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Wonderboy III: The Dragon's Trap

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Unlimited Lives

When your character is Hades, choose the Prince Armour first to get infinite lives.

Finish the game

To finish the game, enter the password WE5T ONE (that's a number "5", not a letter "S"). Enter the room under the shop and hit the block at the top left of the door you just came through. Pick up the question mark (?) and a door will appear. Enter the door to find yourself in a room where you may change into any of the possible characters in the game by jumping up and down on the block. Now, go to the top of the tower in the village and exit to the steps outside. Stand on the first step that is floating in the sky and press Up. You will then find yourself in the last level where you must beat the final boss.


Lizard-Man, 3 hearts, 2 gem stones, $11502 C K F 7 H L 8 G O P H 2 L
Mouse-Man, 4 hearts, 36 gem stones, $51206 C V F P K L 8 U D F A 7 O
Pirahna-Man, 5 hearts, 49 gem stones, $2816C L 5 M 5 5 4 B 3 B A 7 3 1
Lion-Man, 6 hearts, 99 gem stones, $2048K X G W P T 4 F E 6 J A 6 C
Hawk-man, 7 heart, 99 gem stones, $23049 J C 7 Y H T X N 5 E H V L
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