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Area 51

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Alien mode

For alien mode, shoot the first three S.T.A.A.R. team members and nothing else at the beginning of the game. After the first human is shot, gun fire will not harm you. After the third human is shot, you will transform into an alien in the main hallway of the first level. You will have infravision while playing as an alien, which allows targets to be more visible. The ending sequence will also be different.

Hint: Gun power-up

If you shoot another human, you will lose a gun power-up as soon as you shoot one of the other humans. This is because when you shoot a human, you lose a life, and losing a life results in loss of your gun.

Hint: Baby Aliens

When entering the building from the helicopter, shoot the exit sign as soon as you see a purple alien, then shoot the first three lights. This gives you the opportunity to shoot baby aliens before they form.

Hint: Chow Palace

Ensure the "Secret Rooms" option is enabled. At the point in the game where you fight the two grenade-throwing aliens, kill them and you should get enough time to destroy everything around them as well. There are yellow drums and ammo crates at this location, and a single alien and approximately 50 power-ups inside Chow Palace. Shoot all of the back windows in the warehouse/bunker after destroying the helicopter to enter Chow Palace. Chow Palace can also be accessed by performing one of the following actions:

Hint: Tank Top

In a two-player game, have both players shoot the first fifteen windows on the right side of the hanger in wave two, just after entering. You will need to use several views of these windows to hit them all. This entrance leads to a room called Tank Top.

Hint: X Marks The Spot

To get to the room called "X Marks The Spot, quickly shoot the first ten hanger windows while outside on the tarmac. The first two windows must be shot quickly, in transition, immediately after the game starts.

Hint: Killing the launching opponents

When you encounter opponents that launch things at you, shoot at their heads. Whatever they are shooting at you will also be hit. Continue aiming at their heads and they will eventually be killed. This will only work on one person at a time.

Hint: Shotgun

In the warp ahead level, get up to the part where it says "Self Destruct", then when you turn, a blue blinking light will appear. Shoot the light and you will get a shotgun. Whenever you receive a shotgun power-up you can aim in the area around the target to hit them; you do not have to aim exactly on target.

Pro Action Replay/Game Shark codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay/GameShark cheat device.

Master Code (must be on)F6000914 C305 + B6002800 0000
Unlimited Ammo for Player 1102054D6 0009
Unlimited Grenade for Player 1102054DA 0009
Unlimited Lives for Player 110205502 0009
Unlimited Credits for Player 110250BEC 0009
Unlimited Ammo for Player 21020557E 0009
Unlimited Grenade for Player 210205582 0009
Unlimited Lives for Player 2102055AA 0009
Unlimited Credits for Player 210250BEE 0009
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