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Assault Rigs

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For invincibility, press Left, C, Left, C, Left, Left, C, Right, C, Right, C, then C during game play. The phrase "Invincible! Yes indeedy." will appear if the code has worked.

All weapons and items

For all weapons and items, press Left, Right, Left,Left, Right, Left, Right, , RightUp, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, then Down during game play. The phrase "Max weapons added... Oh yes." will appear if the code has worked.

Hint: Circle a moving attacker

Press L and the Directional Pad or R and the Directional Pad to circle around an attacking moving target, such as a tank, while firing.

Hint: Dead ends

Driving into dead ends may expose routes into other areas.

Hint: Arrows

Take note of the arrows on the walls and floors as they may point out a way to a solution.

Hint: Push blocks

"Push blocks" may be used as keys to seemingly inaccessible areas.

Hint: Using the map when lost

When lost, use the "way up" view to get your bearings

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