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Alex Kidd In Miracle World

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Continue Mode

When you have lost all lives and the "Game Over" screen appears, hold Up and 1 and while quickly pressing 2 eight times. You must have at least $400 for this cheat to work. The words "Continue Mode" will appear on the screen if the cheat has worked.

Hidden Level

To access the hidden level, with loads of money to collect, locate the first octopus in an underwater section. Punch each of his tentacle partitions off and finally punch him until he disappears, leaving behind the chest he was sitting on. Alternately, you can use the Talcum Powder in your inventory to become invincible and punch the octopus in the face twice to begin with. Move down so you are resting on the chest and press Down and move to the Right. Eventually, you will fall through the chest into the hidden area.

See what the level bosses are thinking

To see what the level bosses are thinking during the Stone-Scissors-Paper matches, repeatedly press 2 until a though bubble appears about their head.

How to beat level bosses

Below are the choices you should make during matches. Note that if you get one of these wrong it could affect the outcome of subsequent matches.

MatchFirst game choiceSecond game choice
First Stone Head matchStoneScissors
First Scissors Head matchScissorsPaper
First Paper Head matchStoneScissors
Second Stone Head matchPaperPaper
Second Scissors Head matchStoneStone
Second Paper Head matchStoneScissors
Janken the GreatPaperPaper

Cragg Lake

You must run over the floor in the following sequence at Cragg Lake: Sun, Waves, Moon, Star, Sun, Moon, Waves, Fish, Star, Fish.

Pro Action Replay Codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Lives00c0 2503
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