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Lunar: Eternal Blue

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Epilogue level

To play the Epilogue level, complete the game by defeating Zophar, then wait until the credits have completed. After the game restarts, an "Epilogue" saved game file may be accessed to allow the real ending to be played.

Bonus audio

For bonus audio, complete the Epilogue level and allow the credits to complete. Allow the game to remain idle for a few minutes at "The End" screen. A sequence of dialogue bloopers will begin to play.

Hint: Ghost Manor

The first enemies you encounter are simple. Attack them one at a time with magic spells but don't waste MP by overdoing it. When their robes are removed, you can easily defeat them.

Hint: Illusion Woods

In the Illusion Woods, take each tree in the middle and you will find a long sword, Scale Armour, and Iron Armour. To get to the caravan, take the trees that are farthest right or north-east. On the way back, take the middle trees until you see an open area to the left that leads to a tree. It will look like somewhere you have been before, but you will know it is the path to the boss when inside the tree is a large area with a chest and plant. The boss fight begins when you go towards the chest. You should save the game as soon as you enter the tree. This is also a good place in the game to get silver, magic bonuses, and power up. Battling and returning to the caravan to power up HP/MP repeatedly before the boss battle is a good idea.

Hint: Defeating Brick Walls

Use Jean's Butterfly Dance to reveal the true form of brick walls, then attack them or use magic. Ronfar and Jean can defeat them with a regular attack (if Ronfar has the bow). The Butterfly Dance will reveal two monsters. Make sure your attacks follow accordingly, and not on those that will still be in brick form. Go back to Takkar to recharge your HP/MP and save the game frequently.

Hint: Defeating Goblins

Ensure that you defeat of Goblins before any other enemy. Once you have Jean, this will become easier as she can take out a Goblin with her three hits. Hiro can do it in his two (with the long sword). Make Ronfar defend and use him to restore health to the party.

Hint: Defeating Magic Tester Robot

To defeat the Magic Tester Robot, use Poe Sword, Chance Dice, and Butterfly Dance. If you do not get any good rolls, try Herbal Breeze so attacks will do more damage. None of these attacks use MP like other available magic.

Hint: Defeating Suzy Death

To defeat Suzy Death, put them to sleep by using Ronfar's Herbal Breeze, then use Hiro's Poe Sword to destroy them (send them to their beds).

Hint: Other character tips

Lucia does not help much and runs away frequently. She may get in a daze and attack her friends. Also, Ronfar can also do major damage to the party if he rolls a twelve with his Chance Dice, and when you use Roulette.

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