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Fatal Fury Special

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Alternative colours

For alternative character colours, highlight a character and press 2 while selecting him/her.

Game Genie codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Faster Timer03C 38B E6E
Unlimited Time00C 38B E6E
Start Rounds With 10 Seconds21C 75E 91D + 10C 71E 195+ 04C 73C 3B8
Start Rounds With 20 Seconds21C 75E 91D + 20C 71E 195 + 04C 73C 3B8
Start Rounds With 30 Seconds21C 75E 91D + 30C 71E 195 + 04C 73C 3B8
Start Rounds With 40 Seconds21C 75E 91D + 40C 71E 195 + 04C 73C 3B8
Start Rounds With 50 Seconds21C 75E 91D + 50C 71E 195 + 04C 73C 3B8
Both Players Start With 25% Energy12C 24E E6B
Both Players Start With 50% Energy20C 24E E6B
Both Players Start With 3/4 Energy2DC 24E E6B
Only Take Damage From Some Projectile Special Moves118 109 E61
Terry's Throw Does Very Little Damage003 814 D5A
Terry's Throw Kills773 814 D5A
Terry's Standing Punch Doesn't Do Damage005 59D F7A
Terry's Standing Punch Kills775 59D F7A
Terry's Standing Kick Doesn't Do Damage005 61D C4A
Terry's Standing Kick Kills775 61D C4A
Terry's Crouching Kick Doesn't Do Damage005 71D F72
Terry's Crouching Kick Kills775 71D F72

Pro Action Replay codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Unlimited Health for Player 100DB-3B41
Health Bar Red Modifier for Player 1 (adjust ?? to suit)00DB-3C??
No Health for Player 2 (game cannot continue after the match)00DB-B300
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