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Jurassic Park

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Level skip

For a level skip, collect an egg, then find the toolbox in the Visitor's Centre. Use the pliers from the toolbox to collect the blue key card from the slot near the entrance, then use the blue key card at the Visitor's Centre to enter the second door on the right on second floor. Place the egg in the incubator, then enter the Control Room. Access the computer and save the game. Leave the Control Room, then hold Start on controller 2 until the "Node Jumper" menu appears. Use controller 1 to select a new starting level.

View FMV sequences

Enable the "Level skip" code, then hold Start on controller 1 at the "Node Jumper" menu to display the "CP-CD Video Sequences" menu, which allows any FMV sequence in the game to be viewed.

Unlimited gas gun ammunition

For unlimited gas gun ammunition, enter Muldoon's office and face the office door. Place the Tyrannosaurus disc in the black card reader. A sound will confirm this has worked. Go to Muldoon's locker to collect an unlimited amount of gas gun canisters.

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