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Shaq Fu

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Game Genie codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Unlimited Time7E6-C0F-3BE + 7E6-CEF-3BE
Start With 10 Seconds01A-2AD-F7E
Start With 90 Seconds09A-2AD-F7E
Start With 150 Seconds0FA-2AD-F7E
Start With Very Little Energy019-FED-2A2 + 019-FFD-2A2 + 01A-B4D-2A2
Start With 25% Energy0D9-FED-2A2 + 0D9-FFD-2A2 + 0DA-B4D-2A2
Start With 50% Energy199-FED-2A2 + 199-FFD-2A2 + 19A-B4D-2A2
Start With 3/4 Energy229-FED-2A2 + 229-FFD-2A2 + 22A-B4D-2A2
Start With MEGA EnergyFF9-FED-2A2 + FF9-FFD-2A2 + FFA-B4D-2A2
Roundhouse Kick Does Nothing007-F5B-F72
Roundhouse Kick Does Very Little Damage017-F5B-F72
Roundhouse Kick Does More Damage1A7-F5B-F72
Roundhouse Kick Kills407-F5B-F72
Jumping Punch Does Nothing007-D1B-F7A
Jumping Punch Does Very Little Damage017-D1B-F7A
Jumping Punch Does More Damage1A7-D1B-F7A
Jumping Punch Kills407-D1B-F7A
Flaming Roundhouse Does Nothing008-21B-D5A
Flaming Roundhouse Does Very Little Damage018-21B-D5A
Flaming Roundhouse Does More Damage1A8-21B-D5A
Flaming Roundhouse Kills408-21B-D5A
Straight Kick Does Nothing007-81B-F7A
Straight Kick Does Very Little Damage017-81B-F7A
Straight Kick Does More Damage1A7-81B-F7A
Straight Kick Kills407-81B-F7A
Roundhouse Sweep Does Nothing007-F9B-F7A
Roundhouse Sweep Does Very Little Damage017-F9B-F7A
Roundhouse Sweep Does More Damage1A7-F9B-F7A
Roundhouse Sweep Kills407-F9B-F7A
Standing Punch Does Nothing007-71B-F7A
Standing Punch Does Very Little Damage017-71B-F7A
Standing Punch Does More Damage1A7-71B-F7A
Standing Punch Kills407-71B-F7A

Pro Action Replay codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Unlimited Timer (Tens Digit)00D6-4009
Unlimited Timer (Ones Digit)00D6-4109
Player 1 Always Wins00D5-9C02
Player 2 Never Wins Any Rounds00D5-9D00
Glitchy Player 200D5-C57B
Player 1 is Shaq00D4-D800
Player 1 is Leotsu00D4-D801
Player 1 is Kaori00D4-D802
Player 1 is Rajah00D4-D803
Player 1 is Sett00D4-D804
Player 1 is Memphis00D4-D805
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