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Crusader: No Remorse

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Full health and energy

For full health and energy, enter L0SR as your password, ignoring the invalid code message. Then, during game play, press A,B and C at the same time to replenish your health and energy.

Full inventory

For a full inventory, enter L0SR as your password, ignoring the invalid code message. Press X, Y and Z during game play to get all weapons and ammunition for the RP-22 and RP-32 in addition to all items and 2,000 credits.

Mission Passwords

MissionMama's BoyWeekend WarriorLoose CannonNo Remorse

Bonus pictures

For bonus pictures, enter XXXX as your password.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0001
Unlimited Health160DBE2C 0078
Unlimited Detpacs160DBDBC 0A00
Unlimited Medi Kits160DBDCC 0A00
Unlimited ?160DBDC0 0A00
Unlimited Landmines160DBDC4 0A00
Unlimited Spider Bombs160DBDC8 0A00
Unlimited Batteries & Energy Cells160DBDC8 0A00
Unlimited Blast Pacs160DBDD4 0A00
Start with RP 32160DBDD8 0300
Start with SG-A1160DBDD8 0400
Start with PA-31160DBDD8 0600
Start with EM-4160DBDD8 0700
Start with PL-1160DBDD8 0800
Start with UV-9160DBDD8 0900
Start with GL-303160DBDD8 0A00
Start with AR-7160DBDD8 0B00
Start with other weapon A160DBDD8 0100
Start with other weapon B160DBDD8 0500
Start with other weapon C160DBDD8 0C00
Start with other weapon D160DBDD8 0D00
Unlimited Magazines for RP 32360DBE24 000A
Unlimited Rounds for RP 32360DBE25 000A
Unlimited Magazines for SG-A1 and ?)360DBE28 000A
Unlimited Rounds for SG-A1 and ?)360DBE29 000A
Unlimited Magazines for GL-303)360DBE20 000A
Unlimited Rounds for GL-303)360DBE21 000A
Unlimited Magazines for AR-7)360DBE1C 000A
Unlimited Rounds for AR-7)360DBE1D 000A
Unlimited Magazines for various weapons360DBE18 000A
Unlimited Rounds for various weapons360DBE19 000A
Have EMP Inhibitor160DBDAC 0100
Have Grennade Launcher160DBE04 0100
Unlimited Money160DBE34 FFFF
Unlimited Energy160DBE2E 09C4
Have Laser Rifle160DBDF4 0100
Have RP-32160DBDE8 0100
Have Shotgun160DBDEC 0100
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