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Sonic Drift 2

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Exit Free Run mode

To exit Free Run mode, press Start to pause, then hold 1 and 2.

Turbo start

For a turbo start, hold 2 as soon as the light turns blue at the start of the race.

Better control

For better control, hold 2 to accelerate, then hold 1 to keep the brakes on. By keeping both buttons pressed, your car will be more controllable in the turns.

Final GP race

For the final GP race, finish in first place five times in a row in Blue GP mode. The phrase "Go Final" will appear below the Death Egg victory screen to confirm entry to the race.

Game Genie codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Unlimited Rings00DC-C363

Pro Action Replay codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Unlimited Rings00DC-C363
Play as Sonic (Turn Off When Selecting Opponents)00DC-C400
Play as Knuckles (Turn Off When Selecting Opponents)00DC-C401
Play as Fang (Turn Off When Selecting Opponents)00DC-C402
Play as Metal Sonic (Turn Off When Selecting Opponents)00DC-C403
Play as Eggman (Turn Off When Selecting Opponents)00DC-C404
Play as Amy Rose (Turn Off When Selecting Opponents)00DC-C405
Play as Tails (Turn Off When Selecting Opponents)00DC-C406
Play Emerald Hill 1 Course00C1-0000
Play Hill Top 1 Course00C1-0001
Play Dark Valley 1 Course00C1-0002
Play Casino Night Course00C1-0003
Play Desert Road 1 Course00C1-0004
Play Iron Ruin Course00C1-0005
Play Desert Road 2 Course00C1-0006
Play Rainy Savanna Course00C1-0007
Play Ice Cap Course00C1-0008
Play Hill Top 2 Course00C1-0009
Play Mystic Cave Course00C1-000A
Play Emerald Hill 2 Course00C1-000B
Play Dark Valley 2 Course00C1-000C
Play Quake Cave Course00C1-000D
Play Balloon Panic Course00C1-000E
Play Emerald Ocean Course00C1-000F
Play Milky Way Course00C1-0010
Play Death Egg Course00C1-0011
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