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Blood mode

For blood mode, wait until the third screen that explains the word "code" when you start the game and press 2, 1, 2, Down, then Up. The message "Now Entering Kombat" will appear. Blood and all the original fatalities from the arcade version will now be activated.

Game Genie codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Each Round Is 69 Seconds063 7B4 C4E
Each Round Is 29 Seconds023 7B4 C4E
Unlimited Time00B 40C 3BE
Unlimited Credits004 2D6 19E
Blood ModeDEB 9F6 5D3
Player 1 Is Invincible003 48B F79
Player 1 Starts With 50% Health240 BFD C4B
Player 2 Usually Starts With 50% Health240 C5D C4B
Punches Do More Damage20B 06F F7A
Most Kicks Do More Damage2CB 26F C42
Foot Sweeps Do More Damage30B 86F C42
Flying Punches Do More Damage30B 2EF D5A
Uppercuts Do More Damage33B 56F A2E
Throws Do More Damage2AF 237 D5A
Sonya Blade's Leg-Grab Does More Damage2BB 76F F7A
Scorpion's Harpoon Does More Damage2BB 66F F7A
Rayden's Flying Thunderbolt Does More Damage2BB 6EF F7A
Johhny Cage's Shadow Kick Does More Damage2BB 4EF D56
Some Other Special Moves Do More Damage37B 36F D52
Start On Match 201B C9A E6A
Start On Match 302B C9A E6A
Start On Match 403B C9A E6A
Start On Match 504B C9A E6A
Start On Mirror Match05B C9A E6A
Start On Endurance Match 106B C9A E6A
Start On Endurance Match 207B C9A E6A
Start On Endurance Match 308B C9A E6A
Start On Match Against Goro09B C9A E6A
Start On Match Against Shang Tsung0AB C9A E6A
Start With 1 Credit02B E1A F76
Start With 5 Credits06B E1A F76
Start With 10 Credits0BB E1A F76

Pro Action Replay codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Unlimited Energy00C4-8848
Unlimited Continues00C4-0B07
Unlimited Time00C4-3B09
Start on Match 200C4-2402
Start on Match 300C4-2403
Start on Match 400C4-2404
Start on Match 500C4-2405
Other Match Select (adjust ? to suit)00C4-240?
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