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Mortal Kombat II

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Fight against Smoke

To fight against Smoke, press Down and Start together when Dan Forden appears on the right side of the screen.

Fight against Jade

To fight against Jake, fight the match on the box before the question mark without using Punch, including for fatalities.

Random character

For a random character, highlight Liu Kang and press Up and Start together at the character selection screen.

Kintaro's Move List

MoveButton Command
FireballForward and Punch together
StompDown (from mid-screen range)

Game Genie codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Unlimited Energy00B B19 F79
View Ending001 30A 082 + 3E1 31A C42 + 001 32A F7A
Unlimited Credits3A4 026 2A2
Start With 0 Credits001 2CA F76
Start With 10 Credits0B1 2CA F76
Start With 15 Credits101 2CA F76
Start With 49 Seconds04B 7C6 C4E
Start With 79 Seconds07B 7C6 C4E
Start With 9 Seconds00B 7C6 C4E
Unlimited Time005 3F5 3BE
Start With 3/4 Energy - Player 132B A3E F77
Start With 50% Energy - Player 122B A3E F77
Start With 25% Energy - Player 112B A3E F77
Start With Very Little Energy - Player 102B A3E F77
Start With 3/4 Energy - Player 232B A6E F77
Start With 50% Energy - Player 222B A6E F77
Start With 25% Energy - Player 212B A6E F77
Start With Very Little Energy - Player 202B A6E F77
Flying Kick Does No Damage006-4EF-D56
Flying Kick Does Mega Damage996-4EF-D56
Uppercut Does No Damage006-66F-A2E
Uppercut Does Mega Damage996-66F-A2E
Crouching Kick Does No Damage006-1EF-E66
Crouching Kick Does Mega Damage996-1EF-E66
Regular High Kick Does No Damage006-26F-F72
Regular High Kick Does Mega Damage996-26F-F72
Roundhouse Foot Sweep Does No Damage006-AEF-C42
Roundhouse Foot Sweep Does Mega Damage996-AEF-C42
CPU Dead At Start00B A9E F77
Both player untouchable990 567 470
Wacky ModeB45 45C 321

Pro Action Replay codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Unlimited Continues00C4-0B09
Unlimited Time00C4-3609 + 00C4-3809
Unlimited Energy for Player 100C4-8847
Enemies Float In Air00C6-47FF
Computer Cannot Move00C6-452E
Play as Liu Kang00C4-2B00
Play as Sub-Zero00C4-2B01
Play as Kitana00C4-2B02
Play as Reptile00C4-2B03
Play as Shang Tsung00C4-2B04
Play as Mileena00C4-2B05
Play as Scorpion00C4-2B06
Play as Jax00C4-2B07
Play as Kintaro00C4-2B08
Play as Shao Kahn00C4-2B09
Play as Smoke00C4-2B0A
Play as Jade00C4-2B0C
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