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Cheat mode

For cheat mode, press Up, Down, Left, then Right after the title screen changes to text to display the password entry screen. Enter one of the following passwords to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Cheat functionPassword
Day 157481235
Day 232054573
Day 329643724
Day 412715632
Day 558328765
Easy difficulty46875973
OK difficulty63442196
Hard difficulty92347232
Very Hard difficulty81212337
Sound test56378152

Game Genie codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Start With 1 Life01C 40F F7E
Start With 1 Lives09C-40F-F7E
Start With 3 Lives03C-40F-F7E
Start With 5 Lives05C 40F F7E
Start With 7 Lives07C-40F-F7E
Start With 9 Lives09C 40F F7E
Unlimited Lives00F-45F-19E
Start With 40 Seconds On Day 1403-69E-6EB
Start With 80 Seconds On Day 1803-69E-6EB
Start With 99 Seconds On Day 1993-69E-6EB
Start With 20 Seconds On Day 2205-FFE-E6B
Start With 60 Seconds On Day 2605-FFE-E6B
Start With 99 Seconds On Day 2995-FFE-E6B
Unlimited Time (Must Switch Off At End Of Day)009-7AD-E6E
Start On Day 23EC-29F-082 + 01C-2AF-E62 + 00C-2BF-E69
Start On Day 33EC-29F-082 + 00C-2BF-E69
Start On Day 43EC-29F-082 + 03C-2AF-E62 + 00C-2BF-E69
Start On Day 53EC-29F-082 + 04C-2AF-E62 + 00C-2BF-E69
Fire Has No Effect On Crash Dummies00B E1A E69

Pro Action Replay codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Unlimited Lives00C0-8B09
Unlimited Time00C0-8599
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