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Continue game play

To continue game play, reach the "Exterminator" or "Beach Bum" level. After losing, press A, C and Start together when the credits begin. Game play will continue at the last level played. Note: For later versions of the game, press Start at the credits after reaching the "Ratbreath" level.

Recharge stations

Recharge stations appear in the following routes (in order): Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left.

Alternative route

At the very beginning of the game, take three left turns, disregarding the first three directional instructions given to you. You will keep going instead of exploding as you normally would if you disobeyed the instructions.

Hidden message

Insert the game disc into an audio CD player and play track 2. You can hear a phone ring followed by "Hello, Digital Pictures..." and a message repeated three times. This message played backwards is "Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine". This corresponds with the alternative route cheat, in which three left turns (or number 9 on a clock face, with 12 being up, 3 being right and 6 being down) can be taken at the start of the game and you won't crash.

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