice Wave160361BA 2800
Unlimited Tornado Hold160361BE 2800
Unlimited Water Balloon160361C2 2800
Unlimited Flame Sword160361C6 2800
Unlimited Homing Sniper160361CA 2800
Unlimited Astro Crush160361CE 2800
Unlimited Mega Buster Shots1602DAC4 0000
Maximum Mega Buster Shots3602FFCA 00FF
Jump Higher1602FFB6 2000
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