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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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Extra options

To display an "Extra Option" selection that allows story mode level selection and dream mode for the two-player game, complete the game in story mode, then press Start at the title screen. Alternatively, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up, then Start at the title screen.

Select opponent

To select your opponent, press Start, 1 and 2 to select your player.

Special moves

Game Genie codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Power Rangers Start With 12 Energy7AE 12B 2A9
Power Rangers Start With 34 EnergyAFE 12B 2A9
Power Rangers Start With 14 Energy45E 12B 2A9
Only Throws Do Damage212 D5E 91D
Grey Putty Is Harder To Kill25D D95 F7E
Goldar Is Easier To Kill10E 155 2A9
Green Putty Is Harder To Kill20E 245 C42
Don't Get Any Energy From Defeating An Opponent3A3 AEA 2A2
Get Maximum Energy From Defeating An Opponent3E3 A2A 082 + 003 A4A C49 + FF3 A3A 916
After Defeating Some Enemies You Fight Other Power Rangers3EE 9EB 193 + 02E 9FB 6E6
Always Fight On Park Stage3E9 E6A 082 + 009 E7A E6A + 009 E8A C49
Always Fight On Mountain Stage3E9 E6A 082 + 019 E7A E6A + 009 E8A C49
Always Fight On Alley Stage3E9 E6A 082 + 029 E7A E6A + 009 E8A C49
Always Fight On City Stage3E9 E6A 082 + 039 E7A E6A + 009 E8A C49
Always Fight On Construction Stage3E9 E6A 082 + 039 E7A E6A + 009 E8A C49
Always Fight On Refinery Stage3E9 E6A 082 + 059 E7A E6A + 009 E8A C49

Pro Action Replay codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Infinite Health for Player 100C9-3999
Player is Black Ranger00C9-2201
Player is Blue Ranger00C9-2202
Player is Pink Ranger00C9-2203
Player is Yellow Ranger00C9-2204
Player is Green Ranger00C9-2205
Player is Megazord00C9-2206
Player is Dragonzord00C9-2207
Player is Dragonzord Fighter00C9-2208
Player is Putty Patrol00C9-2209
Player is Goldar00C9-220A
Player is Shell Shock00C9-220B
Player is King Sphinx00C9-220C
Player is Nasty Knight00C9-220D
Player is Polluticorn00C9-220E
Player is Cyclopsis00C9-220F
Enemy is Red Ranger00C9-A200
Enemy is Black Ranger00C9-A201
Enemy is Blue Ranger00C9-A202
Enemy is Pink Ranger00C9-A203
Enemy is Yellow Ranger00C9-A204
Enemy is Green Ranger00C9-A205
Enemy is Megazord00C9-A206
Enemy is Dragonzord00C9-A207
Enemy is Dragonzord Fighter00C9-A208
Enemy is Putty Patrol00C9-A209
Enemy is Goldar00C9-A20A
Enemy is Shell Shock00C9-A20B
Enemy is King Sphinx00C9-A20C
Enemy is Nasty Knight00C9-A20D
Enemy is Polluticorn00C9-A20E
Enemy is Cyclopsis00C9-A20F
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