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For invincibility, pause the game and press R, Right, A, L, Right, A, Down, then Y (using default controller configuration).

Level restart

To restart the current level, hold L and Up (using default controller configuration) until the game restarts.

Level select

For a level select, pause the game and press L, A, Z, Y, Left, Right, A, Down, Right, then L (using default controller configuration).

Free movement

To activate free movement, pause the game and press L, A, Left, L, Right, Down, then Down (using default controller configuration). Resume game play and hold Y while using the Directional Pad (using default controller configuration) to move freely.

Hint: Easy lives

For some easy lives, enable the "Level select" code by pausing the game and pressing L, A, Z, Y, Left, Right, A, Down, Right, then L (using default controller configuration), then play as many bonus stages as possible to gain extra lives. You will keep all of the lives you earned in the bonus stages.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6017598 C305
Unlimited Sugar Crystals, Doggie Bones, Disco Balls1605C5E2 0063
Unlimited Energy16055366 0006
Invincibility (Flashes)160553F6 0041 + 160553FC 004B
Unlimited Lives1605C5D2 0003
Unlimited Continues1605C5D6 0003
Blue Spit1605C5C2 0001
Green Spit1605C5C2 0003
Red & Green1605C5C2 0006
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