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Congo The Movie: The Lost City of Zinj

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Hidden items

There is a room in the upper right area of the map containing many items, including a continue icon. It may be accessed through a secret entrance on Day 6. First, defeat the floating monkey head in the top middle room to gain access to all doors in the room. Then, follow the secret passageway that starts on the western side of the level and look at the map and find the rectangular-shaped room on the far left side of the map. Move towards the room to enter and you will find six long rectangular-shaped stone platforms. A secret passageway is hidden behind a wall on the western side of this room. Walk to the end of the room and jump onto the platform in the north-west corner, then face the northern wall. Push against the wall by walking into it, then quickly turn to the left and run into the opened passageway. Move quickly as the wall to the passageway only opens for a short moment. Follow the passageway to the secret room.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 230B + B6002800 0000
Unlimited Health (Level 1)1607E1E6 6400
Unlimited Health (Level 2)1607C01E 6300
Unlimited Lives160813C0 6863
Always Have Blanc et Noir Elephant Gun16081402 0100
Always Have JJ 5000 Machine Gun16081408 0100
Always Have Bio-Missile Bazooka1608140E 0100
Always Have Phasic Laser16081414 0100
Unlimited Ammo (Auto-Mag Pistol)160813FE 0063
Unlimited Ammo (Blanc et Noir Elephant Gun)16081404 0063
Unlimited Ammo (JJ 5000 Machine Gun)1608140A 0063
Unlimited Ammo (Bio-Missile Bazooka)16081410 0063
Unlimited Ammo (Phasic Laser)16081416 0063
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