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Dragon Force

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Debug mode

For debug mode, hold L, R, X, Z and Start as the game starts to load. While holding those buttons, press Down, Down Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Right, then Right when the text "Press Start Button" appears. While still continuing to hold the first set of buttons, release Start, then press Start again. Release all buttons after the text "Debug mode" appears under the word "Options".

All items

For all items, enable "Debug mode" by holding L, R, X, Z and Start as the game starts to load. While holding those buttons, press Down, Down Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Right, then Right when the text "Press Start Button" appears. While still continuing to hold the first set of buttons, release Start, then press Start again. Release all buttons after the text "Debug mode" appears under the word "Options", then highlight the "Continue" or "New Game" option at the main menu. Hold X while this option is highlighted. Release the button when the "Domestic Affairs" screen appears go get one of each item and at least fifteen medals. During the game, hold X at the "Domestic Affairs beckon" screen to restore your medals and items.

Play as Reinhart and Goldark

To play as Reinhart or Goldark, successfully complete the game as any character. The new characters will be unlocked when a new game is started.

History of Legendra

To read the history of Legendra, place the game disc in a PC-compatible CD-ROM drive and read the second text file.


To hear voice recording out-takes, complete the game and wait for five minutes at the screen that displays the word "Fin".

Eliminating Agonni and Paine

To eliminate Agonni and Paine, force a draw by sparing Agonni, but killing all of his troops when he attacks, then completely defeat Paine when he attacks. Agonni will wander to a town, saying "..." indefinitely. Killing Agonni will bring both men back.

Warlord Shrines

Forest ShrineGongos, Reinhart, Teiris
Cape ShrineLeon, Junon, Mikhal
Snow ShrineGoldark, Wein

Hidden character

A hidden dragon-man named Vangal may be found in the following locations depending on the warlord you have chosen:

WarlordLocation of Vangal
WeinSecond village to the west of Palemoon
WangalFirst town south of the Castle Danyan.
TeirisSecond village to the West of Palemoon
LeonVillage east of Fiend Tower
GongosVillage East of Fiend Tower
ReinhardVillage North of Estonia
MikhalFirst town south of the castle Danyan.
JunonBetween Crystal and Travan

Hidden generals

Follow the instructions below to locate the corresponding general(s):

VladGo to Fiend Tower towards the north-west from Wein's territory with just your main warlord. You will meet and fight a vampire named Vlad. He will become a captive after he is defeated. He will then join you during the next domestic affairs session. He will request that he be allowed to fight Ryskim when he appears later in the game.
SierraFirst, find Vlad. Then, when Ryskim appears, defeat him and Sierra. Vlad will use the Dark Orb to end Ryskim's domination over Sierra. Sierra will go to the Hospital, and join you after she heals.

Hayate and ShiroxGo to the town (not the city) south from Mikeral in Bozack/Izumo territory. You will meet Shirox. He will flee after you defeat him, then Hayate will appear. Hayate will give your character a Strategy Rune, then leave. Exit the town, and wait until the next two domestic affairs session. Return to the town where Shirox was encountered. Hayate will be waiting and will fight your main general in a duel. Regardless of the outcome, he and Shirox will join you after learning you are planning to fight Madruk.

Special castle items

In some castles you will always find one particular special item after a successful search:

CrystalDragon Crest
DanyanTrue Ring
LightanDark Claw
MagickaSpirit Crest
OgrekeepDeath Claw
RoyalKamui Blade
SardiaIgneous Axe
SophnikGaia Sword
StalwartSpirit Crest

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000
Unlimited Awards102084E8 0001 + 102EA13E 0001
Instant Victory16076E8A 0000 + 16077E8A 0000 + 1607A65E 0000
Stop Timer At 881607A6A6 0A5C
Unlimited Energy16077DE4 0076
Put In Battle When You Run Out Of Your Army, Even If The Enemy Still Has Their Army1607A64E 0000
Unlimited Troops (Maryare Castle)1020824A 0999
Unlimited Troops (Travan Castle)10208240 0999
Unlimited Troops (Daiden Castle)1020821A 0999
Unlimited Troops (Highland Castle)10208208 0999
Unlimited Troops (Magicka Castle)10208226 0999
Unlimited Troops (Topaz Castle)10208212 0999
Unlimited Troops (Galfiel Castle)10208218 0999
Unlimited Troops (Sardia Castle)10208236 0999
Unlimited Troops (Bozack Castle)10208214 0999
Unlimited Troops (Mikeral Castle)10208244 0999
Unlimited Troops (Tradnor Castle)10208210 0999
Unlimited Troops (Stalwart Castle)1020822E 0999
Unlimited Troops (Danyan Castle)1020822C 0999
Unlimited Troops (Ogrekeep Castle)10208248 0999
Unlimited Troops (Eternal Castle)10208228 0999
Unlimited Troops (Izumo Castle)1020820E 0999
Unlimited Troops (Royal Castle)1020822A 0999
Unlimited Troops (Stoic Castle)1020821C 0999
Unlimited Troops (Bloodly Castle)1020821E 0999
Unlimited Troops (Fandaria Castle)1020820A 0999
Unlimited Troops (Ginan Castle)10208220 0999
Unlimited Troops (Estonia Castle)10208246 0999
Unlimited Troops (Nikeral Castle)10208242 0999
Unlimited Troops (Royuewar Castle)10208234 0999
Unlimited Troops (Gasparl Castle)10208232 0999
Unlimited Troops (Starfall Castle)1020823E 0999
Unlimited Troops (Blazart Castle)10208238 0999
Unlimited Troops (Tristan Castle)10208216 0999
Unlimited Troops (Sophnyk Castle)1020823A 0999
Unlimited Troops (Crystal Castle)1020823C 0999
Unlimited Troops (Orvue Castle)10208222 0999
Unlimited Troops (Palemoon Castle)1020820C 0999
Unlimited Troops (Claystal Castle)10208224 0999
Unlimited Troops (Lightan Castle)10208230 0999
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Aisha (adjust ?? to suit)102005EC 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Aisha (adjust ?? to suit)10200B44 00??
Unlimited HP for Aisha1020109C 03E7
Maximum HP for Aisha102011F2 03E7
Unlimited MP for Aisha10201344 0063
Maximum MP for Aisha1020149E 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Aisha102015F4 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Aisha102019F6 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Aisha (adjust ?? to suit)102020A2 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Aisha (adjust ?? to suit)102021FA 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Aisha302025FC 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Aisha302025FD 0009
Unlimited Mages for Aisha30202752 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Aisha30202753 0009
Unlimited Archers for Aisha302028A6 0009
Unlimited Monks for Aisha302028A7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Aisha302029FE 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Aisha302029FF 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Aisha30202B54 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Aisha30202B55 0009
Experience Modifier for Aisha (adjust ???? to suit)30202D0A ????
Aisha has all spells10204762 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Ardor (adjust ?? to suit)102005E4 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Ardor (adjust ?? to suit)10200B3C 00??
Unlimited HP for Ardor10201094 03E7
Maximum HP for Ardor102011EA 03E7
Unlimited MP for Ardor1020133C 0063
Maximum MP for Ardor10201496 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Ardor102015EC 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Ardor102019EE 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Ardor (adjust ?? to suit)1020209A 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Ardor (adjust ?? to suit)102021F2 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Ardor302025F4 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Ardor302025F5 0009
Unlimited Mages for Ardor3020274A 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Ardor3020274B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ardor3020289E 0009
Unlimited Monks for Ardor3020289F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ardor302029F6 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Ardor302029F7 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Ardor30202B4C 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Ardor30202B4D 0009
Experience Modifier for Ardor (adjust ???? to suit)30202D02 ????
Ardor has all spells for Ardor1020475A 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Ayrios (adjust ?? to suit)1020057A 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Ayrios (adjust ?? to suit)10200AD2 00??
Unlimited HP for Ayrios1020102A 03E7
Maximum HP for Ayrios10201180 03E7
Unlimited MP for Ayrios102012D6 0063
Maximum MP for Ayrios1020142C 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Ayrios10201582 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Ayrios10201984 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Ayrios (adjust ?? to suit)10202032 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Ayrios (adjust ?? to suit)10202188 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Ayrios3020258A 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Ayrios3020258B 0009
Unlimited Mages for Ayrios302026E0 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Ayrios302026E1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ayrios30202836 0009
Unlimited Monks for Ayrios30202837 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ayrios3020298C 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Ayrios3020298D 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Ayrios30202AE2 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Ayrios30202AE3 0009
Experience Modifier for Ayrios (adjust ???? to suit)30202C38 ????
Ayrios has all spells102046F0 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Baghib (adjust ?? to suit)10200574 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Baghib (adjust ?? to suit)10200ACC 00??
Unlimited HP for Baghib10201024 03E7
Maximum HP for Baghib1020117A 03E7
Unlimited MP for Baghib102012D0 0063
Maximum MP for Baghib10201426 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Baghib1020157C 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Baghib1020197E 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Baghib (adjust ?? to suit)1020202C 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Baghib (adjust ?? to suit)10202182 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Baghib30202584 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Baghib30202585 0009
Unlimited Mages for Baghib302026DA 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Baghib302026DB 0009
Unlimited Archers for Baghib30202830 0009
Unlimited Monks for Baghib30202831 0009
Unlimited Archers for Baghib30202986 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Baghib30202987 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Baghib30202ADC 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Baghib30202ADD 0009
Experience Modifier for Baghib (adjust ???? to suit)30202C32 ????
Baghib has all spells102046EA 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Bagril (adjust ?? to suit)102005EE 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Bagril (adjust ?? to suit)10200B46 00??
Unlimited HP for Bagril1020109E 03E7
Maximum HP for Bagril102011F4 03E7
Unlimited MP for Bagril10201346 0063
Maximum MP for Bagril102014A0 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Bagril102015F6 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Bagril102019F8 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Bagril (adjust ?? to suit)102020A4 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Bagril (adjust ?? to suit)102021FC 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Bagril302025FE 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Bagril302025FF 0009
Unlimited Mages for Bagril30202754 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Bagril30202755 0009
Unlimited Archers for Bagril302028A8 0009
Unlimited Monks for Bagril302028A9 0009
Unlimited Archers for Bagril30202A00 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Bagril30202A01 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Bagril30202B56 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Bagril30202B57 0009
Experience Modifier for Bagril (adjust ???? to suit)30202D0C ????
Bagril has all spells10204764 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Bardal (adjust ?? to suit)10200568 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Bardal (adjust ?? to suit)10200AC0 00??
Unlimited HP for Bardal10201018 03E7
Maximum HP for Bardal1020116E 03E7
Unlimited MP for Bardal102012C4 0063
Maximum MP for Bardal1020141A 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Bardal10201570 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Bardal10201972 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Bardal (adjust ?? to suit)10202020 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Bardal (adjust ?? to suit)10202176 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Bardal30202578 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Bardal30202579 0009
Unlimited Mages for Bardal302026CE 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Bardal302026CF 0009
Unlimited Archers for Bardal30202824 0009
Unlimited Monks for Bardal30202825 0009
Unlimited Archers for Bardal3020297A 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Bardal3020297B 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Bardal30202AD0 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Bardal30202AD1 0009
Experience Modifier for Bardal (adjust ???? to suit)30202C26 ????
Bardal has all spells102046DE 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Barrat (adjust ?? to suit)1020066C 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Barrat (adjust ?? to suit)10200BC4 00??
Unlimited HP for Barrat1020111C 03E7
Maximum HP for Barrat10201272 03E7
Unlimited MP for Barrat102013C4 0063
Maximum MP for Barrat1020151E 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Barrat10201674 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Barrat10201A76 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Barrat (adjust ?? to suit)10202122 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Barrat (adjust ?? to suit)1020227A 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Barrat3020267C 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Barrat3020267D 0009
Unlimited Mages for Barrat302027D2 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Barrat302027D3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Barrat30202926 0009
Unlimited Monks for Barrat30202927 0009
Unlimited Archers for Barrat30202A7E 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Barrat30202A7F 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Barrat30202BD4 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Barrat30202BD5 0009
Experience Modifier for Barrat (adjust ???? to suit)30202D8A ????
Barrat has all spells102047A2 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Bastlion (adjust ?? to suit)1020060A 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Bastlion (adjust ?? to suit)10200B62 00??
Unlimited HP for Bastlion102010BA 03E7
Maximum HP for Bastlion10201210 03E7
Unlimited MP for Bastlion10201362 0063
Maximum MP for Bastlion102014BC 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Bastlion10201612 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Bastlion10201A14 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Bastlion (adjust ?? to suit)102020C0 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Bastlion (adjust ?? to suit)10202218 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Bastlion3020261A 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Bastlion3020261B 0009
Unlimited Mages for Bastlion30202770 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Bastlion30202771 0009
Unlimited Archers for Bastlion302028C4 0009
Unlimited Monks for Bastlion302028C5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Bastlion30202A1C 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Bastlion30202A1D 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Bastlion30202B72 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Bastlion30202B73 0009
Experience Modifier for Bastlion (adjust ???? to suit)30202D28 ????
Bastlion has all spells10204780 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Beykall (adjust ?? to suit)10200618 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Beykall (adjust ?? to suit)10200B70 00??
Unlimited HP for Beykall102010C8 03E7
Maximum HP for Beykall1020121E 03E7
Unlimited MP for Beykall10201370 0063
Maximum MP for Beykall102014CA 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Beykall10201620 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Beykall10201A22 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Beykall (adjust ?? to suit)102020CE 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Beykall (adjust ?? to suit)10202226 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Beykall30202628 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Beykall30202629 0009
Unlimited Mages for Beykall3020277E 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Beykall3020277F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Beykall302028D2 0009
Unlimited Monks for Beykall302028D3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Beykall30202A2A 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Beykall30202A2B 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Beykall30202B80 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Beykall30202B81 0009
Experience Modifier for Beykall (adjust ???? to suit)30202D36 ????
Beykall has all spells1020478E 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Cinna (adjust ?? to suit)1020057C 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Cinna (adjust ?? to suit)10200AD4 00??
Unlimited HP for Cinna1020102C 03E7
Maximum HP for Cinna10201182 03E7
Unlimited MP for Cinna102012D8 0063
Maximum MP for Cinna1020142E 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Cinna10201584 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Cinna10201986 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Cinna (adjust ?? to suit)10202034 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Cinna (adjust ?? to suit)1020218A 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Cinna3020258C 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Cinna3020258D 0009
Unlimited Mages for Cinna302026E2 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Cinna302026E3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Cinna30202838 0009
Unlimited Monks for Cinna30202839 0009
Unlimited Archers for Cinna3020298E 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Cinna3020298F 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Cinna30202AE4 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Cinna30202AE5 0009
Experience Modifier for Cinna (adjust ???? to suit)30202C3A ????
Cinna has all spells102046F2 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Crawford (adjust ?? to suit)10200592 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Crawford (adjust ?? to suit)10200AEA 00??
Unlimited HP for Crawford10201042 03E7
Maximum HP for Crawford10201198 03E7
Unlimited MP for Crawford102012EE 0063
Maximum MP for Crawford10201444 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Crawford1020159A 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Crawford1020199C 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Crawford (adjust ?? to suit)1020204A 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Crawford (adjust ?? to suit)102021A0 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Crawford302025A2 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Crawford302025A3 0009
Unlimited Mages for Crawford302026F8 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Crawford302026F9 0009
Unlimited Archers for Crawford3020284E 0009
Unlimited Monks for Crawford3020284F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Crawford302029A4 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Crawford302029A5 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Crawford30202AFA 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Crawford30202AFB 0009
Experience Modifier for Crawford (adjust ???? to suit)30202CB0 ????
Crawford has all spells10204708 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Dayn (adjust ?? to suit)102005D2 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Dayn (adjust ?? to suit)10200B2A 00??
Unlimited HP for Dayn10201082 03E7
Maximum HP for Dayn102011D8 03E7
Unlimited MP for Dayn1020132A 0063
Maximum MP for Dayn10201484 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Dayn102015DA 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Dayn102019DC 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Dayn (adjust ?? to suit)10202088 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Dayn (adjust ?? to suit)102021E0 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Dayn302025E2 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Dayn302025E3 0009
Unlimited Mages for Dayn30202738 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Dayn30202739 0009
Unlimited Archers for Dayn3020288C 0009
Unlimited Monks for Dayn3020288D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Dayn302029E4 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Dayn302029E5 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Dayn30202B3A 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Dayn30202B3B 0009
Experience Modifier for Dayn (adjust ???? to suit)30202CF0 ????
Dayn has all spells10204748 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Dea (adjust ?? to suit)1020064E 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Dea (adjust ?? to suit)10200BA6 00??
Unlimited HP for Dea102010FE 03E7
Maximum HP for Dea10201254 03E7
Unlimited MP for Dea102013A6 0063
Maximum MP for Dea10201500 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Dea10201656 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Dea10201A58 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Dea (adjust ?? to suit)10202104 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Dea (adjust ?? to suit)1020225C 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Dea3020265E 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Dea3020265F 0009
Unlimited Mages for Dea302027B4 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Dea302027B5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Dea30202908 0009
Unlimited Monks for Dea30202909 0009
Unlimited Archers for Dea30202A60 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Dea30202A61 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Dea30202BB6 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Dea30202BB7 0009
Experience Modifier for Dea (adjust ???? to suit)30202D6C ????
Dea has all spells102047C4 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Diablo (adjust ?? to suit)102005C4 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Diablo (adjust ?? to suit)10200B1C 00??
Unlimited HP for Diablo10201074 03E7
Maximum HP for Diablo102011CA 03E7
Unlimited MP for Diablo1020131C 0063
Maximum MP for Diablo10201476 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Diablo102015CC 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Diablo102019CE 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Diablo (adjust ?? to suit)1020207C 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Diablo (adjust ?? to suit)102021D2 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Diablo302025D4 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Diablo302025D5 0009
Unlimited Mages for Diablo3020272A 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Diablo3020272B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Diablo3020287E 0009
Unlimited Monks for Diablo3020287F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Diablo302029D6 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Diablo302029D7 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Diablo30202B2C 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Diablo30202B2D 0009
Experience Modifier for Diablo (adjust ???? to suit)30202CE2 ????
Diablo has all spells1020473A 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Duran (adjust ?? to suit)10200556 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Duran (adjust ?? to suit)10200AAE 00??
Unlimited HP for Duran10201006 03E7
Maximum HP for Duran1020115C 03E7
Unlimited MP for Duran102012B2 0063
Maximum MP for Duran10201408 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Duran1020155E 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Duran10201960 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Duran (adjust ?? to suit)1020200E 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Duran (adjust ?? to suit)10202164 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Duran30202566 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Duran30202567 0009
Unlimited Mages for Duran302026BC 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Duran302026BD 0009
Unlimited Archers for Duran30202812 0009
Unlimited Monks for Duran30202813 0009
Unlimited Archers for Duran30202968 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Duran30202969 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Duran30202ABE 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Duran30202ABF 0009
Experience Modifier for Duran (adjust ???? to suit)30202C14 ????
Duran has all spells102046CC 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Erin (adjust ?? to suit)102005F6 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Erin (adjust ?? to suit)10200B4E 00??
Unlimited HP for Erin102010A6 03E7
Maximum HP for Erin102011FC 03E7
Unlimited MP for Erin1020134E 0063
Maximum MP for Erin102014A8 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Erin102015FE 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Erin10201A00 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Erin (adjust ?? to suit)102020AC 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Erin (adjust ?? to suit)10202204 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Erin30202606 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Erin30202607 0009
Unlimited Mages for Erin3020275C 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Erin3020275D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Erin302028B0 0009
Unlimited Monks for Erin302028B1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Erin30202A08 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Erin30202A09 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Erin30202B5E 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Erin30202B5F 0009
Experience Modifier for Erin (adjust ???? to suit)30202D14 ????
Erin has all spells1020476C 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Faliel (adjust ?? to suit)102005C2 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Faliel (adjust ?? to suit)10200B1A 00??
Unlimited HP for Faliel10201072 03E7
Maximum HP for Faliel102011C8 03E7
Unlimited MP for Faliel1020131A 0063
Maximum MP for Faliel10201474 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Faliel102015CA 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Faliel102019CC 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Faliel (adjust ?? to suit)1020207A 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Faliel (adjust ?? to suit)102021D0 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Faliel302025D2 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Faliel302025D3 0009
Unlimited Mages for Faliel30202728 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Faliel30202729 0009
Unlimited Archers for Faliel3020287C 0009
Unlimited Monks for Faliel3020287D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Faliel302029D4 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Faliel302029D5 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Faliel30202B2A 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Faliel30202B2B 0009
Experience Modifier for Faliel (adjust ???? to suit)30202CE0 ????
Faliel has all spells10204738 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Farilis (adjust ?? to suit)10200654 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Farilis (adjust ?? to suit)10200BAC 00??
Unlimited HP for Farilis10201104 03E7
Maximum HP for Farilis1020125A 03E7
Unlimited MP for Farilis102013AC 0063
Maximum MP for Farilis10201506 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Farilis1020165C 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Farilis10201A5E 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Farilis (adjust ?? to suit)1020210A 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Farilis (adjust ?? to suit)10202262 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Farilis30202664 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Farilis30202665 0009
Unlimited Mages for Farilis302027BA 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Farilis302027BB 0009
Unlimited Archers for Farilis3020290E 0009
Unlimited Monks for Farilis3020290F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Farilis30202A66 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Farilis30202A67 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Farilis30202BBC 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Farilis30202BBD 0009
Experience Modifier for Farilis (adjust ???? to suit)30202D72 ????
Farilis has all spells102047CA 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Fiina (adjust ?? to suit)10200650 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Fiina (adjust ?? to suit)10200BA8 00??
Unlimited HP for Fiina10201100 03E7
Maximum HP for Fiina10201256 03E7
Unlimited MP for Fiina102013A8 0063
Maximum MP for Fiina10201502 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Fiina10201658 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Fiina10201A5A 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Fiina (adjust ?? to suit)10202106 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Fiina (adjust ?? to suit)1020225E 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Fiina30202660 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Fiina30202661 0009
Unlimited Mages for Fiina302027B6 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Fiina302027B7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Fiina3020290A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Fiina3020290B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Fiina30202A62 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Fiina30202A63 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Fiina30202BB8 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Fiina30202BB9 0009
Experience Modifier for Fiina (adjust ???? to suit)30202D6E ????
Fiina has all spells102047C6 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Fyffer (adjust ?? to suit)10200680 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Fyffer (adjust ?? to suit)10200BD8 00??
Unlimited HP for Fyffer10201130 03E7
Maximum HP for Fyffer10201286 03E7
Unlimited MP for Fyffer102013D8 0063
Maximum MP for Fyffer10201532 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Fyffer10201688 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Fyffer10201A8A 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Fyffer (adjust ?? to suit)10202136 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Fyffer (adjust ?? to suit)1020228E 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Fyffer30202690 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Fyffer30202691 0009
Unlimited Mages for Fyffer302027E6 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Fyffer302027E7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Fyffer3020293A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Fyffer3020293B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Fyffer30202A92 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Fyffer30202A93 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Fyffer30202BE8 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Fyffer30202BE9 0009
Experience Modifier for Fyffer (adjust ???? to suit)30202D9E ????
Fyffer has all spells102047B6 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Galam (adjust ?? to suit)10200544 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Galam (adjust ?? to suit)10200A9C 00??
Unlimited HP for Galam10200FF4 03E7
Maximum HP for Galam1020114A 03E7
Unlimited MP for Galam102012A0 0063
Maximum MP for Galam102013F6 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Galam1020154C 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Galam1020194E 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Galam (adjust ?? to suit)10201FFC 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Galam (adjust ?? to suit)10202152 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Galam30202554 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Galam30202555 0009
Unlimited Mages for Galam302026AA 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Galam302026AB 0009
Unlimited Archers for Galam30202800 0009
Unlimited Monks for Galam30202801 0009
Unlimited Archers for Galam30202956 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Galam30202957 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Galam30202AAC 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Galam30202AAD 0009
Experience Modifier for Galam (adjust ???? to suit)30202C02 ????
Galam has all spells102046BA 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Garyus (adjust ?? to suit)1020056A 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Garyus (adjust ?? to suit)10200AC2 00??
Unlimited HP for Garyus1020101A 03E7
Maximum HP for Garyus10201170 03E7
Unlimited MP for Garyus102012C6 0063
Maximum MP for Garyus1020141C 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Garyus10201572 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Garyus10201974 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Garyus (adjust ?? to suit)10202022 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Garyus (adjust ?? to suit)10202178 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Garyus3020257A 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Garyus3020257B 0009
Unlimited Mages for Garyus302026D0 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Garyus302026D1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Garyus30202826 0009
Unlimited Monks for Garyus30202827 0009
Unlimited Archers for Garyus3020297C 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Garyus3020297D 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Garyus30202AD2 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Garyus30202AD3 0009
Experience Modifier for Garyus (adjust ???? to suit)30202C28 ????
Garyus has all spells102046E0 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Gasper (adjust ?? to suit)102005BC 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Gasper (adjust ?? to suit)10200B14 00??
Unlimited HP for Gasper1020106C 03E7
Maximum HP for Gasper102011C2 03E7
Unlimited MP for Gasper10201314 0063
Maximum MP for Gasper1020146E 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Gasper102015C4 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Gasper102019C6 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Gasper (adjust ?? to suit)10202074 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Gasper (adjust ?? to suit)102021CA 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Gasper302025CC 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Gasper302025CD 0009
Unlimited Mages for Gasper30202722 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Gasper30202723 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gasper30202876 0009
Unlimited Monks for Gasper30202877 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gasper302029CE 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Gasper302029CF 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Gasper30202B24 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Gasper30202B25 0009
Experience Modifier for Gasper (adjust ???? to suit)30202CDA ????
Gasper has all spells10204732 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Gator (adjust ?? to suit)1020066E 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Gator (adjust ?? to suit)10200BC6 00??
Unlimited HP for Gator1020111E 03E7
Maximum HP for Gator10201274 03E7
Unlimited MP for Gator102013C6 0063
Maximum MP for Gator10201520 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Gator10201676 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Gator10201A78 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Gator (adjust ?? to suit)10202124 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Gator (adjust ?? to suit)1020227C 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Gator3020267E 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Gator3020267F 0009
Unlimited Mages for Gator302027D4 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Gator302027D5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gator30202928 0009
Unlimited Monks for Gator30202929 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gator30202A80 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Gator30202A81 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Gator30202BD6 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Gator30202BD7 0009
Experience Modifier for Gator (adjust ???? to suit)30202D8C ????
Gator has all spells102047A4 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Gaul (adjust ?? to suit)1020054A 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Gaul (adjust ?? to suit)10200AA2 00??
Unlimited HP for Gaul10200FFA 03E7
Maximum HP for Gaul10201150 03E7
Unlimited MP for Gaul102012A6 0063
Maximum MP for Gaul102013FC 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Gaul10201552 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Gaul10201954 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Gaul (adjust ?? to suit)10202002 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Gaul (adjust ?? to suit)10202158 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Gaul3020255A 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Gaul3020255B 0009
Unlimited Mages for Gaul302026B0 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Gaul302026B1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gaul30202806 0009
Unlimited Monks for Gaul30202807 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gaul3020295C 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Gaul3020295D 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Gaul30202AB2 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Gaul30202AB3 0009
Experience Modifier for Gaul (adjust ???? to suit)30202C08 ????
Gaul has all spells102046C0 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Gekai (adjust ?? to suit)1020065E 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Gekai (adjust ?? to suit)10200BB6 00??
Unlimited HP for Gekai1020110E 03E7
Maximum HP for Gekai10201264 03E7
Unlimited MP for Gekai102013B6 0063
Maximum MP for Gekai10201510 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Gekai10201666 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Gekai10201A68 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Gekai (adjust ?? to suit)10202114 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Gekai (adjust ?? to suit)1020226C 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Gekai3020266E 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Gekai3020266F 0009
Unlimited Mages for Gekai302027C4 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Gekai302027C5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gekai30202918 0009
Unlimited Monks for Gekai30202919 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gekai30202A70 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Gekai30202A71 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Gekai30202BC6 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Gekai30202BC7 0009
Experience Modifier for Gekai (adjust ???? to suit)30202D7C ????
Gekai has all spells102047D4 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Gigg (adjust ?? to suit)102005E6 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Gigg (adjust ?? to suit)10200B3E 00??
Unlimited HP for Gigg10201096 03E7
Maximum HP for Gigg102011EC 03E7
Unlimited MP for Gigg1020133E 0063
Maximum MP for Gigg10201498 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Gigg102015EE 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Gigg102019F0 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Gigg (adjust ?? to suit)1020209C 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Gigg (adjust ?? to suit)102021F4 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Gigg302025F6 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Gigg302025F7 0009
Unlimited Mages for Gigg3020274C 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Gigg3020274D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gigg302028A0 0009
Unlimited Monks for Gigg302028A1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gigg302029F8 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Gigg302029F9 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Gigg30202B4E 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Gigg30202B4F 0009
Experience Modifier for Gigg (adjust ???? to suit)30202D04 ????
Gigg has all spells1020475C 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Goldark (adjust ?? to suit)10200534 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Goldark (adjust ?? to suit)10200A8C 00??
Unlimited HP for Goldark10200FE4 03E7
Maximum HP for Goldark1020113A 03E7
Unlimited MP for Goldark10201290 0063
Maximum MP for Goldark102013E6 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Goldark1020153C 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Goldark1020193E 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Goldark (adjust ?? to suit)10201FEC 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Goldark (adjust ?? to suit)10202142 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Goldark30202544 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Goldark30202545 0009
Unlimited Mages for Goldark3020269A 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Goldark3020269B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Goldark302027F0 0009
Unlimited Monks for Goldark302027F1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Goldark30202946 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Goldark30202947 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Goldark30202A9C 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Goldark30202A9D 0009
Experience Modifier for Goldark (adjust ???? to suit)30202BF2 ????
Goldark has all spells102046AA 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Gongos (adjust ?? to suit)1020053E 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Gongos (adjust ?? to suit)10200A96 00??
Unlimited HP for Gongos10200FEE 03E7
Maximum HP for Gongos10201144 03E7
Unlimited MP for Gongos1020129A 0063
Maximum MP for Gongos102013F0 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Gongos10201546 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Gongos10201948 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Gongos (adjust ?? to suit)10201FF6 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Gongos (adjust ?? to suit)1020214C 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Gongos3020254E 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Gongos3020254F 0009
Unlimited Mages for Gongos302026A4 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Gongos302026A5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gongos302027FA 0009
Unlimited Monks for Gongos302027FB 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gongos30202950 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Gongos30202951 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Gongos30202AA6 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Gongos30202AA7 0009
Experience Modifier for Gongos (adjust ???? to suit)30202BFC ????
Gongos has all spells102046B4 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Grudar (adjust ?? to suit)10200608 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Grudar (adjust ?? to suit)10200B60 00??
Unlimited HP for Grudar102010B8 03E7
Maximum HP for Grudar1020120E 03E7
Unlimited MP for Grudar10201360 0063
Maximum MP for Grudar102014BA 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Grudar10201610 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Grudar10201A12 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Grudar (adjust ?? to suit)102020BE 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Grudar (adjust ?? to suit)10202216 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Grudar30202618 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Grudar30202619 0009
Unlimited Mages for Grudar3020276E 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Grudar3020276F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Grudar302028C2 0009
Unlimited Monks for Grudar302028C3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Grudar30202A1A 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Grudar30202A1B 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Grudar30202B70 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Grudar30202B71 0009
Experience Modifier for Grudar (adjust ???? to suit)30202D26 ????
Grudar has all spells1020477E 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Gulen (adjust ?? to suit)10200552 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Gulen (adjust ?? to suit)10200AAA 00??
Unlimited HP for Gulen10201002 03E7
Maximum HP for Gulen10201158 03E7
Unlimited MP for Gulen102012AE 0063
Maximum MP for Gulen10201404 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Gulen1020155A 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Gulen1020195C 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Gulen (adjust ?? to suit)1020200A 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Gulen (adjust ?? to suit)10202160 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Gulen30202562 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Gulen30202563 0009
Unlimited Mages for Gulen302026B8 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Gulen302026B9 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gulen3020280E 0009
Unlimited Monks for Gulen3020280F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gulen30202964 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Gulen30202965 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Gulen30202ABA 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Gulen30202ABB 0009
Experience Modifier for Gulen (adjust ???? to suit)30202C10 ????
Gulen has all spells102046C8 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Gunner (adjust ?? to suit)102005B8 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Gunner (adjust ?? to suit)10200B10 00??
Unlimited HP for Gunner10201068 03E7
Maximum HP for Gunner102011BE 03E7
Unlimited MP for Gunner10201310 0063
Maximum MP for Gunner1020146A 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Gunner102015C0 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Gunner102019C2 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Gunner (adjust ?? to suit)10202070 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Gunner (adjust ?? to suit)102021C6 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Gunner302025C8 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Gunner302025C9 0009
Unlimited Mages for Gunner3020271E 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Gunner3020271F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gunner30202872 0009
Unlimited Monks for Gunner30202873 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gunner302029CA 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Gunner302029CB 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Gunner30202B20 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Gunner30202B21 0009
Experience Modifier for Gunner (adjust ???? to suit)30202CD6 ????
Gunner has all spells1020472E 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Gunter (adjust ?? to suit)10200614 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Gunter (adjust ?? to suit)10200B6C 00??
Unlimited HP for Gunter102010C4 03E7
Maximum HP for Gunter1020121A 03E7
Unlimited MP for Gunter1020136C 0063
Maximum MP for Gunter102014C6 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Gunter1020161C 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Gunter10201A1E 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Gunter (adjust ?? to suit)102020CA 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Gunter (adjust ?? to suit)10202222 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Gunter30202624 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Gunter30202625 0009
Unlimited Mages for Gunter3020277A 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Gunter3020277B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gunter302028CE 0009
Unlimited Monks for Gunter302028CF 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gunter30202A26 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Gunter30202A27 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Gunter30202B7C 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Gunter30202B7D 0009
Experience Modifier for Gunter (adjust ???? to suit)30202D32 ????
Gunter has all spells1020478A 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Gustav adjust ?? to suit)102005B4 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Gustav (adjust ?? to suit)10200B0C 00??
Unlimited HP for Gustav10201064 03E7
Maximum HP for Gustav102011BA 03E7
Unlimited MP for Gustav1020130C 0063
Maximum MP for Gustav10201466 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Gustav102015BC 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Gustav102019BE 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Gustav(adjust ?? to suit)1020206C 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Gustav (adjust ?? to suit)102021C2 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Gustav302025C4 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Gustav302025C5 0009
Unlimited Mages for Gustav3020271A 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Gustav3020271B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gustav3020286E 0009
Unlimited Monks for Gustav3020286F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Gustav302029C6 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Gustav302029C7 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Gustav30202B1C 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Gustav30202B1D 0009
Experience Modifier for Gustav(adjust ???? to suit)30202CD2 ????
Gustav has all spells1020472A 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Hagane (adjust ?? to suit)102005F4 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Hagane (adjust ?? to suit)10200B4C 00??
Unlimited HP for Hagane102010A4 03E7
Maximum HP for Hagane102011FA 03E7
Unlimited MP for Hagane1020134C 0063
Maximum MP for Hagane102014A6 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Hagane102015FC 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Hagane102019FE 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Hagane (adjust ?? to suit)102020AA 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Hagane (adjust ?? to suit)10202202 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Hagane30202604 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Hagane30202605 0009
Unlimited Mages for Hagane3020275A 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Hagane3020275B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Hagane302028AE 0009
Unlimited Monks for Hagane302028AF 0009
Unlimited Archers for Hagane30202A06 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Hagane30202A07 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Hagane30202B5C 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Hagane30202B5D 0009
Experience Modifier for Hagane (adjust ???? to suit)30202D12 ????
Hagane has all spells1020476A 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Hagar (adjust ?? to suit)1020065A 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Hagar (adjust ?? to suit)10200BB2 00??
Unlimited HP for Hagar1020110A 03E7
Maximum HP for Hagar10201260 03E7
Unlimited MP for Hagar102013B2 0063
Maximum MP for Hagar1020150C 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Hagar10201662 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Hagar10201A64 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Hagar (adjust ?? to suit)10202110 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Hagar (adjust ?? to suit)10202268 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Hagar3020266A 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Hagar3020266B 0009
Unlimited Mages for Hagar302027C0 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Hagar302027C1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Hagar30202914 0009
Unlimited Monks for Hagar30202915 0009
Unlimited Archers for Hagar30202A6C 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Hagar30202A6D 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Hagar30202BC2 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Hagar30202BC3 0009
Experience Modifier for Hagar (adjust ???? to suit)30202D78 ????
Hagar has all spells102047D0 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Helm (adjust ?? to suit)102005BE 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Helm (adjust ?? to suit)10200B16 00??
Unlimited HP for Helm1020106E 03E7
Maximum HP for Helm102011C4 03E7
Unlimited MP for Helm10201316 0063
Maximum MP for Helm10201470 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Helm102015C6 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Helm102019C8 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Helm (adjust ?? to suit)10202076 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Helm (adjust ?? to suit)102021CC 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Helm302025CE 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Helm302025CF 0009
Unlimited Mages for Helm30202724 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Helm30202725 0009
Unlimited Archers for Helm30202878 0009
Unlimited Monks for Helm30202879 0009
Unlimited Archers for Helm302029D0 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Helm302029D1 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Helm30202B26 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Helm30202B27 0009
Experience Modifier for Helm (adjust ???? to suit)30202CDC ????
Helm has all spells10204734 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Hikkis (adjust ?? to suit)102005AA 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Hikkis (adjust ?? to suit)10200B02 00??
Unlimited HP for Hikkis1020105A 03E7
Maximum HP for Hikkis102011B0 03E7
Unlimited MP for Hikkis10201304 0063
Maximum MP for Hikkis1020145C 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Hikkis102015B2 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Hikkis102019B4 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Hikkis (adjust ?? to suit)10202062 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Hikkis (adjust ?? to suit)102021B8 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Hikkis302025BA 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Hikkis302025BB 0009
Unlimited Mages for Hikkis30202710 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Hikkis30202711 0009
Unlimited Archers for Hikkis30202864 0009
Unlimited Monks for Hikkis30202865 0009
Unlimited Archers for Hikkis302029BC 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Hikkis302029BD 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Hikkis30202B12 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Hikkis30202B13 0009
Experience Modifier for Hikkis (adjust ???? to suit)30202CC8 ????
Hikkis has all spells10204720 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Jackal (adjust ?? to suit)1020055C 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Jackal (adjust ?? to suit)10200AB4 00??
Unlimited HP for Jackal1020100C 03E7
Maximum HP for Jackal10201162 03E7
Unlimited MP for Jackal102012B8 0063
Maximum MP for Jackal1020140E 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Jackal10201564 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Jackal10201966 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Jackal (adjust ?? to suit)10202014 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Jackal (adjust ?? to suit)1020216A 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Jackal3020256C 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Jackal3020256D 0009
Unlimited Mages for Jackal302026C2 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Jackal302026C3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Jackal30202818 0009
Unlimited Monks for Jackal30202819 0009
Unlimited Archers for Jackal3020296E 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Jackal3020296F 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Jackal30202AC4 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Jackal30202AC5 0009
Experience Modifier for Jackal (adjust ???? to suit)30202C1A ????
Jackal has all spells102046D2 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Junon (adjust ?? to suit)10200540 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Junon (adjust ?? to suit)10200A98 00??
Unlimited HP for Junon10200FF0 03E7
Maximum HP for Junon10201146 03E7
Unlimited MP for Junon1020129C 0063
Maximum MP for Junon102013F2 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Junon10201548 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Junon1020194A 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Junon (adjust ?? to suit)10201FF8 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Junon (adjust ?? to suit)1020214E 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Junon30202550 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Junon30202551 0009
Unlimited Mages for Junon302026A6 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Junon302026A7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Junon302027FC 0009
Unlimited Monks for Junon302027FD 0009
Unlimited Archers for Junon30202952 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Junon30202953 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Junon30202AA8 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Junon30202AA9 0009
Experience Modifier for Junon (adjust ???? to suit)30202BFE ????
Junon has all spells102046B6 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Katt (adjust ?? to suit)10200576 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Katt (adjust ?? to suit)10200ACE 00??
Unlimited HP for Katt10201026 03E7
Maximum HP for Katt1020117C 03E7
Unlimited MP for Katt102012D2 0063
Maximum MP for Katt10201428 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Katt1020157E 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Katt10201980 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Katt (adjust ?? to suit)1020202E 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Katt (adjust ?? to suit)10202184 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Katt30202586 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Katt30202587 0009
Unlimited Mages for Katt302026DC 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Katt302026DD 0009
Unlimited Archers for Katt30202832 0009
Unlimited Monks for Katt30202833 0009
Unlimited Archers for Katt30202988 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Katt30202989 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Katt30202ADE 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Katt30202ADF 0009
Experience Modifier for Katt (adjust ???? to suit)30202C34 ????
Katt has all spells102046EC 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Kharhaz (adjust ?? to suit)1020054C 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Kharhaz (adjust ?? to suit)10200AA4 00??
Unlimited HP for Kharhaz10200FFC 03E7
Maximum HP for Kharhaz10201152 03E7
Unlimited MP for Kharhaz102012A8 0063
Maximum MP for Kharhaz102013FE 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Kharhaz10201554 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Kharhaz10201956 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Kharhaz (adjust ?? to suit)10202004 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Kharhaz (adjust ?? to suit)1020215A 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Kharhaz3020255C 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Kharhaz3020255D 0009
Unlimited Mages for Kharhaz302026B2 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Kharhaz302026B3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kharhaz30202808 0009
Unlimited Monks for Kharhaz30202809 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kharhaz3020295E 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Kharhaz3020295F 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Kharhaz30202AB4 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Kharhaz30202AB5 0009
Experience Modifier for Kharhaz (adjust ???? to suit)30202C0A ????
Kharhaz has all spells102046C2 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Kidd (adjust ?? to suit)102005E0 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Kidd (adjust ?? to suit)10200B38 00??
Unlimited HP for Kidd10201090 03E7
Maximum HP for Kidd102011E6 03E7
Unlimited MP for Kidd10201338 0063
Maximum MP for Kidd10201492 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Kidd102015E8 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Kidd102019EA 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Kidd (adjust ?? to suit)10202096 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Kidd (adjust ?? to suit)102021EE 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Kidd302025F0 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Kidd302025F1 0009
Unlimited Mages for Kidd30202746 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Kidd30202747 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kidd3020289A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Kidd3020289B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kidd302029F2 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Kidd302029F3 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Kidd30202B48 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Kidd30202B49 0009
Experience Modifier for Kidd (adjust ???? to suit)30202CFE ????
Kidd has all spells10204756 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Kilga (adjust ?? to suit)1020059C 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Kilga (adjust ?? to suit)10200AF4 00??
Unlimited HP for Kilga1020104C 03E7
Maximum HP for Kilga102011A2 03E7
Unlimited MP for Kilga102012F8 0063
Maximum MP for Kilga1020144E 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Kilga102015A4 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Kilga102019A6 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Kilga (adjust ?? to suit)10202054 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Kilga (adjust ?? to suit)102021AA 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Kilga302025AC 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Kilga302025AD 0009
Unlimited Mages for Kilga30202702 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Kilga30202703 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kilga30202858 0009
Unlimited Monks for Kilga30202859 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kilga302029AE 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Kilga302029AF 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Kilga30202B04 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Kilga30202B05 0009
Experience Modifier for Kilga (adjust ???? to suit)30202CBA ????
Kilga has all spells10204712 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Kirlein (adjust ?? to suit)10200656 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Kirlein (adjust ?? to suit)10200BAE 00??
Unlimited HP for Kirlein10201106 03E7
Maximum HP for Kirlein1020125C 03E7
Unlimited MP for Kirlein102013AE 0063
Maximum MP for Kirlein10201508 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Kirlein1020165E 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Kirlein10201A60 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Kirlein (adjust ?? to suit)1020210C 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Kirlein (adjust ?? to suit)10202264 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Kirlein30202666 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Kirlein30202667 0009
Unlimited Mages for Kirlein302027BC 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Kirlein302027BD 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kirlein30202910 0009
Unlimited Monks for Kirlein30202911 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kirlein30202A68 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Kirlein30202A69 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Kirlein30202BBE 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Kirlein30202BBF 0009
Experience Modifier for Kirlein (adjust ???? to suit)30202D74 ????
Kirlein has all spells102047CC 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Kodiak (adjust ?? to suit)102005D4 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Kodiak (adjust ?? to suit)10200B2C 00??
Unlimited HP for Kodiak10201084 03E7
Maximum HP for Kodiak102011DA 03E7
Unlimited MP for Kodiak1020132C 0063
Maximum MP for Kodiak10201486 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Kodiak102015DC 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Kodiak102019DE 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Kodiak (adjust ?? to suit)1020208A 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Kodiak (adjust ?? to suit)102021E2 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Kodiak302025E4 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Kodiak302025E5 0009
Unlimited Mages for Kodiak3020273A 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Kodiak3020273B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kodiak3020288E 0009
Unlimited Monks for Kodiak3020288F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kodiak302029E6 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Kodiak302029E7 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Kodiak30202B3C 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Kodiak30202B3D 0009
Experience Modifier for Kodiak (adjust ???? to suit)30202CF2 ????
Kodiak has all spells1020474A 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Kulien (adjust ?? to suit)10200674 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Kulien (adjust ?? to suit)10200BCC 00??
Unlimited HP for Kulien10201124 03E7
Maximum HP for Kulien1020127A 03E7
Unlimited MP for Kulien102013CC 0063
Maximum MP for Kulien10201526 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Kulien1020167C 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Kulien10201A7E 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Kulien (adjust ?? to suit)1020212A 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Kulien (adjust ?? to suit)10202282 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Kulien30202684 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Kulien30202685 0009
Unlimited Mages for Kulien302027DA 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Kulien302027DB 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kulien3020292E 0009
Unlimited Monks for Kulien3020292F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kulien30202A86 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Kulien30202A87 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Kulien30202BDC 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Kulien30202BDD 0009
Experience Modifier for Kulien (adjust ???? to suit)30202D92 ????
Kulien has all spells102047AA 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Kumonn (adjust ?? to suit)102005CC 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Kumonn (adjust ?? to suit)10200B24 00??
Unlimited HP for Kumonn1020107C 03E7
Maximum HP for Kumonn102011D2 03E7
Unlimited MP for Kumonn10201324 0063
Maximum MP for Kumonn1020147E 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Kumonn102015D4 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Kumonn102019D6 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Kumonn (adjust ?? to suit)10202082 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Kumonn (adjust ?? to suit)102021DA 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Kumonn302025DC 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Kumonn302025DD 0009
Unlimited Mages for Kumonn30202732 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Kumonn30202733 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kumonn30202886 0009
Unlimited Monks for Kumonn30202887 0009
Unlimited Archers for Kumonn302029DE 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Kumonn302029DF 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Kumonn30202B34 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Kumonn30202B35 0009
Experience Modifier for Kumonn (adjust ???? to suit)30202CEA ????
Kumonn has all spells10204742 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Laine (adjust ?? to suit)102005FA 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Laine (adjust ?? to suit)10200B52 00??
Unlimited HP for Laine102010AA 03E7
Maximum HP for Laine10201200 03E7
Unlimited MP for Laine10201352 0063
Maximum MP for Laine102014AC 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Laine10201602 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Laine10201A04 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Laine (adjust ?? to suit)102020B0 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Laine (adjust ?? to suit)10202208 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Laine3020260A 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Laine3020260B 0009
Unlimited Mages for Laine30202760 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Laine30202761 0009
Unlimited Archers for Laine302028B4 0009
Unlimited Monks for Laine302028B5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Laine30202A0C 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Laine30202A0D 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Laine30202B62 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Laine30202B63 0009
Experience Modifier for Laine (adjust ???? to suit)30202D18 ????
Laine has all spells10204770 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Leon (adjust ?? to suit)1020053C 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Leon (adjust ?? to suit)10200A94 00??
Unlimited HP for Leon10200FEC 03E7
Maximum HP for Leon10201142 03E7
Unlimited MP for Leon10201298 0063
Maximum MP for Leon102013EE 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Leon10201544 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Leon10201946 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Leon (adjust ?? to suit)10201FF4 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Leon (adjust ?? to suit)1020214A 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Leon3020254C 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Leon3020254D 0009
Unlimited Mages for Leon302026A2 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Leon302026A3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Leon302027F8 0009
Unlimited Monks for Leon302027F9 0009
Unlimited Archers for Leon3020294E 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Leon3020294F 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Leon30202AA4 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Leon30202AA5 0009
Experience Modifier for Leon (adjust ???? to suit)30202BFA ????
Leon has all spells102046B2 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Link (adjust ?? to suit)10200548 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Link (adjust ?? to suit)10200AA0 00??
Unlimited HP for Link10200FF8 03E7
Maximum HP for Link1020114E 03E7
Unlimited MP for Link102012A4 0063
Maximum MP for Link102013FA 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Link10201550 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Link10201952 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Link (adjust ?? to suit)10202000 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Link (adjust ?? to suit)10202156 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Link30202558 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Link30202559 0009
Unlimited Mages for Link302026AE 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Link302026AF 0009
Unlimited Archers for Link30202804 0009
Unlimited Monks for Link30202805 0009
Unlimited Archers for Link3020295A 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Link3020295B 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Link30202AB0 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Link30202AB1 0009
Experience Modifier for Link (adjust ???? to suit)30202C06 ????
Link has all spells102046BE 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Livion (adjust ?? to suit)10200670 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Livion (adjust ?? to suit)10200BC8 00??
Unlimited HP for Livion10201120 03E7
Maximum HP for Livion10201276 03E7
Unlimited MP for Livion102013C8 0063
Maximum MP for Livion10201522 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Livion10201678 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Livion10201A7A 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Livion (adjust ?? to suit)10202126 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Livion (adjust ?? to suit)1020227E 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Livion30202680 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Livion30202681 0009
Unlimited Mages for Livion302027D6 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Livion302027D7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Livion3020292A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Livion3020292B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Livion30202A82 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Livion30202A83 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Livion30202BD8 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Livion30202BD9 0009
Experience Modifier for Livion (adjust ???? to suit)30202D8E ????
Livion has all spells102047A6 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Lone (adjust ?? to suit)102005A0 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Lone (adjust ?? to suit)10200AF8 00??
Unlimited HP for Lone10201050 03E7
Maximum HP for Lone102011A6 03E7
Unlimited MP for Lone102012FC 0063
Maximum MP for Lone10201452 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Lone102015A8 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Lone102019AA 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Lone (adjust ?? to suit)10202058 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Lone (adjust ?? to suit)102021AE 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Lone302025B0 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Lone302025B1 0009
Unlimited Mages for Lone30202706 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Lone30202707 0009
Unlimited Archers for Lone3020285C 0009
Unlimited Monks for Lone3020285D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Lone302029B2 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Lone302029B3 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Lone30202B08 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Lone30202B09 0009
Experience Modifier for Lone (adjust ???? to suit)30202CBE ????
Lone has all spells10204716 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Lyria (adjust ?? to suit)10200550 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Lyria (adjust ?? to suit)10200AA8 00??
Unlimited HP for Lyria10201000 03E7
Maximum HP for Lyria10201156 03E7
Unlimited MP for Lyria102012AC 0063
Maximum MP for Lyria10201402 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Lyria10201558 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Lyria1020195A 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Lyria (adjust ?? to suit)10202008 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Lyria (adjust ?? to suit)1020215E 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Lyria30202560 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Lyria30202561 0009
Unlimited Mages for Lyria302026B6 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Lyria302026B7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Lyria3020280C 0009
Unlimited Monks for Lyria3020280D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Lyria30202962 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Lyria30202963 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Lyria30202AB8 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Lyria30202AB9 0009
Experience Modifier for Lyria (adjust ???? to suit)30202C0E ????
Lyria has all spells102046C6 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Manoa (adjust ?? to suit)10200554 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Manoa (adjust ?? to suit)10200AAC 00??
Unlimited HP for Manoa10201004 03E7
Maximum HP for Manoa1020115A 03E7
Unlimited MP for Manoa102012B0 0063
Maximum MP for Manoa10201406 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Manoa1020155C 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Manoa1020195E 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Manoa (adjust ?? to suit)1020200C 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Manoa (adjust ?? to suit)10202162 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Manoa30202564 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Manoa30202565 0009
Unlimited Mages for Manoa302026BA 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Manoa302026BB 0009
Unlimited Archers for Manoa30202810 0009
Unlimited Monks for Manoa30202811 0009
Unlimited Archers for Manoa30202966 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Manoa30202967 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Manoa30202ABC 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Manoa30202ABD 0009
Experience Modifier for Manoa (adjust ???? to suit)30202C12 ????
Manoa has all spells102046CA 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Mikhail (adjust ?? to suit)10200538 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Mikhail (adjust ?? to suit)10200A90 00??
Unlimited HP for Mikhail10200FE8 03E7
Maximum HP for Mikhail1020113E 03E7
Unlimited MP for Mikhail10201294 0063
Maximum MP for Mikhail102013EA 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Mikhail10201540 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Mikhail10201942 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Mikhail (adjust ?? to suit)10201FF0 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Mikhail (adjust ?? to suit)10202146 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Mikhail30202548 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Mikhail30202549 0009
Unlimited Mages for Mikhail3020269E 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Mikhail3020269F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Mikhail302027F4 0009
Unlimited Monks for Mikhail302027F5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Mikhail3020294A 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Mikhail3020294B 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Mikhail30202AA0 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Mikhail30202AA1 0009
Experience Modifier for Mikhail (adjust ???? to suit)30202BF6 ????
Mikhail has all spells102046AE 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Mileen (adjust ?? to suit)102005F8 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Mileen (adjust ?? to suit)10200B50 00??
Unlimited HP for Mileen102010A8 03E7
Maximum HP for Mileen102011FE 03E7
Unlimited MP for Mileen10201350 0063
Maximum MP for Mileen102014AA 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Mileen10201600 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Mileen10201A02 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Mileen (adjust ?? to suit)102020AE 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Mileen (adjust ?? to suit)10202206 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Mileen30202608 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Mileen30202609 0009
Unlimited Mages for Mileen3020275E 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Mileen3020275F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Mileen302028B2 0009
Unlimited Monks for Mileen302028B3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Mileen30202A0A 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Mileen30202A0B 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Mileen30202B60 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Mileen30202B61 0009
Experience Modifier for Mileen (adjust ???? to suit)30202D16 ????
Mileen has all spells1020476E 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Milishea (adjust ?? to suit)10200594 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Milishea (adjust ?? to suit)10200AEC 00??
Unlimited HP for Milishea10201044 03E7
Maximum HP for Milishea1020119A 03E7
Unlimited MP for Milishea102012F0 0063
Maximum MP for Milishea10201446 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Milishea1020159C 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Milishea1020199E 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Milishea (adjust ?? to suit)1020204C 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Milishea (adjust ?? to suit)102021A2 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Milishea302025A4 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Milishea302025A5 0009
Unlimited Mages for Milishea302026FA 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Milishea302026FB 0009
Unlimited Archers for Milishea30202850 0009
Unlimited Monks for Milishea30202851 0009
Unlimited Archers for Milishea302029A6 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Milishea302029A7 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Milishea30202AFC 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Milishea30202AFD 0009
Experience Modifier for Milishea (adjust ???? to suit)30202CB2 ????
Milishea has all spells1020470A 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Mistal (adjust ?? to suit)10200560 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Mistal (adjust ?? to suit)10200AB8 00??
Unlimited HP for Mistal10201010 03E7
Maximum HP for Mistal10201166 03E7
Unlimited MP for Mistal102012BC 0063
Maximum MP for Mistal10201412 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Mistal10201568 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Mistal1020196A 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Mistal (adjust ?? to suit)10202018 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Mistal (adjust ?? to suit)1020216E 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Mistal30202570 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Mistal30202571 0009
Unlimited Mages for Mistal302026C6 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Mistal302026C7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Mistal3020281C 0009
Unlimited Monks for Mistal3020281D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Mistal30202972 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Mistal30202973 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Mistal30202AC8 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Mistal30202AC9 0009
Experience Modifier for Mistal (adjust ???? to suit)30202C1E ????
Mistal has all spells102046D6 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Myria (adjust ?? to suit)102005D6 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Myria (adjust ?? to suit)10200B2E 00??
Unlimited HP for Myria10201086 03E7
Maximum HP for Myria102011DC 03E7
Unlimited MP for Myria1020132E 0063
Maximum MP for Myria10201488 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Myria102015DE 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Myria102019E0 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Myria (adjust ?? to suit)1020208C 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Myria (adjust ?? to suit)102021E4 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Myria302025E6 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Myria302025E7 0009
Unlimited Mages for Myria3020273C 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Myria3020273D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Myria30202890 0009
Unlimited Monks for Myria30202891 0009
Unlimited Archers for Myria302029E8 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Myria302029E9 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Myria30202B3E 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Myria30202B3F 0009
Experience Modifier for Myria (adjust ???? to suit)30202CF4 ????
Myria has all spells1020474C 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Nelson (adjust ?? to suit)102005F2 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Nelson (adjust ?? to suit)10200B4A 00??
Unlimited HP for Nelson102010A2 03E7
Maximum HP for Nelson102011F8 03E7
Unlimited MP for Nelson1020134A 0063
Maximum MP for Nelson102014A4 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Nelson102015FA 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Nelson102019FC 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Nelson (adjust ?? to suit)102020A8 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Nelson (adjust ?? to suit)10202200 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Nelson30202602 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Nelson30202603 0009
Unlimited Mages for Nelson30202758 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Nelson30202759 0009
Unlimited Archers for Nelson302028AC 0009
Unlimited Monks for Nelson302028AD 0009
Unlimited Archers for Nelson30202A04 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Nelson30202A05 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Nelson30202B5A 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Nelson30202B5B 0009
Experience Modifier for Nelson (adjust ???? to suit)30202D10 ????
Nelson has all spells10204768 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Nina (adjust ?? to suit)10200546 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Nina (adjust ?? to suit)10200A9E 00??
Unlimited HP for Nina10200FF6 03E7
Maximum HP for Nina1020114C 03E7
Unlimited MP for Nina102012A2 0063
Maximum MP for Nina102013F8 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Nina1020154E 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Nina10201950 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Nina (adjust ?? to suit)10201FFE 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Nina (adjust ?? to suit)10202154 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Nina30202556 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Nina30202557 0009
Unlimited Mages for Nina302026AC 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Nina302026AD 0009
Unlimited Archers for Nina30202802 0009
Unlimited Monks for Nina30202803 0009
Unlimited Archers for Nina30202958 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Nina30202959 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Nina30202AAE 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Nina30202AAF 0009
Experience Modifier for Nina (adjust ???? to suit)30202C04 ????
Nina has all spells102046BC 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Norse (adjust ?? to suit)102005C8 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Norse (adjust ?? to suit)10200B20 00??
Unlimited HP for Norse10201078 03E7
Maximum HP for Norse102011CE 03E7
Unlimited MP for Norse10201320 0063
Maximum MP for Norse1020147A 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Norse102015D0 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Norse102019D2 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Norse (adjust ?? to suit)10202080 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Norse (adjust ?? to suit)102021D6 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Norse302025D8 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Norse302025D9 0009
Unlimited Mages for Norse3020272E 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Norse3020272F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Norse30202882 0009
Unlimited Monks for Norse30202883 0009
Unlimited Archers for Norse302029DA 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Norse302029DB 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Norse30202B30 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Norse30202B31 0009
Experience Modifier for Norse (adjust ???? to suit)30202CE6 ????
Norse has all spells1020473E 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Nyvkall (adjust ?? to suit)102005FE 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Nyvkall (adjust ?? to suit)10200B56 00??
Unlimited HP for Nyvkall102010AE 03E7
Maximum HP for Nyvkall10201204 03E7
Unlimited MP for Nyvkall10201356 0063
Maximum MP for Nyvkall102014B0 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Nyvkall10201606 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Nyvkall10201A08 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Nyvkall (adjust ?? to suit)102020B4 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Nyvkall (adjust ?? to suit)1020220C 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Nyvkall3020260E 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Nyvkall3020260F 0009
Unlimited Mages for Nyvkall30202764 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Nyvkall30202765 0009
Unlimited Archers for Nyvkall302028B8 0009
Unlimited Monks for Nyvkall302028B9 0009
Unlimited Archers for Nyvkall30202A10 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Nyvkall30202A11 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Nyvkall30202B66 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Nyvkall30202B67 0009
Experience Modifier for Nyvkall (adjust ???? to suit)30202D1C ????
Nyvkall has all spells10204774 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Ogredd (adjust ?? to suit)1020058A 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Ogredd (adjust ?? to suit)10200AE2 00??
Unlimited HP for Ogredd1020103A 03E7
Maximum HP for Ogredd10201190 03E7
Unlimited MP for Ogredd102012E6 0063
Maximum MP for Ogredd1020143C 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Ogredd10201592 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Ogredd10201994 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Ogredd (adjust ?? to suit)10202042 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Ogredd (adjust ?? to suit)10202198 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Ogredd3020259A 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Ogredd3020259B 0009
Unlimited Mages for Ogredd302026F0 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Ogredd302026F1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ogredd30202846 0009
Unlimited Monks for Ogredd30202847 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ogredd3020299C 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Ogredd3020299D 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Ogredd30202AF2 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Ogredd30202AF3 0009
Experience Modifier for Ogredd (adjust ???? to suit)30202C48 ????
Ogredd has all spells10204700 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Ortega (adjust ?? to suit)1020057E 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Ortega (adjust ?? to suit)10200AD6 00??
Unlimited HP for Ortega1020102E 03E7
Maximum HP for Ortega10201184 03E7
Unlimited MP for Ortega102012DA 0063
Maximum MP for Ortega10201430 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Ortega10201586 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Ortega10201988 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Ortega (adjust ?? to suit)10202036 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Ortega (adjust ?? to suit)1020218C 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Ortega3020258E 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Ortega3020258F 0009
Unlimited Mages for Ortega302026E4 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Ortega302026E5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ortega3020283A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Ortega3020283B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ortega30202990 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Ortega30202991 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Ortega30202AE6 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Ortega30202AE7 0009
Experience Modifier for Ortega (adjust ???? to suit)30202C3C ????
Ortega has all spells102046F4 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Phylicia (adjust ?? to suit)10200596 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Phylicia (adjust ?? to suit)10200AEE 00??
Unlimited HP for Phylicia10201046 03E7
Maximum HP for Phylicia1020119C 03E7
Unlimited MP for Phylicia102012F2 0063
Maximum MP for Phylicia10201448 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Phylicia1020159E 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Phylicia102019A0 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Phylicia (adjust ?? to suit)1020204E 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Phylicia (adjust ?? to suit)102021A4 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Phylicia302025A6 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Phylicia302025A7 0009
Unlimited Mages for Phylicia302026FC 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Phylicia302026FD 0009
Unlimited Archers for Phylicia30202852 0009
Unlimited Monks for Phylicia30202853 0009
Unlimited Archers for Phylicia302029A8 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Phylicia302029A9 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Phylicia30202AFE 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Phylicia30202AFF 0009
Experience Modifier for Phylicia (adjust ???? to suit)30202CB4 ????
Phylicia has all spells1020470C 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Phylla (adjust ?? to suit)1020061C 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Phylla (adjust ?? to suit)10200B74 00??
Unlimited HP for Phylla102010CC 03E7
Maximum HP for Phylla10201222 03E7
Unlimited MP for Phylla10201374 0063
Maximum MP for Phylla102014CE 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Phylla10201624 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Phylla10201A26 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Phylla (adjust ?? to suit)102020D2 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Phylla (adjust ?? to suit)1020222A 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Phylla3020262C 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Phylla3020262D 0009
Unlimited Mages for Phylla30202782 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Phylla30202783 0009
Unlimited Archers for Phylla302028D6 0009
Unlimited Monks for Phylla302028D7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Phylla30202A2E 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Phylla30202A2F 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Phylla30202B84 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Phylla30202B85 0009
Experience Modifier for Phylla (adjust ???? to suit)30202D3A ????
Phylla has all spells10204792 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Piper (adjust ?? to suit)10200600 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Piper (adjust ?? to suit)10200B58 00??
Unlimited HP for Piper102010B0 03E7
Maximum HP for Piper10201206 03E7
Unlimited MP for Piper10201358 0063
Maximum MP for Piper102014B2 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Piper10201608 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Piper10201A0A 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Piper (adjust ?? to suit)102020B6 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Piper (adjust ?? to suit)1020220E 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Piper30202610 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Piper30202611 0009
Unlimited Mages for Piper30202766 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Piper30202767 0009
Unlimited Archers for Piper302028BA 0009
Unlimited Monks for Piper302028BB 0009
Unlimited Archers for Piper30202A12 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Piper30202A13 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Piper30202B68 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Piper30202B69 0009
Experience Modifier for Piper (adjust ???? to suit)30202D1E ????
Piper has all spells10204776 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Presto (adjust ?? to suit)10200562 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Presto (adjust ?? to suit)10200ABA 00??
Unlimited HP for Presto10201012 03E7
Maximum HP for Presto10201168 03E7
Unlimited MP for Presto102012BE 0063
Maximum MP for Presto10201414 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Presto1020156A 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Presto1020196C 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Presto (adjust ?? to suit)1020201A 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Presto (adjust ?? to suit)10202170 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Presto30202572 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Presto30202573 0009
Unlimited Mages for Presto302026C8 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Presto302026C9 0009
Unlimited Archers for Presto3020281E 0009
Unlimited Monks for Presto3020281F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Presto30202974 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Presto30202975 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Presto30202ACA 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Presto30202ACB 0009
Experience Modifier for Presto (adjust ???? to suit)30202C20 ????
Presto has all spells102046D8 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Raitt (adjust ?? to suit)1020065C 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Raitt (adjust ?? to suit)10200BB4 00??
Unlimited HP for Raitt1020110C 03E7
Maximum HP for Raitt10201262 03E7
Unlimited MP for Raitt102013B4 0063
Maximum MP for Raitt1020150E 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Raitt10201664 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Raitt10201A66 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Raitt (adjust ?? to suit)10202112 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Raitt (adjust ?? to suit)1020226A 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Raitt3020266C 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Raitt3020266D 0009
Unlimited Mages for Raitt302027C2 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Raitt302027C3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Raitt30202916 0009
Unlimited Monks for Raitt30202917 0009
Unlimited Archers for Raitt30202A6E 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Raitt30202A6F 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Raitt30202BC4 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Raitt30202BC5 0009
Experience Modifier for Raitt (adjust ???? to suit)30202D7A ????
Raitt has all spells102047D2 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Raizak (adjust ?? to suit)10200570 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Raizak (adjust ?? to suit)10200AC8 00??
Unlimited HP for Raizak10201020 03E7
Maximum HP for Raizak10201176 03E7
Unlimited MP for Raizak102012CC 0063
Maximum MP for Raizak10201422 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Raizak10201578 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Raizak1020197A 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Raizak (adjust ?? to suit)10202028 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Raizak (adjust ?? to suit)1020217E 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Raizak30202580 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Raizak30202581 0009
Unlimited Mages for Raizak302026D6 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Raizak302026D7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Raizak3020282C 0009
Unlimited Monks for Raizak3020282D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Raizak30202982 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Raizak30202983 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Raizak30202AD8 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Raizak30202AD9 0009
Experience Modifier for Raizak (adjust ???? to suit)30202C2E ????
Raizak has all spells102046E6 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Ramzal (adjust ?? to suit)102005DE 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Ramzal (adjust ?? to suit)10200B36 00??
Unlimited HP for Ramzal1020108E 03E7
Maximum HP for Ramzal102011E4 03E7
Unlimited MP for Ramzal10201336 0063
Maximum MP for Ramzal10201490 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Ramzal102015E6 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Ramzal102019E8 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Ramzal (adjust ?? to suit)10202094 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Ramzal (adjust ?? to suit)102021EC 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Ramzal302025EE 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Ramzal302025EF 0009
Unlimited Mages for Ramzal30202744 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Ramzal30202745 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ramzal30202898 0009
Unlimited Monks for Ramzal30202899 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ramzal302029F0 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Ramzal302029F1 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Ramzal30202B46 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Ramzal30202B47 0009
Experience Modifier for Ramzal (adjust ???? to suit)30202CFC ????
Ramzal has all spells10204754 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Reiner (adjust ?? to suit)10200558 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Reiner (adjust ?? to suit)10200AB0 00??
Unlimited HP for Reiner10201008 03E7
Maximum HP for Reiner1020115E 03E7
Unlimited MP for Reiner102012B4 0063
Maximum MP for Reiner1020140A 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Reiner10201560 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Reiner10201962 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Reiner (adjust ?? to suit)10202010 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Reiner (adjust ?? to suit)10202166 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Reiner30202568 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Reiner30202569 0009
Unlimited Mages for Reiner302026BE 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Reiner302026BF 0009
Unlimited Archers for Reiner30202814 0009
Unlimited Monks for Reiner30202815 0009
Unlimited Archers for Reiner3020296A 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Reiner3020296B 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Reiner30202AC0 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Reiner30202AC1 0009
Experience Modifier for Reiner (adjust ???? to suit)30202C16 ????
Reiner has all spells102046CE 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Reinhart (adjust ?? to suit)1020053A 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Reinhart (adjust ?? to suit)10200A92 00??
Unlimited HP for Reinhart10200FEA 03E7
Maximum HP for Reinhart10201140 03E7
Unlimited MP for Reinhart10201296 0063
Maximum MP for Reinhart102013EC 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Reinhart10201542 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Reinhart10201944 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Reinhart (adjust ?? to suit)10201FF2 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Reinhart (adjust ?? to suit)10202148 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Reinhart3020254A 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Reinhart3020254B 0009
Unlimited Mages for Reinhart302026A0 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Reinhart302026A1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Reinhart302027F6 0009
Unlimited Monks for Reinhart302027F7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Reinhart3020294C 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Reinhart3020294D 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Reinhart30202AA2 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Reinhart30202AA3 0009
Experience Modifier for Reinhart (adjust ???? to suit)30202BF8 ????
Reinhart has all spells102046B0 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Rock (adjust ?? to suit)1020059E 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Rock (adjust ?? to suit)10200AF6 00??
Unlimited HP for Rock1020104E 03E7
Maximum HP for Rock102011A4 03E7
Unlimited MP for Rock102012FA 0063
Maximum MP for Rock10201450 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Rock102015A6 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Rock102019A8 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Rock (adjust ?? to suit)10202056 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Rock (adjust ?? to suit)102021AC 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Rock302025AE 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Rock302025AF 0009
Unlimited Mages for Rock30202704 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Rock30202705 0009
Unlimited Archers for Rock3020285A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Rock3020285B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Rock302029B0 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Rock302029B1 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Rock30202B06 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Rock30202B07 0009
Experience Modifier for Rock (adjust ???? to suit)30202CBC ????
Rock has all spells10204714 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Rudger (adjust ?? to suit)10200542 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Rudger (adjust ?? to suit)10200A9A 00??
Unlimited HP for Rudger10200FF2 03E7
Maximum HP for Rudger10201148 03E7
Unlimited MP for Rudger1020129E 0063
Maximum MP for Rudger102013F4 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Rudger1020154A 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Rudger1020194C 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Rudger (adjust ?? to suit)10201FFA 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Rudger (adjust ?? to suit)10202150 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Rudger30202552 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Rudger30202553 0009
Unlimited Mages for Rudger302026A8 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Rudger302026A9 0009
Unlimited Archers for Rudger302027FE 0009
Unlimited Monks for Rudger302027FF 0009
Unlimited Archers for Rudger30202954 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Rudger30202955 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Rudger30202AAA 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Rudger30202AAB 0009
Experience Modifier for Rudger (adjust ???? to suit)30202C00 ????
Rudger has all spells102046B8 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Ruix (adjust ?? to suit)10200620 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Ruix (adjust ?? to suit)10200B78 00??
Unlimited HP for Ruix102010D0 03E7
Maximum HP for Ruix10201226 03E7
Unlimited MP for Ruix10201378 0063
Maximum MP for Ruix102014D2 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Ruix10201628 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Ruix10201A2A 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Ruix (adjust ?? to suit)102020D6 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Ruix (adjust ?? to suit)1020222E 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Ruix30202630 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Ruix30202631 0009
Unlimited Mages for Ruix30202786 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Ruix30202787 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ruix302028DA 0009
Unlimited Monks for Ruix302028DB 0009
Unlimited Archers for Ruix30202A32 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Ruix30202A33 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Ruix30202B88 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Ruix30202B89 0009
Experience Modifier for Ruix (adjust ???? to suit)30202D3E ????
Ruix has all spells10204796 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Rygar (adjust ?? to suit)10200572 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Rygar (adjust ?? to suit)10200ACA 00??
Unlimited HP for Rygar10201022 03E7
Maximum HP for Rygar10201178 03E7
Unlimited MP for Rygar102012CE 0063
Maximum MP for Rygar10201424 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Rygar1020157A 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Rygar1020197C 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Rygar (adjust ?? to suit)1020202A 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Rygar (adjust ?? to suit)10202180 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Rygar30202582 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Rygar30202583 0009
Unlimited Mages for Rygar302026D8 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Rygar302026D9 0009
Unlimited Archers for Rygar3020282E 0009
Unlimited Monks for Rygar3020282F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Rygar30202984 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Rygar30202985 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Rygar30202ADA 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Rygar30202ADB 0009
Experience Modifier for Rygar (adjust ???? to suit)30202C30 ????
Rygar has all spells102046E8 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Rykker (adjust ?? to suit)102005BA 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Rykker (adjust ?? to suit)10200B12 00??
Unlimited HP for Rykker1020106A 03E7
Maximum HP for Rykker102011C0 03E7
Unlimited MP for Rykker10201312 0063
Maximum MP for Rykker1020146C 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Rykker102015C2 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Rykker102019C4 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Rykker (adjust ?? to suit)10202072 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Rykker (adjust ?? to suit)102021C8 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Rykker302025CA 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Rykker302025CB 0009
Unlimited Mages for Rykker30202720 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Rykker30202721 0009
Unlimited Archers for Rykker30202874 0009
Unlimited Monks for Rykker30202875 0009
Unlimited Archers for Rykker302029CC 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Rykker302029CD 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Rykker30202B22 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Rykker30202B23 0009
Experience Modifier for Rykker (adjust ???? to suit)30202CD8 ????
Rykker has all spells10204730 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Santana (adjust ?? to suit)102005E8 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Santana (adjust ?? to suit)10200B40 00??
Unlimited HP for Santana10201098 03E7
Maximum HP for Santana102011EE 03E7
Unlimited MP for Santana10201340 0063
Maximum MP for Santana1020149A 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Santana102015F0 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Santana102019F2 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Santana (adjust ?? to suit)1020209E 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Santana (adjust ?? to suit)102021F6 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Santana302025F8 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Santana302025F9 0009
Unlimited Mages for Santana3020274E 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Santana3020274F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Santana302028A2 0009
Unlimited Monks for Santana302028A3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Santana302029FA 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Santana302029FB 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Santana30202B50 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Santana30202B51 0009
Experience Modifier for Santana (adjust ???? to suit)30202D06 ????
Santana has all spells1020475E 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Sayaka (adjust ?? to suit)102005D0 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Sayaka (adjust ?? to suit)10200B28 00??
Unlimited HP for Sayaka10201080 03E7
Maximum Maximum HP for Sayaka102011D6 03E7
Unlimited MP for Sayaka10201328 0063
Maximum MP for Sayaka10201482 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Sayaka102015D8 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Sayaka102019DA 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Sayaka (adjust ?? to suit)10202086 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Sayaka (adjust ?? to suit)102021DE 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Sayaka302025E0 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Sayaka302025E1 0009
Unlimited Mages for Sayaka30202736 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Sayaka30202737 0009
Unlimited Archers for Sayaka3020288A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Sayaka3020288B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Sayaka302029E2 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Sayaka302029E3 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Sayaka30202B38 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Sayaka30202B39 0009
Experience Modifier for Sayaka (adjust ???? to suit)30202CEE ????
Sayaka has all spells10204746 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Scar (adjust ?? to suit)10200580 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Scar (adjust ?? to suit)10200AD8 00??
Unlimited HP for Scar10201030 03E7
Maximum HP for Scar10201186 03E7
Unlimited MP for Scar102012DC 0063
Maximum MP for Scar10201432 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Scar10201588 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Scar1020198A 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Scar (adjust ?? to suit)10202038 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Scar (adjust ?? to suit)1020218E 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Scar30202590 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Scar30202591 0009
Unlimited Mages for Scar302026E6 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Scar302026E7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Scar3020283C 0009
Unlimited Monks for Scar3020283D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Scar30202992 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Scar30202993 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Scar30202AE8 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Scar30202AE9 0009
Experience Modifier for Scar (adjust ???? to suit)30202C3E ????
Scar has all spells102046F6 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Scythe (adjust ?? to suit)1020054E 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Scythe (adjust ?? to suit)10200AA6 00??
Unlimited HP for Scythe10200FFE 03E7
Maximum HP for Scythe10201154 03E7
Unlimited MP for Scythe102012AA 0063
Maximum MP for Scythe10201400 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Scythe10201556 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Scythe10201958 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Scythe (adjust ?? to suit)10202006 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Scythe (adjust ?? to suit)1020215C 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Scythe3020255E 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Scythe3020255F 0009
Unlimited Mages for Scythe302026B4 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Scythe302026B5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Scythe3020280A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Scythe3020280B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Scythe30202960 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Scythe30202961 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Scythe30202AB6 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Scythe30202AB7 0009
Experience Modifier for Scythe (adjust ???? to suit)30202C0C ????
Scythe has all spells102046C4 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Shadow (adjust ?? to suit)10200660 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Shadow (adjust ?? to suit)10200BB8 00??
Unlimited HP for Shadow10201110 03E7
Maximum HP for Shadow10201266 03E7
Unlimited MP for Shadow102013B8 0063
Maximum MP for Shadow10201512 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Shadow10201668 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Shadow10201A6A 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Shadow (adjust ?? to suit)10202116 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Shadow (adjust ?? to suit)1020226E 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Shadow30202670 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Shadow30202671 0009
Unlimited Mages for Shadow302027C6 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Shadow302027C7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Shadow3020291A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Shadow3020291B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Shadow30202A72 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Shadow30202A73 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Shadow30202BC8 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Shadow30202BC9 0009
Experience Modifier for Shadow (adjust ???? to suit)30202D7E ????
Shadow has all spells102047D6 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Shaia (adjust ?? to suit)1020056E 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Shaia (adjust ?? to suit)10200AC6 00??
Unlimited HP for Shaia1020101E 03E7
Maximum HP for Shaia10201174 03E7
Unlimited MP for Shaia102012CA 0063
Maximum MP for Shaia10201420 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Shaia10201576 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Shaia10201978 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Shaia (adjust ?? to suit)10202026 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Shaia (adjust ?? to suit)1020217C 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Shaia3020257E 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Shaia3020257F 0009
Unlimited Mages for Shaia302026D4 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Shaia302026D5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Shaia3020282A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Shaia3020282B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Shaia30202980 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Shaia30202981 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Shaia30202AD6 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Shaia30202AD7 0009
Experience Modifier for Shaia (adjust ???? to suit)30202C2C ????
Shaia has all spells102046E4 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Shinone (adjust ?? to suit)1020055E 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Shinone (adjust ?? to suit)10200AB6 00??
Unlimited HP for Shinone1020100E 03E7
Maximum HP for Shinone10201164 03E7
Unlimited MP for Shinone102012BA 0063
Maximum MP for Shinone10201410 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Shinone10201566 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Shinone10201968 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Shinone (adjust ?? to suit)10202016 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Shinone (adjust ?? to suit)1020216C 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Shinone3020256E 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Shinone3020256F 0009
Unlimited Mages for Shinone302026C4 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Shinone302026C5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Shinone3020281A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Shinone3020281B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Shinone30202970 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Shinone30202971 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Shinone30202AC6 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Shinone30202AC7 0009
Experience Modifier for Shinone (adjust ???? to suit)30202C1C ????
Shinone has all spells102046D4 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Silva (adjust ?? to suit)102005C6 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Silva (adjust ?? to suit)10200B1E 00??
Unlimited HP for Silva10201076 03E7
Maximum HP for Silva102011CC 03E7
Unlimited MP for Silva1020131E 0063
Maximum MP for Silva10201478 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Silva102015CE 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Silva102019D0 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Silva (adjust ?? to suit)1020207E 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Silva (adjust ?? to suit)102021D4 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Silva302025D6 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Silva302025D7 0009
Unlimited Mages for Silva3020272C 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Silva3020272D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Silva30202880 0009
Unlimited Monks for Silva30202881 0009
Unlimited Archers for Silva302029D8 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Silva302029D9 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Silva30202B2E 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Silva30202B2F 0009
Experience Modifier for Silva (adjust ???? to suit)30202CE4 ????
Silva has all spells1020473C 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Silver (adjust ?? to suit)102005CE 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Silver (adjust ?? to suit)10200B26 00??
Unlimited HP for Silver1020107E 03E7
Maximum HP for Silver102011D4 03E7
Unlimited MP for Silver10201326 0063
Maximum MP for Silver10201480 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Silver102015D6 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Silver102019D8 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Silver (adjust ?? to suit)10202084 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Silver (adjust ?? to suit)102021DC 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Silver302025DE 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Silver302025DF 0009
Unlimited Mages for Silver30202734 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Silver30202735 0009
Unlimited Archers for Silver30202888 0009
Unlimited Monks for Silver30202889 0009
Unlimited Archers for Silver302029E0 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Silver302029E1 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Silver30202B36 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Silver30202B37 0009
Experience Modifier for Silver (adjust ???? to suit)30202CEC ????
Silver has all spells10204744 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Slythis (adjust ?? to suit)1020066A 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Slythis (adjust ?? to suit)10200BC2 00??
Unlimited HP for Slythis1020111A 03E7
Maximum HP for Slythis10201270 03E7
Unlimited MP for Slythis102013C2 0063
Maximum MP for Slythis1020151C 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Slythis10201672 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Slythis10201A74 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Slythis (adjust ?? to suit)10202120 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Slythis (adjust ?? to suit)10202278 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Slythis3020267A 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Slythis3020267B 0009
Unlimited Mages for Slythis302027D0 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Slythis302027D1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Slythis30202924 0009
Unlimited Monks for Slythis30202925 0009
Unlimited Archers for Slythis30202A7C 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Slythis30202A7D 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Slythis30202BD2 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Slythis30202BD3 0009
Experience Modifier for Slythis (adjust ???? to suit)30202D88 ????
Slythis has all spells102047A0 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Sophie (adjust ?? to suit)10200564 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Sophie (adjust ?? to suit)10200ABC 00??
Unlimited HP for Sophie10201014 03E7
Maximum HP for Sophie1020116A 03E7
Unlimited MP for Sophie102012C0 0063
Maximum MP for Sophie10201416 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Sophie1020156C 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Sophie1020196E 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Sophie (adjust ?? to suit)1020201C 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Sophie (adjust ?? to suit)10202172 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Sophie30202574 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Sophie30202575 0009
Unlimited Mages for Sophie302026CA 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Sophie302026CB 0009
Unlimited Archers for Sophie30202820 0009
Unlimited Monks for Sophie30202821 0009
Unlimited Archers for Sophie30202976 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Sophie30202977 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Sophie30202ACC 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Sophie30202ACD 0009
Experience Modifier for Sophie (adjust ???? to suit)30202C22 ????
Sophie has all spells102046DA 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Stegalt (adjust ?? to suit)10200672 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Stegalt (adjust ?? to suit)10200BCA 00??
Unlimited HP for Stegalt10201122 03E7
Maximum HP for Stegalt10201278 03E7
Unlimited MP for Stegalt102013CA 0063
Maximum MP for Stegalt10201524 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Stegalt1020167A 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Stegalt10201A7C 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Stegalt (adjust ?? to suit)10202128 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Stegalt (adjust ?? to suit)10202280 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Stegalt30202682 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Stegalt30202683 0009
Unlimited Mages for Stegalt302027D8 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Stegalt302027D9 0009
Unlimited Archers for Stegalt3020292C 0009
Unlimited Monks for Stegalt3020292D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Stegalt30202A84 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Stegalt30202A85 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Stegalt30202BDA 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Stegalt30202BDB 0009
Experience Modifier for Stegalt (adjust ???? to suit)30202D90 ????
Stegalt has all spells102047A8 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Sylphia (adjust ?? to suit)10200682 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Sylphia (adjust ?? to suit)10200BDA 00??
Unlimited HP for Sylphia10201132 03E7
Maximum HP for Sylphia10201288 03E7
Unlimited MP for Sylphia102013DA 0063
Maximum MP for Sylphia10201534 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Sylphia1020168A 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Sylphia10201A8C 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Sylphia (adjust ?? to suit)10202138 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Sylphia (adjust ?? to suit)10202290 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Sylphia30202692 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Sylphia30202693 0009
Unlimited Mages for Sylphia302027E8 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Sylphia302027E9 0009
Unlimited Archers for Sylphia3020293C 0009
Unlimited Monks for Sylphia3020293D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Sylphia30202A94 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Sylphia30202A95 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Sylphia30202BEA 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Sylphia30202BEB 0009
Experience Modifier for Sylphia (adjust ???? to suit)30202DA0 ????
Sylphia has all spells102047B8 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Talon (adjust ?? to suit)102005EA 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Talon (adjust ?? to suit)10200B42 00??
Unlimited HP for Talon1020109A 03E7
Maximum HP for Talon102011F0 03E7
Unlimited MP for Talon10201342 0063
Maximum MP for Talon1020149C 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Talon102015F2 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Talon102019F4 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Talon (adjust ?? to suit)102020A0 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Talon (adjust ?? to suit)102021F8 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Talon302025FA 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Talon302025FB 0009
Unlimited Mages for Talon30202750 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Talon30202751 0009
Unlimited Archers for Talon302028A4 0009
Unlimited Monks for Talon302028A5 0009
Unlimited Archers for Talon302029FC 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Talon302029FD 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Talon30202B52 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Talon30202B53 0009
Experience Modifier for Talon (adjust ???? to suit)30202D08 ????
Talon has all spells10204760 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Taulus (adjust ?? to suit)1020058C 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Taulus (adjust ?? to suit)10200AE4 00??
Unlimited HP for Taulus1020103C 03E7
Maximum HP for Taulus10201192 03E7
Unlimited MP for Taulus102012E8 0063
Maximum MP for Taulus1020143E 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Taulus10201594 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Taulus10201996 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Taulus (adjust ?? to suit)10202046 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Taulus (adjust ?? to suit)1020219A 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Taulus3020259C 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Taulus3020259D 0009
Unlimited Mages for Taulus302026F2 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Taulus302026F3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Taulus30202848 0009
Unlimited Monks for Taulus30202849 0009
Unlimited Archers for Taulus3020299E 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Taulus3020299F 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Taulus30202AF4 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Taulus30202AF5 0009
Experience Modifier for Taulus (adjust ???? to suit)30202C4A ????
Taulus has all spells10204702 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Teiris (adjust ?? to suit)10200536 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Teiris (adjust ?? to suit)10200A8E 00??
Unlimited HP for Teiris10200FE6 03E7
Maximum HP for Teiris1020113C 03E7
Unlimited MP for Teiris10201292 0063
Maximum MP for Teiris102013E8 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Teiris1020153E 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Teiris10201940 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Teiris (adjust ?? to suit)10201FEE 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Teiris (adjust ?? to suit)10202144 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Teiris30202546 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Teiris30202547 0009
Unlimited Mages for Teiris3020269C 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Teiris3020269D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Teiris302027F2 0009
Unlimited Monks for Teiris302027F3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Teiris30202948 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Teiris30202949 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Teiris30202A9E 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Teiris30202A9F 0009
Experience Modifier for Teiris (adjust ???? to suit)30202BF4 ????
Teiris has all spells102046AC 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Tsugal (adjust ?? to suit)10200566 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Tsugal (adjust ?? to suit)10200ABE 00??
Unlimited HP for Tsugal10201016 03E7
Maximum HP for Tsugal1020116C 03E7
Unlimited MP for Tsugal102012C2 0063
Maximum MP for Tsugal10201418 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Tsugal1020156E 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Tsugal10201970 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Tsugal (adjust ?? to suit)1020201E 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Tsugal (adjust ?? to suit)10202174 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Tsugal30202576 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Tsugal30202577 0009
Unlimited Mages for Tsugal302026CC 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Tsugal302026CD 0009
Unlimited Archers for Tsugal30202822 0009
Unlimited Monks for Tsugal30202823 0009
Unlimited Archers for Tsugal30202978 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Tsugal30202979 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Tsugal30202ACE 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Tsugal30202ACF 0009
Experience Modifier for Tsugal (adjust ???? to suit)30202C24 ????
Tsugal has all spells102046DC 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Tzuyan (adjust ?? to suit)102005C0 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Tzuyan (adjust ?? to suit)10200B18 00??
Unlimited HP for Tzuyan10201070 03E7
Maximum HP for Tzuyan102011C6 03E7
Unlimited MP for Tzuyan10201318 0063
Maximum MP for Tzuyan10201472 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Tzuyan102015C8 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Tzuyan102019CA 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Tzuyan (adjust ?? to suit)10202078 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Tzuyan (adjust ?? to suit)102021CE 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Tzuyan302025D0 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Tzuyan302025D1 0009
Unlimited Mages for Tzuyan30202726 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Tzuyan30202727 0009
Unlimited Archers for Tzuyan3020287A 0009
Unlimited Monks for Tzuyan3020287B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Tzuyan302029D2 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Tzuyan302029D3 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Tzuyan30202B28 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Tzuyan30202B29 0009
Experience Modifier for Tzuyan (adjust ???? to suit)30202CDE ????
Tzuyan has all spells10204736 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Uryll (adjust ?? to suit)102005E2 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Uryll (adjust ?? to suit)10200B3A 00??
Unlimited HP for Uryll10201092 03E7
Maximum HP for Uryll102011E8 03E7
Unlimited MP for Uryll1020133A 0063
Maximum MP for Uryll10201494 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Uryll102015EA 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Uryll102019EC 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Uryll (adjust ?? to suit)10202098 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Uryll (adjust ?? to suit)102021F0 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Uryll302025F2 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Uryll302025F3 0009
Unlimited Mages for Uryll30202748 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Uryll30202749 0009
Unlimited Archers for Uryll3020289C 0009
Unlimited Monks for Uryll3020289D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Uryll302029F4 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Uryll302029F5 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Uryll30202B4A 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Uryll30202B4B 0009
Experience Modifier for Uryll (adjust ???? to suit)30202D00 ????
Uryll has all spells10204758 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Varshyl (adjust ?? to suit)102005FC 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Varshyl (adjust ?? to suit)10200B54 00??
Unlimited HP for Varshyl102010AC 03E7
Maximum HP for Varshyl10201202 03E7
Unlimited MP for Varshyl10201354 0063
Maximum MP for Varshyl102014AE 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Varshyl10201604 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Varshyl10201A06 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Varshyl (adjust ?? to suit)102020B2 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Varshyl (adjust ?? to suit)1020220A 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Varshyl3020260C 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Varshyl3020260D 0009
Unlimited Mages for Varshyl30202762 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Varshyl30202763 0009
Unlimited Archers for Varshyl302028B6 0009
Unlimited Monks for Varshyl302028B7 0009
Unlimited Archers for Varshyl30202A0E 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Varshyl30202A0F 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Varshyl30202B64 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Varshyl30202B65 0009
Experience Modifier for Varshyl (adjust ???? to suit)30202D1A ????
Varshyl has all spells10204772 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Veltarna (adjust ?? to suit)10200606 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Veltarna (adjust ?? to suit)10200B5E 00??
Unlimited HP for Veltarna102010B6 03E7
Maximum HP for Veltarna1020120C 03E7
Unlimited MP for Veltarna1020135E 0063
Maximum MP for Veltarna102014B8 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Veltarna1020160E 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Veltarna10201A10 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Veltarna (adjust ?? to suit)102020BC 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Veltarna (adjust ?? to suit)10202214 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Veltarna30202616 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Veltarna30202617 0009
Unlimited Mages for Veltarna3020276C 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Veltarna3020276D 0009
Unlimited Archers for Veltarna302028C0 0009
Unlimited Monks for Veltarna302028C1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Veltarna30202A18 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Veltarna30202A19 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Veltarna30202B6E 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Veltarna30202B6F 0009
Experience Modifier for Veltarna (adjust ???? to suit)30202D24 ????
Veltarna has all spells1020477C 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Viper (adjust ?? to suit)102005F0 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Viper (adjust ?? to suit)10200B48 00??
Unlimited HP for Viper102010A0 03E7
Maximum HP for Viper102011F6 03E7
Unlimited MP for Viper10201348 0063
Maximum MP for Viper102014A2 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Viper102015F8 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Viper102019FA 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Viper (adjust ?? to suit)102020A6 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Viper (adjust ?? to suit)102021FE 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Viper30202600 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Viper30202601 0009
Unlimited Mages for Viper30202756 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Viper30202757 0009
Unlimited Archers for Viper302028AA 0009
Unlimited Monks for Viper302028AB 0009
Unlimited Archers for Viper30202A02 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Viper30202A03 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Viper30202B58 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Viper30202B59 0009
Experience Modifier for Viper (adjust ???? to suit)30202D0E ????
Viper has all spells10204766 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Wein (adjust ?? to suit)10200532 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Wein (adjust ?? to suit)10200A8A 00??
Unlimited HP for Wein10200FE2 03E7
Maximum HP for Wein10201138 03E7
Unlimited MP for Wein1020128E 0063
Maximum MP for Wein102013E4 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Wein1020153A 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Wein1020193C 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Wein (adjust ?? to suit)10201FEA 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Wein (adjust ?? to suit)10202140 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Wein30202542 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Wein30202543 0009
Unlimited Mages for Wein30202698 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Wein30202699 0009
Unlimited Archers for Wein302027EE 0009
Unlimited Monks for Wein302027EF 0009
Unlimited Archers for Wein30202944 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Wein30202945 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Wein30202A9A 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Wein30202A9B 0009
Experience Modifier for Wein (adjust ???? to suit)30202BF0 ????
Wein has all spells102046A8 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Wriph (adjust ?? to suit)102005D8 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Wriph (adjust ?? to suit)10200B30 00??
Unlimited HP for Wriph10201088 03E7
Maximum HP for Wriph102011DE 03E7
Unlimited MP for Wriph10201330 0063
Maximum MP for Wriph1020148A 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Wriph102015E0 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Wriph102019E2 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Wriph (adjust ?? to suit)1020208E 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Wriph (adjust ?? to suit)102021E6 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Wriph302025E8 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Wriph302025E9 0009
Unlimited Mages for Wriph3020273E 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Wriph3020273F 0009
Unlimited Archers for Wriph30202892 0009
Unlimited Monks for Wriph30202893 0009
Unlimited Archers for Wriph302029EA 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Wriph302029EB 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Wriph30202B40 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Wriph30202B41 0009
Experience Modifier for Wriph (adjust ???? to suit)30202CF6 ????
Wriph has all spells1020474E 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Yanna (adjust ?? to suit)1020056C 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Yanna (adjust ?? to suit)10200AC4 00??
Unlimited HP for Yanna1020101C 03E7
Maximum HP for Yanna10201172 03E7
Unlimited MP for Yanna102012C8 0063
Maximum MP for Yanna1020141E 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Yanna10201574 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Yanna10201976 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Yanna (adjust ?? to suit)10202024 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Yanna (adjust ?? to suit)1020217A 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Yanna3020257C 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Yanna3020257D 0009
Unlimited Mages for Yanna302026D2 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Yanna302026D3 0009
Unlimited Archers for Yanna30202828 0009
Unlimited Monks for Yanna30202829 0009
Unlimited Archers for Yanna3020297E 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Yanna3020297F 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Yanna30202AD4 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Yanna30202AD5 0009
Experience Modifier for Yanna (adjust ???? to suit)30202C2A ????
Yanna has all spells102046E2 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Yuni (adjust ?? to suit)10200578 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Yuni (adjust ?? to suit)10200AD0 00??
Unlimited HP for Yuni10201028 03E7
Maximum HP for Yuni1020117E 03E7
Unlimited MP for Yuni102012D4 0063
Maximum MP for Yuni1020142A 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Yuni10201580 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Yuni10201982 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Yuni (adjust ?? to suit)10202030 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Yuni (adjust ?? to suit)10202186 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Yuni30202588 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Yuni30202589 0009
Unlimited Mages for Yuni302026DE 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Yuni302026DF 0009
Unlimited Archers for Yuni30202834 0009
Unlimited Monks for Yuni30202835 0009
Unlimited Archers for Yuni3020298A 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Yuni3020298B 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Yuni30202AE0 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Yuni30202AE1 0009
Experience Modifier for Yuni (adjust ???? to suit)30202C36 ????
Yuni has all spells102046EE 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Yuri (adjust ?? to suit)10200604 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Yuri (adjust ?? to suit)10200B5C 00??
Unlimited HP for Yuri102010B4 03E7
Maximum HP for Yuri1020120A 03E7
Unlimited MP for Yuri1020135C 0063
Maximum MP for Yuri102014B6 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Yuri1020160C 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Yuri10201A0E 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Yuri (adjust ?? to suit)102020BA 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Yuri (adjust ?? to suit)10202212 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Yuri30202614 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Yuri30202615 0009
Unlimited Mages for Yuri3020276A 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Yuri3020276B 0009
Unlimited Archers for Yuri302028BE 0009
Unlimited Monks for Yuri302028BF 0009
Unlimited Archers for Yuri30202A16 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Yuri30202A17 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Yuri30202B6C 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Yuri30202B6D 0009
Experience Modifier for Yuri (adjust ???? to suit)30202D22 ????
Yuri has all spells1020477A 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Zagat (adjust ?? to suit)1020055A 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Zagat (adjust ?? to suit)10200AB2 00??
Unlimited HP for Zagat1020100A 03E7
Maximum HP for Zagat10201160 03E7
Unlimited MP for Zagat102012B6 0063
Maximum MP for Zagat1020140C 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Zagat10201562 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Zagat10201964 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Zagat (adjust ?? to suit)10202012 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Zagat (adjust ?? to suit)10202168 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Zagat3020256A 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Zagat3020256B 0009
Unlimited Mages for Zagat302026C0 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Zagat302026C1 0009
Unlimited Archers for Zagat30202816 0009
Unlimited Monks for Zagat30202817 0009
Unlimited Archers for Zagat3020296C 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Zagat3020296D 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Zagat30202AC2 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Zagat30202AC3 0009
Experience Modifier for Zagat (adjust ???? to suit)30202C18 ????
Zagat has all spells102046D0 0003
Job Modifier & Level Modifier for Zanon (adjust ?? to suit)10200602 00??
Harpy Quantity Modifier for Zanon (adjust ?? to suit)10200B5A 00??
Unlimited HP for Zanon102010B2 03E7
Maximum HP for Zanon10201208 03E7
Unlimited MP for Zanon1020135A 0063
Maximum MP for Zanon102014B4 0063
Maximum STR (Status) for Zanon1020160A 0063
Maximum CMD (Status) for Zanon10201A0C 0063
Total Wins Modifier for Zanon (adjust ?? to suit)102020B8 00??
Total Losses Modifier for Zanon (adjust ?? to suit)10202210 00??
Unlimited Soldiers for Zanon30202612 0009
Unlimited Cavalry for Zanon30202613 0009
Unlimited Mages for Zanon30202768 0009
Unlimited Samaraixes for Zanon30202769 0009
Unlimited Archers for Zanon302028BC 0009
Unlimited Monks for Zanon302028BD 0009
Unlimited Archers for Zanon30202A14 0009
Unlimited Beasts for Zanon30202A15 0009
Unlimited Dragons for Zanon30202B6A 0009
Unlimited Zombies for Zanon30202B6B 0009
Experience Modifier for Zanon (adjust ???? to suit)30202D20 ????
Zanon has all spells10204778 0003

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes (Japanese version)

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000
Unlimited Lives160778D8 0032
Unlimited Time1607A19A 0A82
Enemy Troops Zero16076986 0000 + 1607A142 0000
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