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Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side

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View Cinekills

To view Cinekills, select a two-player game and set the game speed to the fastest option. Select Slash's stage, change the wins option to 1 out of 1, and disable inner strength. Player 1 should select Raven, and player 2 should select a character that corresponds to the Cinekill to be viewed. Begin the match and have player 1 move to the left of player 2 and repeatedly use the most powerful kick until that player is dizzy. Then, jump over player 2 and execute the strongest kick repeatedly as fast as possible. The Cinekill sequence will start just before player 2's character dies.

Bonus FMV sequence

To view a bonus FMV sequence, use a six-button controller and wait until the Eternal Champions logo appears during the opening sequence. Then, immediately press X, B, Z, A, Y, C, Mode, Up, Right, Left, Down, then Start. The code must be entered before the phrase "Press Start" is displayed. An FMV sequence featuring the game's development team will be displayed.

Bonus characters

Enter one of the following the button commands on controller 2 using a six-button controller at the "Final Stats" screen after a match. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Allow time to expire at the continue screen, then start a new game. The corresponding bonus fighter will now be selectable. Note: Eternal Number 1, Eternal Number 2, and the Dark Champion can only be used in two-player mode.

CharacterButton Command
BlastPress Z, Left, Y, Up, X, B, Mode, Right, then Up.
CrispyPress Mode, Up, C, Up, Mode, Y, Y, Right, Mode, A, then Left.
Chin WoPress B, Z, Up, Mode, Right, C, B, Up, Y, then Up.
YappyPress Y, Y, Up, Down, mode, Down, Z, Up, Up, then X.
HooterPress X, C, Right, X, B, Right, Z, A, Mode, then Up.
SenatorPress Right, C, C, Left, Mode, B, Down, X, A, X, then Mode.
SlitherPress B, Y, Up, Up, C, X, Left, Up, X, then Y.
ThenatosPress Mode, C, Y, A, B, Up, B, B, Y, Z, then C.
ZuniPress Y, X, Down, B, Mode, Up, X, Up, Up, Left, Z, then Up.
Eternal Number 1Press C, Left, Y, B, Mode, X, Right, C, Mode, Down, Down, then Right.
Eternal Number 2Press X, Z, A, Mode, Down, Left, C, B, Right, Y, Up, Mode, Y, then C.
Dark ChampionPress Up, C, B, B, X, Right, Left, C, X, Right, Y, Left, then Down.

Debug mode

For debug mode, press Y, A, B, B, A, Down, A, B, B, A, Down, Up, Up, Z, Z, then Y on controller 2 at the at the "Final Stats" screen after a match. Then, pause game play and enter one of the following button commands on controller 1, using a six-button controller, to activate the corresponding cheat function.

EffectButton Command
Lower player one's lifePress A, A, then A.
Lower player two's lifePress B, B, then B.
Disable musicPress C, C, then C.
Heal both playersPress X, X, then X.
One hit damage to each characterPress Y, Y, then Y.
Recharge Inner StrengthPress Z, Z, then Z.
Both players gain 20% energyPress Left, Left, Left, then A.
Fight Eternal Champion after roundPress Right, Right, Right, then A.
Fight Dark Champion after roundPress Mode, Mode, Mode, then A.

Hint: Transformations

For transformations, press Forward, Towards, Down, Towards, Forward with Eternal Champion. Your player will change appearance and abilities. Note: This will not work with the Dark Champion character, as their abilities are completely different. This can also glitch the game and possibly delete saved games.

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