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Infinite Energy

For infinite energy during battles, change the Chao's name to 1234567.

Level Skip

For a level skip, first obtain a Chao from "Sonic Adventure". When your Chao reaches the end of the current location, you'll be asked for the next area. Select the location you wish to go to, then immediately press Mode. Press Mode twice to return to the Chao Adventure screen. Now, allow the Chao to start walking and it will allow you to select the nect area. This cheat can be repeated as many times as you like.

Access Chao Puzzle Anytime

You can access a Chao Puzzle even when no Chao file is available by instering the VMU into a controller, then plugging that controller into controller port D. A Chao Puzzle will appear on the VMU screen after selecting a file.

Non-fatal Chao match

For a non-fatal match between 2 of your own Chaos, choose battle and the game will load the 2 Chaos onto the VMUs. Then, disconnect so that you will only be battling clones of your Chaos.

Multiple Golden Chao Eggs

This trick will require 2 VMUs. Obtain the Golden Chao Egg from Station Square in Sonic Adventure. Then, start a new game and get another Golden Chao Egg. Evolve both of them in the Chao Garden. Now, feed and play with one of the Chao until it begins to grow flowers. When this occurs, save both Chaos onto the 2 VMUs. Then, go to the cards on the VMUs and start Chao Adventure. Go to "Mating" and wail until all of the hearts appear on the screen. Now, put the VMUs into the controller and put the 2 eggs into the Chao Garden. Repeat this process until you have as many Chaos as needed (but all the same Chao).

Change Chao shape and colour

Giving a Chao lots of the same type of animals will cause it to evolve accordingly (for example, giving it animals with a yellow background will cause it to evolve into a Water Chao). Give the evolved Chao animals from a different set (such as purple, green or red) and it will eventually change shape and colour again.

Chao Puzzle

It does not matter if a Chao file is available. Insert the VMU into socket one of a controller, then plug the controller into port D. A Chao Puzzle will appear on the VMU screen after selecting a file.

Hint: Battle two of your own Chao

When battling two of your own Chao, it is not fatal. Choose battle and the game will load the two Chao onto the VMUs. Then, disconnect so you will only fight a clone of your Chaos.

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