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Controller debug

To view controller debug information on the screen during game play, hold X, Y, Z, L and R at the main menu screen until the phrase "Info Mode: On" appears.


For invincibility, pause the game and press X, Z, Z, X, Y, X, Y, Z, then Y.

All weapons

For all weapons, pause game play and press Z, X, X, Z, Y, Z, Y, X, then Y.

Level select

For a level select, press X, Y, Z, Z, Y, X, Y, Z, Y at the main options screen.

No monsters

To activate the "No Monster" skill level, pause the game and press Z, Z, X, X, Y, X, Y, X, then Z at the skill level selection screen.

Death Tank Zwei mini-game

To access the Death Tank Zwei mini-game, save a game from "Quake" or "Powerslave" onto the system's internal memory or an external memory card. Alternatively, destroy all water sources, such as toilets and urinals in the entire game.

Hint: Easy health

To easily gain health, go to any water source such as a toilet or fire hydrant and destroy it. Go up to it and press Action. Keep pressing the button until your health is restored.

Hint: Death Row: Atomic Health

To gain Atomic Health, go to the chapel with two stained glass windows in the back. Enter the room and turn the first corner. Look up and you will see a man hanging from the roof. Shoot him to get a Atomic Health.

Hint: Stadium: Items

In the Stadium, look up and you will see a "DUF BEER" blimp. Destroy it to get lots of items.

Hint: Urea 51

Inside the television station in the level after Rabid Transit, there is a room with a big red curtain that you can walk through. To the left there is a bathroom with two urinals, a toilet, and a stall that is out of order. The "out of order" stall is fake; it has a secret level behind it. To open the door, unlock the red, blue, and yellow key card doors. When you open the final door (red), a crack will appear on the back wall. Blow up the crack and jump through to the "Auto Destruct" button. Rather than pushing the button, go back to the "out of order" stall in the television station, which should now be open. There will be a teleporter inside. Go through the teleporter to the secret bathroom with urinals along the walls. At the end of the hall is an "Auto Destruct" button to be teleported to the Urea 51 level, which is exclusive to this version of the game and full of toilets.

Jevons Control mode

This will require an analogue controller. Pause the game and press Y, Y, Z, Z, X, X, Y, X, then Z. The phrase "Jevons Control: On" will appear when game play is resumed to confirm the code has worked. The new controller functions are as follows:

Analogue-padView direction
BMove back
ZMove forward
YSlide left
CSlide right
Up or DownItem select
Left or RightWeapon select
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