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Tengen World Cup Soccer

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Shootout game

For a shootout game, select world cup mode and choose the "Password" option. Enter PK as the first two characters of the password and leave the remaining characters as they appear. Return to the main menu and select exhibition mode. A shootout game will appear after both teams are selected.

Game Genie codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Unlimited time002-D4C-19E
1 minute per half002-6DC-F7A + 012-6EC-F7E
5 minutes per half002-6DC-F7A + 052-6EC-F7E
60 minutes per half062-6DC-F7A + 002-6EC-F7E
Start with 43 points on edit screen (World Cup mode)3EF-2BE-082 + 00F-2DE-E6D
Start with 10 points on edit screen (Exhibition mode)0AF-21E-B3A
Start with 50 points on edit screen (Exhibition mode)2AF-21E-B3A
Start with 60 points on edit screen (Exhibition mode)3CF-21E-B3A
Unlimited points on edit screen (Exhibition mode)001-21D-19E

Pro Action Replay codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

CPU Opponent Never Scores00D1-3500

Game Genie codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Unlimited Time (Switch On To Freeze Time)002 D4C 19E
1 Minute Per Half002 6DC F7A + 012 6EC F7E
5 Minutes Per Half002 6DC F7A + 052 6EC F7E
60 Minutes Per Half062 6DC F7A + 002 6EC F7E
World cup mode - Start With 43 Points To Use On The Edit Screen3EF 2BE 082 + 00F 2DE E6D
Exhibition mode - Start With Only 10 Points On Edit Screen0AF 21E B3A
Exhibition mode - Start With 50 Points On Edit Screen2AF 21E B3A
Exhibition mode - Start With 60 Points On Edit Screen3CF 21E B3A
Exhibition mode - Unlimited Points On Edit Screen001 21D 19E

Penalties game

To access the penalties game, select the World Cup mode and then the Password option. Change the first two letters to PK and press 1. Now, select the Exhibition mode to enter in the penalties game.

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