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Langrisser V: The End of Legend

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Level select

To replay any previously played level, press A, Up, R, Z, Down, Z, then C at the load game screen.

Sound test

For a sound test, press Right, Right, Left, Z, A, X, then Y at the title screen.

All items in shop

To make all items in the game available for purchase, highlight the "Buy" option on the shop menu and press R, Down, L, Y, X, then B. A sound will confirm the code has worked.

Split-screen opening FMV sequence

To split the opening FMV sequence into four segments, hold L when the NCS logo appears to split the opening FMV sequence into four screens. Release L to return to a single screen display.

Hidden files

To access hidden character design files and a development team diary, insert the game disc into a PC compatible CD-ROM drive and decompress the "graphic.lzh" and "omake.lzh" files.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000
Unlimited Money16055752 FFFF
Maximum Status for main character1604F750 8888 + 1604F752 8888 + 1604F754 8888 + 1604F756 8888
Level Up for main character3604F727 00FF
Anti-Monster Ability for main character3604F729 0063 + 3604F72A 0063 + 3604F72B 0063 + 3604F72C 0063 + 3604F72D 0063 + 3604F72E 0063
Leading Power for main character3604F732 0063
Maximum Attack for main character3604F7E5 0063
Maximum Defence for main character3604F7E8 0063
All Special Attack for main character1604F73C FFFF + 1604F73E FFFF + 1604F740 FFFF + 1604F742 FFFF + 1604F744 FFFF + 1604F746 FFFF + 1604F748 FFFF + 1604F74A FFFF
Maximum Status for second character1604F834 8888 + 1604F836 8888 + 1604F838 8888 + 1604F83A 8888
Level up for second character3604F80B 00FF
Anti-Monster Ability for second character3604F80D 0063 + 3604F80E 0063 + 3604F80F 0063 + 3604F810 0063 + 3604F811 0063 + 3604F812 0063
Leading Power for second character3604F816 0063
Maximum Attack for second character3604F8C9 0063
Maximum Defence for second character3604F8CC 0063
All Special Attack for second character1604F820 FFFF + 1604F822 FFFF + 1604F824 FFFF + 1604F826 FFFF + 1604F828 FFFF + 1604F82A FFFF + 1604F82C FFFF + 1604F82E FFFF
Other Characters Level up3604F8EF 00FF + 3604F9D3 00FF + 3604FAB7 00FF + 3604FB9B 00FF + 3604FC7F 00FF + 3604FD63 00FF + 3604FE47 00FF + 3604FF2B 00FF + 3605000F 00FF
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