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Alex Kidd In Shinobi World

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Hidden Areas

Round 2-2Before exiting this roundl, head to the door on the left, then jump up on the ledge and head to the right. There you'll find a secret room with a chest.
Round 3-1After entering this round, go right and drop down the hole. Get the chest on the left first, then get the one on the right (with the Ninja's Crystal Bal insidel) and go up through the hole. Just after accessing the first hidden area in this round, continue up the ropes until you see an opening on the left. Position yourself on the right of the opening and direct your fire magic into the opening. A secret room with 3 chests will appear.
Round 3-2At the start of this round, jump on the first ledge and jump towards the left. If done correctly, you will land behind the background and can bypass all enemies. Collect the 2 chests, then go back to your original starting position. Continue to the right to collect another chest. Note that the bamboo spikes have now disappeared. Continue to the right until you see 4 fire droplets. Go past them, and get on the nearby rope. Move to the top of the rope and direct your fire magic to your right to reveal a secret room.
Round 4-1Move all the way to the right at the beginning of this round. Locate the guy on the ledge and hit him until he dies. Continue moving right to the bar. Drop down the bar and duck down while moving to the right. You will walk behind the background, and find yourself in a room with a bar. Use your fire magic on the bar and go to the left.
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