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Jurassic Park

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Sound test (Japanese version)

For a sound test, hold Start while turning on the system.

Restore health

To restore health, continuously shoot just in front of the windshield at the start of any level with a Jeep. Health will be restored when the Jeep goes over a bump.

Tyrannosaurus level

To access the Tyrannosaurus level, complete all four levels without using any continues.

Game Genie codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Arcade levels - Start with 1 energy point01A-11B-E66
Arcade levels - Start with 2 energy points02A-11B-E66
Arcade levels - Start with 5 energy points05A-11B-E66
Arcade levels - Start with 9 energy points09A-11B-E66
Arcade levels - One hit by an enemy is fatalAF6-E68-19A
Arcade levels - Invincibility3A6-E78-2A2
Action levels - Start with 1 life on 1st game only01E-2EB-E66
Action levels - Start with 2 lives on 1st game only02E-2EB-E66
Action levels - Start with 5 lives on 1st game only05E-2EB-E66
Action levels - Start with 9 lives on 1st game only09E-2EB-E66
Pteranodon Level - Hit enemies once and they run away012-509-E62
Pteranodon Level - Hit enemies five times and they run away052-509-E62
Pteranodon Level - Hit enemies nine times and they run away092-509-E62
Pteranodon Level - Start with 5 lives on continue05E-679-E66
Pteranodon Level - Start with 1 life on continue01E-679-E66
Pteranodon Level - Start with 9 lives on continue09E-679-E66
Pteranodon Level - Invincibility on action levelsC98-26D-19D
Pteranodon Level - Start first game with 1 life and 1 continue01E-2EB-E66 + 01E-11B-E66
Pteranodon Level - Start first game with 5 lives and 5 continues05E-2EB-E66 + 05E-11B-E66
Pteranodon Level - Start first game with 9 lives and 9 continues09E-2EB-E66 + 09E-11B-E66
Pteranodon Level - Unlimited lives3AC-B49-2A2
Pteranodon Level - Unlimited continues00E-739-E69
Pteranodon Level - 1 touch by an enemy is fatalAF8-22D-A20

Pro Action Replay codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Unlimited Health (Player)00C1-EA03
Unlimited Health (Car)00CA-0003 or 00C9-0003
Unlimited Continues00C0-3309
Pause Numbers Screen Modifier (replace ? with number - replaces values on pause screen)00C0-EA0?
Unlimited Players (Lives)00C0-2F09
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