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MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

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For invincibility, enter ##X0/A><UZ as your password.

Cruise control throttle

For a cruise control throttle, enter #AXO/A4TTA as your password.

Jump jets

For jump jets, enter #YX0/A>Y0L as your password.

Extra weapons variants

For extra weapon variants, enter T#XO/AX<<< as your password. Go to the change Mech screen to access extra weapons for each Mech.

Unlimited ammunition

For unlimited ammunition, enter TOX0/AX>TU as your password.

Slower overheating

For slower overheating, enter #XXO/A4>Y+ as your password. Heat from the weapons will build up slower, allowing them to be fired faster without overheating.

"Elemental" Mech chassis

For the "Elemental" Mech chassis, which resembles a suit of armour, enter T/XO/AZ<#* as your password. Alternatively, enter #/XO/A4<LY as your password.

No weight limit

For no weight limit, enter #0X0/A>>0/ as your password.

Mission Passwords

Clan Wolf 1T#00A0X++0
Clan Wolf 2#/00A04+0#
Clan Wolf 3T/00A0Z+T=
Clan Wolf 4#000A0>4LA
Clan Wolf 5T000/0X4L>
Clan Wolf 6#X00/044LA
Clan Wolf 7TX00/0Z4UT
Clan Wolf 8#Y00/0>U#/
Clan Wolf 9TY00=0XU
Clan Wolf 10#A00=04ULL
Clan Wolf 11TA00=0ZU#>
Clan Wolf 12#<00*0>=T#
Clan Wolf 13T<00*0X=0=
Clan Wolf 14#>00*04=+4
Clan Wolf 15T>00*0Z=Y0
Freebirth Trials 1TL00A0XZUZ
Freebirth Trials 2#Z00A04Z#*
Freebirth Trials 3T*00A0ZLY*
Wolf's Dragoons 1TT00A0XL0/
Wolf's Dragoons 2#*00A04L+X
Wolf's Dragoons 3T*00A0ZLY+
Clan Jade Falcon 1T#X0A0X<
Clan Jade Falcon 2#/X0A04
Clan Jade Falcon 3T/X0A0Z<#L
Clan Jade Falcon 4#0X0A0>>00
Clan Jade Falcon 5T0X0>0X>Y0
Clan Jade Falcon 6#XX0>04>T#
Clan Jade Falcon 7TXX0>0Z>0=
Clan Jade Falcon 8#YX0>0>Y+Y
Clan Jade Falcon 9TYX0/0XY0Z
Clan Jade Falcon 10#AX0/04Y+*
Clan Jade Falcon 11TAX0/0ZYYY
Clan Jade Falcon 12#AL/
Clan Jade Falcon 13T
Clan Jade Falcon 14#>X0X04AU+
Clan Jade Falcon 15T>X0X0ZA
Crusader Trials 1TTX0A0X0LL
Crusader Trials 2#*XOA040
Crusader Trials 3T*X0A0Z0U*
Inner Sphere Trials 1TLX0A0XXYU
Inner Sphere Trials 2#ZX0A04X++
Inner Sphere Trials 3TZXOA0ZXOX

All missions

To unlock all missions, enter T<XO/AXA<= as your password.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000
Never Overheat16030AC0 0000
Unlimited Ammo160301BA 005A + 160301D2 005A + 160301EA 005A + 16030202 005A + 1603021A 005A + 16030232 005A + 1603024A 005A + 16030262 005A + 1603027A 005A
Super Code102E243A FFFF
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