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Shining Force CD

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Control enemies

To control the enemies, highlight the "Continue" option at the "Continue/Delete Data" prompt and press Start and A together. Highlight a saved game and press Start and A together to display a prompt to control the game's enemies. Note: This may only be enabled in books one through three.

Rename characters

To rename all game characters, name the main character, highlight the "End" option, and press Start and A together. All game characters, including bonus characters, may then be renamed.

Turbo mode

For turbo mode, press Up, Down, Up, Down, B, then hold Start, A and C together at the title screen. Keep the buttons held until the main menu appears. Select a name, then quickly hold Start, A and C.

Japanese introduction

To see the Japanese introduction, hold A, B and C and sweep the Directional Pad on controller 2 clockwise at the "Software Planning" screen.

Bonus quests

You will need a backup RAM cartridge for this feature. Successfully complete quests 1 and 2, then start a new game to access a new option for a third quest. Another quest may be played by collecting the museum ticket in the third or fourth battle in quest 2 against the Dark Mage boss. Locate the well at the top of the battle area, towards the right side of the screen, then collect the museum ticket by searching the well. After completing quest 2, start a new game to access a new option for a fourth quest. This quest occurs in a museum where all bosses from the three previous quests must be fought.

Bonus Characters

Bonus characters can be found in the following locations:

AmigoLocate the bushes near the lake to the right in the night battle with Gepel during Quest 1. Search these bushes to the right of the drawbridge to find Amigo.
DomingoPlay to Chapter 3 and camp on the plains. Stop below the left-most forest square by the lake in the middle of the screen and search to find him.
HiginsSearch the wall directly in front of the starting position of the leader in the first battle of Quest 2, with Solo. Higins will appear, then disappear again. Head to the top of the castle where Solo is positioned and search the left pillar that is sticking out of the wall.
RushSearch the first pillar to the left while fighting against Barbara during battle 21.
HanzuSearch the entire area while fighting against the spore bombs during Quest 1.
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