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Level skip

For a level skip, press B, A, B, Y, Down, Right, A, then L, Down at the "Start/Options" screen. Bug will shout "Yike" to confirm the cheat has worked. Selectable levels include the Bosses and dragonfly race. Hold L and Up at the same time to advance to the next level. Hold L and Down at the same time to return to the previous level. Hold L or R and Start to select from levels that already have been played. This can only be done a limited amount of times; A counter on the far right side of the screen will display how many times a particular level may be revisited. The level skip cheat can also be activated by pressing Down, Right, X, Y, Left, Right, A, Down, Right, then L at the "Start/Options" screen. Bug will shout "Wow" if the cheat has worked.

Unlimited lives

For unlimited lives, press A, C, B, B, Down, Right, then Up at the "Start/Options" screen.

Additional continues

For additional continues, allow Bug to die after completing the first level, then press Right and Start simultaneously when the "Press Start" screen appears. Press Right and Start simultaneously at the "Start Game" screen.

Replay levels

To replay levels you have already visited, hold Up and Start when starting the game. A stage select menu will appear with all previously-played levels. Note: The menu will list the number of times play can be restarted from a previous level.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6017588 C305
Unlimited Zap060272E0 0009 + 16053F30 00FF
Unlimited Lives0602556E 0009
Unlimited Energy0602552E 0009
Level Skip16053F4A 0001
256 Gems Per Level16053F14 0100
Always Enter Special Stages (Daddy Long Legs)16053F3C 0001
Always Stunt Bug16953F2E 029C + 16054A3A 029C
No spit16053F32 0000
Green spit16053F32 0001
Red Spit16053F32 0002
Blue spit16053F32 0003
Purple spit16053F32 0004
Racket spit16053F32 0005
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