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Beavis And Butt-head

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Level Passwords

Burger WorldGEL DLW BTZ
Highland HighXLM DUO ATY
Highland HospitalWRG DVI GTY
Turbo Mall 2000SXI HZC EPY

Hint: Security guard in final level

When playing under the easy difficulty setting, you can get past the security guard in the final level without getting the tickets, but it can be difficult to achieve. First, get a good running start. When you get close to the guard, jump very far. Before the guard gets a chance to hit you, switch characters. Since the first character you were controlling is unable to be hit, don't worry about him. Just jump to the right when controlling the other character. Before the guard gets a chance to hit you, switch characters again. Keep doing this until you are almost past the guard, making sure to duck when he is swinging his club at you. Gradually stand up, walk a little, then crouch again and continue doing this until you are past the guard. Remember that the guard will defeat you in only one hit if you do not have the tickets, but you will get another try no matter how many lives you have.

Control ending screen

Press the Directional Pad to move Beavis and 1 or 2 to move Butt-head at the game over screen.

Game Genie codes

This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device.

Start With 1 Life01B-0BD-E66
Start With 5 Lives05B-0BD-E66
Start With 9 Lives09B-0BD-E66
Almost Unlimited Bulbs00B-5ED-3B7
Start With 1 Bulb01B-06D-E66
Start With 5 Bulbs05B-06D-E66
Start With 9 Bulbs09B-06D-E66
Lose All Your Bulbs On The 1st Level and Move Onto The Next Level00B-0FD-5D4

Pro Action Replay codes

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device.

Unlimited Lives00CC-2507
Unlimited Hits00CC-2103
Unlimited Cash (Always $153)00CC-2399
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