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Darkstalkers 3: Vampire Savior

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EX options

To enable to RGB, life bar and English language options, complete the game under any difficulty level without using any continues, then hold L and R at the same time.

Fight as Oboro Bishamon

To fight as Oboro Bishamon, first you must defeat him, then highlight him at the character selection screen and hold L while choosing him.

Fight as different character in each stage:

To fight as a different character in each stage, highlight the "?" box at the character selection screen. Hold Down and press L, L, L,L, L, then press Punch. You will play as your previous opponent in each stage.

Fight as Dark Gallon

To fight as Dark Gallon, highlight Gallon at the character selection screen, then hold L and press all three Punch buttons.

Fight as Vampire Hunter Phobos

To fight as Vampire Hunter Phobos, highlight Phobos at the character selection screen, then hold L when selecting that character.

Fight as defeated character

To fight as a defeated character, highlight the "Random Select" icon, and press L and R together four times. Then, hold L and R together and press all three Punch buttons. The Soul Stealer will appear behind your character if the code has worked. Begin the game and defeat an opponent. The Soul Stealer will appear during the victory pose, drain your character, and move over the defeated character. The defeated character can then be controlled in the next match.

Random versus mode stage select

To select a random versus mode stage, select a character and battle handicap, then hold R and press any button.

Alternative stage colour

For an alternative stage colour, hold L and press A before selecting a stage in versus mode.

Alternative costume colours

For alternative costume colours, highlight a fighter at the character selection screen, then press all three Punch or all three Kick buttons to select that character.

In-game reset

To reset the game, hold A, B, C and Start. The word "Vampire" will be spoken at the title screen.

Select victory pose

To select a victory pose, hold A, B, C, X, Y, or Z after winning a match.

Faster credits

For make the credits run faster, hold any button while the credits are being displayed.

Fight against Oboro Bishamon

To fight against Oboro Bishamon, complete the game with no rounds lost, manual play, and no continues used, then execute the required EX special finishing move to knock down each opponent twice. See below for the required EX moves for each character:

CharacterEX moves
DemitriMidnight Pleasure
Gallon/TalbainMoment Slice
VictorGerdenheim 3
BishamonDecap Violent
Rikuo/AulbathAqua Spread
Lord Raptor/ZabelHell Dunk
AnakarisPharaoh Magic
FeliciaPlease Help Me
Hsien Ko (Lei Lei)Big Bomb
SasquatchBig Sledge
Bulleta/Baby Bonnie HoodBeautiful Memory
MorriganDarkness Illusion
LilithGloomy Puppet Show

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000
Unlimited Health for Player 116094186 0240 + 16094184 0240
Unlimited Time For Special Attack for Player 116094286 0070
99 Power for Player 136094219 0063
When Player 1 uses CAllON, it will change to D.CAllOND6094126 0002 + 160943B6 1200
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